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Welcome to our ski guide section! 


We’ve prepared some very interesting and useful ski guides for every type of ski holiday! So, what do you ask yourself when you’re looking for your ideal ski holiday? 


What type of ski holiday are you looking for? Here's a list of the most popular skiing and snowboard profiles: 


We’ve categorised the ski holidays into different types to help you find the one that suits you best before heading over to our ski deals. 



Beginner ski and snowboard holidays 


Is this your first time skiing or snowboarding? 


We know how important it is to find the ski resort that is best suited to your needs and skills. So, we’ll make sure to offer you a complete ski guide for beginners where we are going to list the best ski resorts for beginners, help you choose between snowboarding and skiing, give you detailed information about lessons and different ski programmes and help you find the ski equipment that will suit your skills.  


In this guide you will also have some tips and advice to get you snow-ready ;) 


If this is your first ski holiday, download our travel check-list to help you pack your suitcase with all of your essentials. You can also read our special post “the best way to pack your suitcase”



This is my first ski holiday! 




Family ski holidays


Are you travelling with children?


If you’re booking a family ski holiday, you’ll need some very specific information about ski-in / ski-out hotels and apartments, ski schools and depending on the kiddies ages, you might even need to find an initiation programme or need certain information regarding childcare facilities. 


Certain ski resorts provide an all-day programme which includes lunch and other snow-related activities so the kids can get acquainted with the snow and interact with other kids their age. Here is where we come in! Our family ski guide will offer you this kind of information and thanks to our customers’ shared experience, we will list the best family ski resorts in Europe.


We will also suggest other fun activities you can all do as family! How does dog sledding sound? Have you ever heard of snakeglisse? Fancy giving tobogganing a go? These fun family-activities will have you laughing for days! 


We will also include other useful information so you can maximise your time on the slopes and with your family ;) 



I'm taking the kids on a ski holiday!




Skiing and snowboarding holidays with friends


Are you planning a ski holiday with your friends?


A ski holiday with friends is really good fun. And to make sure everyone is having a blast, you need to make sure the ski holiday follows some very specific requirements. You’ll be more inclined to find budget-friendly apartments, party ski resorts where you can all enjoy a few drinks and live music after hitting the slopes but that also have a balance of easy and challenging pistes and cool snowparks where you can all have some fun and take some amazing photos.


You may also need to know when is the best time to go skiing to avoid crowds and kiddies taking over the slopes ;) 


Some of you will be looking for advice on ski and snowboard equipment rental shops and lessons. 


We’ll also incorporate an additional guide to help you manage a successful ski holiday. 



I'm planning a ski holiday with my friends




Intermediate/Advanced ski holidays


Are you looking to improve your skills on the snow? 


If you are a keen skier and wish to work on your skills, you might be looking for a ski resort with more challenging slopes or you might be looking for a ski resort with good off-piste areas. On our ski guide for advanced skiers, we will list the best ski resorts for both Intermediate and Advanced Skiers. 


If you’re travelling with a group of people that have different skiing and snowboarding skills, you’ll need to find a ski resort that has a variety of pistes to host different levels. We’ll also include exclusive information about your favourite and secret off-piste skiing locations to tick off your Alpine bucket list ;)



The best ski resorts for experts





Couples Ski Holiday


Want to know which are the best ski destinations for couples?


If you want a romantic ski holiday, you will most definitely be looking for other things to do besides skiing. 


On our ski guide for couples, you will find après-ski activities, and by après-ski we don’t mean drinking, we mean things to do after hitting the slopes such as sledding or snowshoeing. You may also want to chill and relax in a spa and probably want to know where to go to have a nice glass of wine before dinner. 


We will also suggest some good restaurants you could visit and offer you a list of the best-rated hotels and chalets for a romantic winter holiday. 


I'm planning a couples skiing holiday






The Best Winter Holidays for non-skiers


What if you’re not skiing at all? 


Last but not least is a guide for non-skiers. You may be looking for a holiday in the snow but aren’t planning on skiing at all but do want to do other snow-related activities. Well here is the guide for you! We are going to recommend some beautiful snow destinations where you can enjoy the snow in a different way, do some sightseeing and get to know the area better, try some local cuisine but also do some fun activities in the ski resort. Would you be willing to give cross-country skiing a go? This has become very popular in recent years and is another way to be in contact with the world of skiing. It’s also a great way to be in contact with nature and get to see the ski resort in a different light. 


In this guide you’ll find different types of mountain hotels and apartments with the most idyllic views. We are also going to recommend the nearest towns and villages you should also take the time to visit, offer you info about the best natural hot springs and other tips and advice so you can make the most of your holiday.



Fun activities for non-skiers





Deciding where to go skiing can be quite overwhelming, however, thanks to our ski guides, planning your next ski holiday will be very easy and fun.


Who are you going to the mountain with? Head to our specific ski guides and we will help you find your ideal destination! We guarantee you'll have the time of your life!