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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

About Esquiades.com

Esquiades.com is an online travel agency specialized in ski and mountain offers, with offices located in Reus (Bellissens Avenue No. 42, Office 129, 43204 Reus, Tarragona).

You can contact us 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, through our contact section or by calling our Customer Service phone number. +44 (0)2 036 959 406.

Esquiades.com is a brand initiative of Viajes Para Ti S.L.U., leader in the online sale of ski holidayages (hotel + ski pass) and adventure sports in Spain. In addition, since 2012, we also market our products to customers in England and France. Although we are becoming more and more international and now we have customers from Portugal, Germany, Italy and many other countries.

Viajes Para Ti S.L.U. is an online travel agency registered in Catalonia, complying with the regulations of the 'Generalitat de Catalunya' and we are registered with title and license GC 169 MD. This title-license guarantees to all our customers that our travel agency has contracted civil liability insurance and guarantees in possession of the administration to deal with any problem that may arise from any of our holidays.

If you want to know us better, do not hesitate to contact us or take a look at our social networks! We will be happy to assist you or help you book one of our ski holidayages.

Here is our postal address:

- Esquiades.com - Viajes Para Ti S.L.U.
- Bellissens Avenue, 42 Offices 127-129
- 43204 Reus, Tarragona
- CIF: B-55666952
- Title and Travel Agency license: GC-169-MD
- Telephone: +44 (0)2 036 959 406 - Opening hours from Monday to Sunday 24h.

Our passion is the snow and that is why we have specialized to the maximum to offer you the best ski deals (consisting of accommodation packages plus ski pass) and holidays to the mountains. We have been working in this ski area for 20 years and we are proud to have great professionals in the ski and mountain industry, who will be able to advise you so that your holiday is just the way you want it to be.


That said, there is one thing in particular that we are very clear about: we want you to be 100% satisfied when you book on our website. Therefore, whenever you have any questions about your bookings or even before booking, call us or contact us through our contact section so that our specialized team can inform you. Please note that our Customer Service phone number is +44 (0)2 036 959 406 and we are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

On Esquiades.com our main mission is to get the best ski deals in the world so that whatever your budget is, you can get the holiday you want at the best possible price.


So whether you are traveling with friends or family, if you feel like a getaway with SPA or adventure with activities... In our website you will find it, because we offer everything you need for what you want. Because here we have available both ski and ski holiday s, with spa or relax in the mountains. Whatever budget you have for your ski holiday, do not doubt that in our website we have a ski or adventure pack for you .


If you don't believe us, check it out by visiting our website, or better yet, subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on our various proposals for cheap holidays to the snow. Please note , we will only send you the best ski and mountain getaway deals!

At Esquiades.com we specialize in selling holidays to various ski and mountain destinations in Spain, Andorra, France, Italy, Portugal, Austria and Switzerland.


Our packs almost always include the ski pass. This way we get your ski holiday at a much cheaper price than buying it separately. Don't worry if you are not a skier! Because if you wish during the booking process, you can apply the discount for not skiing, but still enjoy the hotel stay and the activities you want to add.


Apart from being able to book accommodation, we offer many different activities for you to do during your stay (whatever destination you choose). For example, during the winter you can add, mushing, snowmobiling, igloo building, etc. During the summer you can also enjoy rafting, kayaking, cultural or gastronomic activities, go to adventure parks...


Getting ski and mountain packs at unbeatable prices for you, is our reason for being. Find yours at the best price!

From Esquiades.com we do not want to mislead our customers by selling things other than ski holidays or mountain getaways, at very competitive prices in the market.


Thanks to our extensive experience of over 20 years in the ski industry, we have more and more offers in different mountain destinations. Since all the members of the Esquiades.com team are passionate about travel and tourism.


We are committed to specializing in the sale of ski holidays and that is one of our secrets to offer our customers the offers we have.

On Esquiades.com we focus our offer of tourist products on certain products and destinations. This allows us to negotiate much better prices to get the most incredible offers. In addition, having more than 20 years in the industry allows us to get the best prices for ski holiday packages from all over the internet.


In addition, the trust we have gained with our suppliers (ski slopes, hotels, tour operators, snow and adventure activities companies, etc.) over the years, makes us offer special conditions thanks to the agreements we make with them. This way, you will be able to enjoy ski deals and mountain getaways at unthinkable prices.

Our main goal is that you can navigate in a comfortable and pleasant way. That's why we are always working on improving our website to make it easier and easier!


So finding the main ski and mountain offers will be easy. Since on the home page, we always highlight the opportunities of the moment to make it easier for you to know which one you want.


Although we know that what our customers use the most is the Offer Finder. Here you can choose the destination and/or resort you want to go to, indicate the dates and number of people, to see what the options are at the moment. From there you can choose the one you like the most and complete the booking process with what you need!


But that's not all! We also offer interesting content for you, such as: webcams of the resorts, weather in the resorts, slopes status, news from the ski world and much more. You will also find reviews and reviews of customers who have traveled with us and have sent us their opinion about the hotel, activities and more. So you can read it all and make better decisions at the time of booking with us :)

Very easy! We are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


You can send us your query (whether it is a question, an incident before or during the booking process) through our contact section or by calling us at the Customer Service number +44 (0)2 036 959 406.


In Esquiades.com we are available to help you in everything you need regarding your holiday, because as we said before, our main goal is that you are 100% satisfied with the booking you make on our website.


If you need it, you can also contact us through our social networks and check our blog to learn more about snow-related topics, curiosities and relevant information for you :)

The main page of Esquiades.com consists of several sections and different areas. We explain them below from top to bottom:

- Top menu of the website: in this section you will find the different ski, spa and mountain hotel packages on our website. In addition, in the 'Useful Information' section you can consult everything you need for your ski holiday. Also, here you can change the language if you need to, go to 'Contact Us' to access the contact section or 'Login' with your user.

- Search engine on the home page: with our search engine you can quickly and easily find the offers you need. Here you simply select the type of getaway you want (ski, relax or just hotel in the mountains), indicate the destination and/or resort you want to go to (or not if you are undecided), the exact dates you want to go and the number of people. Then simply click on 'Search' to see all the possible options!

- News images of interest: under our search engine you can find the news related to skiing highlighted at the moment. Also, relevant, recent and interesting content for you. If you are interested in any of them, you can click on it and expand the information.

- Featured offers: just below the slider images you will find the most outstanding offers of our website. We update them daily, so always take a look to see if there's something you like!

- Piste status and webcams: in this part of our main website you will find all the information about the status of the ski resorts. You will be able to find out if they are open or closed, see the live webcams, the number of slopes per level and also the total number of slopes open. It's very useful when choosing which resort to go skiing!

- Where did it snow today: during the winter ski season, in this section you can see in which ski resorts it snowed today. This will help you to better plan your ski holiday.

- Reviews section: here you can read the reviews of our customers about the hotels in some of the ski resorts, then you can consult the most recent reviews about the ski resorts and finally, we put available a section where our customers have given their opinion about Esquiades.com. Knowing the experiences of other users is always good to organize your ski holiday!

- News: in this part of the website you will find the latest news from the ski resorts, the news that we incorporate into our website, and many other curiosities!

- Bottom menu: last but not least, at the bottom of the main page of Esquiades.com homepage you will find a small descriptive text about what we do, our social networks, a section where you can sign up to receive the Esquiades.com newsletter and links to information of interest and our most outstanding offers.

The offers in Esquiades.com are structured by relevance according to the themes and destinations at each time of the year. The most innovative offers are highlighted at the top of our website, to make it easier for you to find your way around.


Even so, if what you want is a tailor-made holiday, you can always choose the dates you want in our search engine and see what hotel + ski pass offers are available.

You can subscribe to our newsletter very easily! Just go to our home page and just after the offers, you will find the panel where you can enter your email to subscribe and receive the best ski and mountain offers. Thank you!

Also, please note that we will not send you anything other than our best offers. We are not in favor of harassing our customers with advertisements and promotions from others, and besides, we will send you at most one email a week.

We know that your holiday to the mountains is not just anything, so in this section you will find information that will help you prepare your getaway.


You will be able to check the the state of the ski slopes to decide in which resort you should ski, you can see the maps of all the resorts that we offer on our website or the live webcams, among others.


In short, here we will provide you with everything you need to plan your getaway to the mountains. In addition, we advance you that as time goes by, this section will be filled with more and more information that we are sure you will find very useful. We hope you like it!

On the Esquiades.com blog (available only in Spanish for now) you´ll find useful information, interesting facts, tips about skiing, snowboarding and other adventure sports, the winners of the competitions we organize, and much more.

And guess what? The Esquiades.com Blog is the place to give us your opinion. You will see that at the end of each post there's the option to post your opinion. You'll see that all the information provided has been previously researched and we'd love to read your comments. Want to contribute? Go to our blog and discover the mountain with us :-D.


It's thanks to you, our customers! Every time you take a holiday with us, at the end of the holiday you will receive a satisfaction survey that you can fill out explaining how your experience was. We take your opinion very seriously, that's why we review all surveys one by one.


Of course, answering the satisfaction survey is completely optional, so we thank you very much for taking the time to fill it out. Because I'm sure it will be very useful for you and other users like you to read them here!

We have more and more ski resorts available on our website! So the easiest way to see all the offer we have is in our 'Ski Resorts' section.


To get here is very easy, in the top menu of the web you must go to 'Ski' and click on 'Ski Resorts'. This way you will be able to see all the available resorts that are sorted by zones.


In addition, by clicking on the name of each one, you will be able to know all the information related to the resort, so you can get informed thanks to the reviews of other users, the state of the slopes, the weather forecast, live webcams and know if it is open or closed.

Before booking on Esquiades.com

On our website you'll see the price is always per person and most of our offers always include the ski pass. However, there are some exceptions in certain Ski Destinations where we do not include the ski pass and so, you will have to purchase it directly at the Ski Resort. Nevertheless, our hotel offers will always turn out to be cheaper than anywhere else ;)


If the ski holiday you are interested in already includes the ski pass and you do not wish to ski, you can always cancel it on step 2 of the booking process. 


If you have any queries, our ski and snowboard experts are available via the following link or you can call them on +44 (0)2 036 959 406. We are available 24/7

Yes of course! Once you have selected the hotel, on step 2 of our booking process you can add as many extras as you wish ( ski insurance, equipment rental, meals in the resort, etc). Also, depending on the ski destination you are visiting, you can also add other extras such as tickets to a spa centre. 

You can also chose what type of board basis you are interested in booking: Accommodation Only, Bed and Breakfast, Half Board or Full Board. We even have All-Inclusive Hotels. 

Once the reservation is finalised, we will send you your confirmation voucher via e-mail. On this confirmation voucher you will find the accommodation contact details.

If you're travelling with children, you need to include them during the booking process so we can offer you the room type that best suits your family. 

If you're travelling with a baby and simply need a cot, all you need to do is send us your request via Manage My Booking and we will contact the accommodation for you ;) 

The type of room depends on the accommodation and it's availability. Once you select the total number of travellers, we will show you the available room types for each hotel and apartment available.  If the hotel or apartment you are interested in booking doesn't show the layout you're looking for, all you need to do is send us a message via our contact and we will see how we can help you and find the option that suits you best. 
Sounds great! This is possible under request and it depends on the availability and the layout of the accommodation. Not all hotels have the same capacity or have the availability during your stay, so what we recommend you to do is to call us at +44 (0)2 036 959 406 from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 9 pm or send us the quotation request via our contact form. This kind of request can't be guaranteed, therefore, you will be informed upon arrival at reception.
Esquiades.com is an online travel agency which shows prices per person. Our trips are usually designed for couples or families, but if you are a group of more than 20 people and are interested in any of our ski deals, you can contact us through our contact form or by phone at +44 (0)2 036 959 406 Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 9.30 pm and will try to offer a proposal that suits your needs.
The accommodations that allow animals have a symbol of a paw print which you'll find during the process of reserving your accommodation. Therefore, we recommend you consult the information of the hotel by clicking on the name. By doing this, you'll find more detailed information about maximum weight allowed and the supplement you'll have to pay at the hotel. There's a way you can filter the hotels which allows pets via the filter option down the left-hand side. If you'd like to include your furry friend in the reservation, we recommend you write to us via contact section.

Head to our Searcher and select the dates and ski destination you wish to visit and we'll show you all the hotels and apartments that are available. On Esquiades.com we show you the availability in actual real time. So, what you see is what you get ;)


In winter

· Ski packs : during winter you can find a large number of hotel + ski packs. These always include accommodation and ski pass and the price shown is per person and stay.

· Accommodation only : you can also book accommodation-only offers, which as its name indicates, include only the hotel or the apartment.

· Snow activities : or if you prefer, you will find hotel deals + snow activities such as: tubing, snowshoes, snow-thrown dogs, among many others. In this case the price includes accommodation and activity and is per person and stay.

In summer

· Adventure sports : during the summer you can book a large number of hotel packages and adventure sports at Esquiades.com, such as rafting, paintball, kayaking, canyoning or quads, among many other options. In this case, the price includes the hotel or apartment + the chosen activity and is always per person and stay. Also, if you want you can add as many activities as you want to your reservation.

· Ski in summer : on our website you can also book ski packs in summer in the French Alps. Usually, these packs do not include transportation, but they do include accommodation and a ski pass. In some cases, they also include complementary activities, such as acroland, beach volleyball, crazy airbag, tennis, paddle, squash, trampoline, swimming pool and mini-golf, among others.

· Accommodation only : in summer you can also book accommodation only offers. In this way, if you want to enjoy the mountain without doing any kind of activity, you can do it :-).
You can also book a hotel and not include the Ski Pass. This is how you do it:

Once you've selected the accommodation, on step 2 of your booking process you can add extras as well as cancel certain services. Here you can cancel the ski pass and we will deduct the price automatically. 

On Esquiades.com our prices are always per person and per stay (total nights described on the ski deal or the total number of nights you have chosen in the searcer).

So, say for example you've selected a total of 3 nights, the price you will see if per person for a total of 3 nights.

The Ski deals we have on the web are the only ones we have available for that moment you visit Esquiades.com. Remember to use our searcher to see which offers are available for the dates you wish to book your trip.

In addition, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter to receive ski offers, rentals and getaways before anyone else!
Of course! All the information about the slopes and webcams is updated daily, several times throughout the day. So, you can easily find out about the tracks open in the different ski resorts.

In some of the ski resorts, such as Pal Arinsal in Andorra, we will deliver your ski pass to the accommodation reception desk. Most of our customers choose this ski area in Andorra as their ski destination and as we want to make things easier for you, we have a rep that delivers the ski passes to the different reception desks.

We can also offer this servive in other Spanish Ski Resorts, however, if you are skiing in the French Alps or another Ski Destination, what we'll do is give you directions of where you need to pick up your ski pass. This info will be provided on your booking confirmation voucher. 

You can easily change the ski pass days to best suit you. All you need to do is heard to ' My search ', which is on the left of the booking process and select the day you wish to activate your ski pass. Please note that the ski dates must always be consecutive. 


If you have any queries, you can send us a message via Manage My Booking or call +44 (0)2 036 959 406. We'll be more than happy to assist you!


How to book on Esquiades.com

First of all: Decide when and where you want to go.

On our homepage you have a calendar for you to select the dates you wish to travel and you can also select one of the offers available.

Then click on the 'Search' button.

Step 1: On the 'My search' panel you can select the number of people (adults and children)

On the right, you will find all the ski resorts available.

Step 2: Choose the hotel

Here you will see a list of hotels to choose from. By clicking on the hotel picture you will be able see an overview of the accommodation and our customer's reviews.

Once you have chosen a hotel package deal you will be redirected to our panel of 'Extras' (equipment rental, insurance and discounts for not skiing, other activities, etc..) In some deals we also offer a transfer service which you can also add to your booking. Then, 'Continue'

Step 3: Choose the payment method

Here you will have to enter your details. You will also be able to check all the booking details. At the bottom of the page, you can select the payment method.

You can pay by card over the Internet, more info at HERE .
If you prefer, you can also make a bank deposit and do so by bank transfer, more info at HERE .

Another option would be to give us a call +44 (0)2 036 959 406.
and our Booking Department will assisst you.
No! Esquiades.com is a website that allows you to make reservations without being registered to our website. However, the team of Esquiades.com recommends you sign up to our offers newsletter to keep you informed. We won't bother you with thousands of e-mails. We will occasionally send you an update with our latest offers!
Yes, it is absolutely essential to have an e-mail address to be able to to book your trip on Esquiades.com Why? Very easy! We send all the documentation required for your trip via e-mail and that's why you need to have an email address. If you don't have one, you can ask for help from a friend or relative and be able to use theirs to finalise the process. Therefore, it is important to have an e-mail address available to send you your booking confirmation and the corresponding voucher by Esquiades.com.
Once you have chosen the accommodation and the extras you want, in step 3 of the booking process we will show you the total price of your booking (accommodation + ski pass and other extras such as ski rental, insurance, discount for not skiing, etc...). On the final section, before proceeding to the payment of the booking, we will show you the final price.
NEVER! In some of our ski deals we will offer the option of adding extras like half board or travel insurance, but we never charge any extra fee or booking fee for finalising a booking. The prices of the package deals shown on Esquiades.com are per person per stay.

· PAYMENT BY CARD: you can make the payment by credit or debit card at the end of the reservation process on our website. If you want more detailed information about this payment method, click HERE .

· PAYMENT THROUGH TRANSFER or INCOME: you can make the payment by transfer or bank deposit at the end of the online booking process on the Esquiades.com website.

In case you want to make the payment of your reservation in this way, it is very important that when making the deposit or transfer, you indicate the following information in the “concept” field:

1) Name and surname of any of the people mentioned in the reservation.
2) ID (identifier) of the reservation or locator number so that we can identify the payment.
The account number to which you must make the deposit or transfer is:
IBAN BANCO SANTANDER: ES06 0049 2495 7125 1400 2625​

· PAY BY TELEPHONE: Pay by phone with your credit or debit card at the time of booking. For this, you can call us from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at our phone +44 (0)2 036 959 406 . Remember to have your card at hand!


Previously we also had payment through PayPal, but since it could entail additional costs the moment you accessed its platform, we decided to stop including it among our payment methods.

When finalising the booking you can choose one of the different payment methods. If you decide to pay by card, you will be able to do it with our 'TPV BANC SABADELL' (online POS). It is completely confidential and safe.

After the payment, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. Then, all you have to do is print it off before your ski trip ;-)
Once you have selected to pay via transfer, you will receive an e-mail with all your booking details as well as Esquiades.com Bank Details from 'Banco Santander'.

You must put your Booking ID and Booking Holder's Name and Surname as 'Payment Description'.

As transfers can take between 24 to 48 working hours, we also need for you to send us the payment receipt via e-mail. (Bare in mind that you have 24 hours to make the payment before your booking expires).

After that, we will send you the confirmation voucher. All you have to do next is print off your voucher!
Of course. If you make a Bank Transfer, please remember to send us the payment receipt by fax to 0034 977 270 159 or by email (Don't forget that you have 24-working hours to proceed to your downpayment , or your deadline will expire)

/> Once you have finalised the payment process we will send you your booking confirmation voucher. All you will have to do is print your voucher and hand it in at reception upon arrival.
The ID Number is used to identify your booking confirmation. Where do you find it? Very simple: It will appear on your voucher.
Of course you can! If you don't have a card, what you can do is make a bank transfer. Once you have made a pre-booking, you have 24 hours to proceed to the payment so that we can guarantee availability. This is very important as we offer ski deals on Esquiades.com that may be available during a certain period of time.
OF COURSE. The Esquiades.com website has all the security features required of an online travel agency to guarantee that your data is fully protected and your booking is made ​​with maximum safety and reliability. We use a secure payment platform by Banco Sabadell and accept all credit cards except American Express.
All reservations made by credit card will be paid at the time and a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you have provided. At that time, your reservation will be recorded as paid.

In the case of using the partial payment method of the reservation , the amount shown on the screen will be paid and the rest of the amount must be paid on the date that we are indicating during the payment process, since it may vary according to the conditions of each accommodation. In case the total of the reservation has not been paid within this period, it is possible that the reservation is canceled.

In some cases, when you make reservations well in advance and a considerable amount, you will see the possibility of making payment in installments. In this way you can save your seats paying only 10% of the total amount at the time of booking. The remaining amount can be paid comfortably until a few days before the trip (we will indicate the exact date during the purchase process, as it may vary depending on the conditions of each accommodation).

It is essential that the remaining 90% be paid before the deadline , since otherwise your reservation will be canceled.

If your credit card payment has been rejected, we recommend that you contact us through our contact section or, in case your reservation is for immediate dates , through our customer service phone +44 (0)2 036 959 406 , Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Keep in mind that if your card payment has been rejected, it may also be due to a problem derived from the configuration of your credit card (which has a payment limit for example) or from the credit available on it. In that case you should contact your bank to indicate what options are available to solve the problem.

You can find out what genuine customers have said about Esquiades.com on various platforms. Once you return home form your ski holiday, you'll receive a survey via email where we ask you to rate our customer service as well as the hotel and any other extra service you've booked through us. We share your comments on our website so fellow ski and snowboard lovers can have access to this feedback before booking their ski holiday. You can read the most recent comments here


You can also write a review on Google My Businness and Trustpilot ;) 


Our Facebook page has over 50 thousand followers! You can join our community and share your experience with others and also be one of the first to see our latest ski deals. 

On our homepage you'll find our Testimonials and, if you want to read the reviews of the hotel you are thinking of booking, all you need to do is click on the photo of the hotel and we'll give you access to our customers reviews, hotel pictures, ratings, etc. 

If you're looking for reviews on our customer service, you'll find everything you need to know on 'useful info'. Head to read reviews on Esquiades.com here


From our homepage you can access to all the ski resorts we offer on our site. If you wish to read about a specific ski resort, all you need to do is click on the photo of the resort and you'll find everything you need to know: info about the ski resort, customer reviews, snow report, info about rental shops, etc. 
The PayPal payment service entailed additional costs due to the commissions that applied to each of the reservations, so we decided to stop including it among our payment methods.

After booking on Esquiades.com 

Once you have paid the total amount of your booking, we will send you a confirmation voucher via e-mail. 

On your confirmation you will find all the details of your Ski Holiday: Booking details, Accommodation contact details and also the extras you have added. Please note that you will have to hand in a copy of your voucher to check in and you will also have to print a copy for each extra you have included in your booking (equipment rental, spa tickets, activities, etc).

We will make sure to inform you of how many copies you need to print on your confirmation e-mail. 

If you have any queries, you can send us a message via our contact form or call us on +44 (0)2 036 959 406. Our Ski and Snowboard Experts are available from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 10 pm.

Esquiades.com will send you an e-mail with the subject 'Booking Confirmation - Esquiades.com'. If your ski holiday includes transfers from and to the airport, we will also send you an e-mail with the documents you need to show to the coach driver as well as indications of where to wait for the coach. 
You will receive your voucher 24h after making a bank transfer. If you pay by card, you will receive the voucher within minutes, unless you have also booked for an activity and we are waiting for the date and time to be confirmed by the supplier.
You can proceed to any kind of amendment by first making a request through our contact form. We can't make any amendment on the phone as it is essential to send you the Terms and Conditions of your booking in writing.
If you haven't paid your booking, the amendment is free of charge. However, if you've paid your reservation, there is a minimum charge of 10€ which may vary depending on when the request was made. This rate change doesn't depend on Esquiades.com, but on the Tour Operator.
To cancel your booking, you need to send us a request through our contact form. We cannot give you an answer to this request on the phone, as we must send you all the terms and conditions in writing.
If you haven't paid your booking, then you can cancel it free of charge. On the other hand, if you've already paid your booking, the cancellation has a minimum cost of 30€ which may vary depending on when you make the request. The fee change doesn't depend on Esquiades.com, but on the Tour Operator.

If you need more information about this, please check our Terms and Conditions:

'In accordance with Law 168/1994, of 30 May, of regulation of travel agents, at all times the consumer and user may cancel the requested services, to be entitled to a refund of the amounts they had paid but must compensate Esquiades.com in the amounts indicated below:

a) shall be paid management fees, the cancellation, if any, and a penalty consisting of 5 percent of the total amount of travel, if the cancellation occurs more than ten and less than fifteen days before the date to arrival, 15 percent between three and ten days, and 25 percent within the pre-departure forty-eight hours. Not to stand out, consumer and user is required to pay the full amount of the trip, paying, if any, of the amounts outstanding between the parties unless agreed otherwise.

b) In the event that the package would be subject to special economic conditions of contract, such as freight aircraft, ships or special fees, the expenses of special cancellation will be determined in accordance with the terms agreed between the parties, Cancellation must be made by email from the email that stated at the time of booking. To expedite the process, it is recommended to call to +44 (0)2 036 959 406 to communicate. Management fees of any booking Esquiades.com are 30 euros, this includes all administrative, personnel, etc. efforts., Necessary for processing reservations. Esquiades.com decides not to charge these expenses normally and management charged only if the user canceled. '

To check in, you need to have a copy of your confirmation voucher and everyone's passport/ID. 

Oh! And one other thing! If your hotel has a spa or you are thinking of visiting the local spa/thermal pools, make sure to pack your swimwear. And, of course, take plenty of warm clothes with you ;)

You will find all the contact details on your confirmation voucher.
Yes, you can do it at the accommodation. You will be able to ask for the different rates once there.

Yes. Depending on what you wish to book, you can either book it via reception or contact our customer service If you're thinking of booking a hotel services such as tickets to the spa, then you will have to contact directly with the reception desk. However, if you are thinking of adding extras that are related with your ski holiday such as equipment rental or ski and snowboard lessons, please contact our customer service and we will take of everything!

You will find all the contact details on your confirmation voucher (2nd e-mail you receive from Esquiades.com).

Yes you can! All you need to do is send us a request after once you're back home from your ski holiday with Esquiades.com and we will send you all the details via e-mail.

After my Ski Holiday 

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