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Caldea 3 hours (morning ticket)

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Bellissens Avenue, no. 42, Tecnoparc Building. Office 127-129, 43204 Reus (Tarragona) 43204 Reus, Spain
902 09 16 09 info@esquiades.com

Why reserve Caldea?


Relax after a day of skiing or adventure in Andorra!
Caldea is the best way to finish, after a day skiing or walking around Andorra. This magnificent spa centre takes advantage of the natural properties of Escaldes water and offers a wide variety of areas to relax body and mind.
You can swim between indoor and outdoor lagoons, relax in saunas and jacuzzis, enjoy a grapefruit bath, extreme temperature pools, among many more spaces! Caldea offers you a unique space where well -being and escape come first. It will make you forget the fatigue and stress of the routine, in order to rediscover your balance and vitality.

And if you are even more demanding, we offer you different beauty treatments and relaxing massages that you can contract throughout your booking.
If you want to know everything that Caldea includes, you can click on this link .


When will you be able to access Caldea?


Access will be valid at 10:00 am . That is to say, it is an access exclusively for tomorrow .
Access to Caldea will take place the day after entering the hotel (check-in).

In order to guarantee the minimum safety distance, Caldea keeps its capacity limited.

For this reason it is mandatory to be punctual and respect the access time you have reserved to access the centre.

Thank you for your collaboration!


Is there a date where you will not be able to access?

The Caldea Spa Centre will remain closed on the following days:

  • On December 25 there is a total closure of the centre.
  • From April 11 to May 26, the centre will be closed for maintenance.


In the following link you can consult the Caldea timetables: Click on this link


Are you traveling with children? Important!

  • For security reasons, children under 5 years old cannot access the centre . For children between the ages of 5 and 12, it is mandatory to present a document proving their age and they must always be accompanied by an adult (one adult is essential for every three children).
  • All people with a height less than 1.30 m. They must enter with arm floats.
  • For reasons of hygiene, people with external injuries or any member of the body bandaged or in plaster are not admitted.


Get carried away by the water and make your holiday unique! Choose the dates you prefer in our search engine and find your offer for Caldea. Below you can watch a video to learn more about its facilities. Are you already feeling relax?







If you want to know more, here is a description of the areas you can enjoy in Caldea:


Spa Baths

Great Indoor Lagoon: This is an area with spa water at 32 ° C-34 ° C. In the lagoon you will find:

• Gooseneck-shaped shower heads, ideal to massage the upper back
• Water Fountains
• Jacuzzi
• Steam masks to moisturize the face
• A Water Piano, where your feet will enjoy a nice massag
• Whirlpools that work on your body from head to toe

Outdoor Lagoon: The water temperature is between 32ºC and 34ºC and is also connected to the inner lagoon. In the outdoor lagoon you can relax in the Jacuzzi, waterfall and bubble baths. In Summer there is a sun terrace and in Winter you can experience the contrast between the crisp air on your cheeks whilst floating in relaxing warm water.

Indoor Roman Baths: The water temperature is between 36 ° C water bath to 14ºC cold. This temperature contrast tones the body leaving a sense of wellbeing.


Fitness Area

Icelandic Bathroom: Helps stimulate circulation from head to toe through ice and footbaths.

Space aqua-massage: This space will help tone different areas of the body using water jets.

Bathroom Sirocco: This is a hot air bath.

Saunas with relaxing light: saunas remove toxins and relax muscle tensions with dry heat at 85 ° C.

Hammam: 55 wet helps general relaxation and breathing heat.

Vaporization and Polar Step: After leaving a sauna or hammam, this space will help histratarte and cool.

Wood light: This is a relaxation method by negative ions.


Rest Areas

Infrared Zone: The Infrared have a relaxing effect and do not tan. They will help to maintain body heat after temperatures contrasts the other spaces.

Terraces, the best option over the summer, and for the more adventurous even in winter. Relax and enjoy the benefits of the sun.


Option to rent equipment bathroom:
  • Possibility to buy or rent towels and bathrobes.
  • Sale of swimsuits and bikinis.
  • The swimming cap is mandatory.
  • No outdoor bathroom slippers allowed.

As you surely know, in Caldea Thermal Center they offer a variety of treatments. From the soothing, even descontracturantes, through the more targeted to certain parts of the body massage.


You can book any of these massages in the booking process of any of our offers in Andorra. You just need to mark it and we will take care of everything!


Treatments in Caldea

General Massage: This massage is a great idea after a hard day of skiing and focuses in different parts of the body. From the arms, to the belly, chest, legs and back. The duration of the massage is 60 minutes and includes oil "Just Bio" made by Caldea. Without doubt, it is an excellent choice if you want a treatment for the whole body.

Gravitas Massage: This massage lasts 45 minutes and it is especially designed for pregnant women. This treatment works especially the legs and back to reduce pressure with "Just Bio" oil made by Caldea.

Child Massage: The youngest also have the opportunity to relax and get a massage. The duration of this treatment is 30 minutes and it is for children between 5 and 16 years old. That's it! They must be accompanied by an adult, either mother, father or guardian.

Local Massage: This treatment has a shorter duration, only 20 minutes. It is designed especially for those who want to work only one part of the body. If you have been skiing in Andorra and you want to avoid shoelaces, do not forget to work the legs;-).

Partial Massage of 45 minutes: For a small fee you can increase the duration of the partial massage 15 minutes. This treatment is designed for the legs and back.

Traditional Thai Massage: This treatment is one of the oldest and with more years of history. Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing system that combines broad and targeted acupressure, stimulation and manipulation of energy lines called sen, and assisted yoga postures with a duration of 60 minutes. Ideal to relax muscles, relieve tension and improve blood circulation. The result of a full-body Thai Massage is often an exciting and powerful mind/body healing experience, bringing both the recipient and the practitioner to heightened states of physical and spiritual well-being.

Shiatsu (Japanese Massage): You can choose the duration of this massage between 30 and 60 minutes. The technique consists in pressing with the index fingers and palms on energy points to relax the whole body. The points covered are the same as in the Acupunture technique.


Restaurants in Caldea

Before finising your experience in Caldea Thermal Center, take the pleasure of going to one of the two restaurants located within its premises. The restaurants you will find in Caldea are:

  • Caldea's Restaurant (Deimos): This restaurant is located on the first floor of Caldea Thermal Center. It is open at noon and night. You can order the chef's menu, consisting of two dishes or an individual menu including a dish with dessert, wine and water. Also, if you go at night you can watch a light and sound spectacle of Caldea with privileged views. Find out about the hours and do not miss it! Take in account that Monday night is closed.


  • Water Restaurant (Oasis): Is one of the restaurants located inside Caldea. If you want to have a meal in this restaurant, you must wear your swimsuit. There is a variety of dishes, from individual dishes to menu and sandwiches of all kinds. 

For safety reasons, children under the age of 5 are not allowed. Children aged between 5 and 16 years must carry a document to prove their age and can access with an adult (there must be one adult for every three children). 

All people below the height of 1.30m must wear arm bands. For hygiene reasons, people with surface wounds, bandages or plaster casts on any part of their body will not be allowed in.
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