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Canyoning (Beginners)

The activity of Canyoning (Initiation) is an activity which consists of going down natural ravines that erosion and water have created over the years. During the tour you will find waterfalls, ponds, huge rocks, underground sections, water slides... You will be guided by a certified mountain guide and will have the essential equipment you need for this exciting sport.

The level is perfectly suitable for beginners. This is a way to first try out and get to know this sport.

All you need is to know how to swim and not be afraid of water.


  • Where does the activity take place? The activity is in an amazing rocky area with incredible views of nature. You will go to one of the following ravines: The Berrós or The Sant Pere. The adventure company (Roc Roi) and instructor will the ones to decide the location of the activity. 


  • What equipment is included? Wetsuit, harness, helmet, liability and accident insurance and instructor (certified mountain guide).


  • What do I need? Swimwear, towel, trainers that have a good grip when wet and vehicle to get to the Meeting Point. Once there, you can also hire a photographer to take pictures during the activity.


  • How long does the activity last? The approximate duration of activity is 2 hours, although this may vary depending on your group. 


  • Do I need any special preparation or is being physically fit enough for it? No specific preparation is required. You simply need know yourself and feel ready for this kind of activity. In this activity you will practice walking, climbing, rappeling, jumping, swimming... 


  • What is the schedule of the Canyoning? You will have head to the Head Office of Roc Roi (Meeting Point). Here you will be able to change into your wetsuit. Once you are ready, you will drive your own car to the meeting point. 


  • Do I have to jump? During the route you will have to jump. However, if there are high ravines, you will be able to climb down them with a rope.  


  • Do I need to know how to swim? Water can cover our body in many parts during the descent and we must get to areas swimming. So it is essential to know how to swim. 


  • Is it easy to rappel? Our guide will always teach you how to do it properly, monitoring you and making it safe. 


  • What is the minimum age for this activity? To be able to take part in this activity, you need to be at least 8 years old .


  • What kind of shoes should I wear? Comfortable, light, with a good grip and that will protect your foot. 


  • Can I wear glasses or contact lenses? If you wear glasses, we advise you to tie them or even not wear them at all. If you wear contact lenses, you should wear goggles.


People under 18 must go under adult supervision. 

Minimum people required is of 4 people. Otherwise, you will be offered a different time to do the activity or an alternative.

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