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The Ordino Arcalís ski resort is located in the Ordino Valley, in Andorra. Thanks to its northeast orientation, the snow quality is very good during the winter and allows good skiing even at the end of it.

Another reason for pbooking the snow on its 30 kilometers of ski slopes is that it is at a considerable height, between 1,940 m and 2,625 m.

Arcalís is one of the most respectful ski areas with the environment in which it is located. This is due to the fact that no hotels have been built around it, in order to protect its rich natural diversity. This may be a small inconvenience for skiers accustomed to staying directly on the slopes, but it is also part of its charm.. You can easily find accommodation in nearby towns such as El Serrat , just 5 kilometers away or Ordino , located 13 kilometers from the resort and where the largest range of hotels in the region is concentrated.

After this brief introduction, below you will find all the information you need about this ski resort: from information on how to get to Ordino to details about its services and its slopes, so that it is easier for you to decide if it is the right one. for you.

Why ski in Ordino Arcalís?

Ordino Arcalís is a very versatile resort. It has spaces for all levels and offers a wide variety of areas to practice different types of skiing and snowboarding , especially for practicing its most extreme variants. As we have highlighted before, its charm lies in its practically intact landscape and its privileged location . Here are some reasons why we consider Arcalís to be a ski resort that should be taken into account when choosing a destination to practice your favorite winter sport:

1. Excellent snow quality

There are many reasons why Arcalís stands out as a ski destination , but without a doubt the most outstanding is the quality of snow it offers , thanks to its northeast orientation.. Snow is present throughout the season and in powder form for most of the day. And best of all, even late in the ski season, the snow quality is good for skiing.

2. Ideal for beginners

It should also be noted that this ski areahas tracks for all levels . It has 9 green slopes and 6 blue ones for skiers who have just started in the white sport. It is important to underline that in Ordino Arcalís there is the longest ski slope for beginners in the Pyrenees, the Megaverde . With 8 kilometers of route, this track offers the opportunity for those who are just starting out in skiing to practice what they have learned, sliding down an easy and safe section.

3. It is also a good option for the more advanced

The difficulty of the tracks is very balanced , since 45% of the tracks are higher level. The resort has 10 red and 2 black ski slopes, ideal for skiers determined to go down the hills at faster speeds.

4. It has family ski areas

Ordino resort is not only suitable for all levels, but also has a calm and familiar atmosphere . Apart from the fact that half of its ski slopes are for beginners, the resort has a space specially designed for skiing with children : the Family Park. This area offers three themed tours with children's characters, where the little ones can have a great time.

5. Excellent option to start freeriding and practice extreme skiing

Arcalís has freeride areas ideal for people who start skiing on untreated snow. The freeride areas are fully signposted, you can easily access them, and if you want to get back on the slopes, you can also easily get out. The Ordino freeride ski area is accessed by the "Els Feixans" ski lift, which has to easy , short and well signposted routes .

Arcalís also allows the practice of heliskiing . This type of white sport consists of ascending to peaks that are not reached by helicopter lifts and descending through areas of virgin snow. Naturally, this type of skiing is practiced by expert skiers.

Lastly, the Ordino Arcalís snowpark has a surface area of more than 15,000 m2 and is located at an altitude of 2,100 metres, which guarantees the good state of the snow on the premises. It also has multiple modules, double tube and rectangular railings, a jump, a big jump and a pyramid, which makes this space the ideal place to practice different types of pirouettes and acrobatics.

Accesses and car park in Ordino Arcalís

Arcalís has a comfortable car park directly on the slopes with a capacity of 1,500 spaces and distributed over various height levels.. The resort can be accessed via the Arcalís road, which crosses a landscape of exceptional beauty.

It should be borne in mind that the lack of hotels and apartments directly on the slopes means that there is an agglomeration of vehicles first thing in the morning and at the end of the day, when the lifts close. Many skiers choose to stay in the town of Ordino , so the stretch from there to the slopes is the busiest. That is why it is advisable to arrive at the ski resort early in the morning and leave half an hour before the lifts close, in order to avoid traffic jams.

Skiing in Ordino Arcalís with Esquiades.com

If you have already decided that this is your ski destination , we want to explain the advantages of booking at this resort with Esquiades.com. On our website you will find ski deals in Ordino Arcalís at really attractive prices.

As we have previously mentioned, this ski resort does not have an urban centre. For this reason, it is necessary to look for a hotel in the nearby towns located along the General Highway 3. For example, the town of Ordino, located 13 km from the ski slopes, is the urban centre with the greatest offer of hotels to enjoy Ordino Arcalís resort. Discover below all the advantages of organizing your ski holiday with Esquiades.com.

1. Find a wide variety of hotels and apartments

On Esquiades.com we offer you hotel offers + Ski Pass in Ordino Arcalís , so you can find the one that best suits you. If you have decided to ski with children , on our website we have accommodations that offer different regimens, to adapt to your needs. In addition, throughout the booking process you will be able to filter the hotels according to your tastes and preferences . So you can easily find your ideal ski hotel to enjoy Arcalís.

When you finish your holiday to Ordino Arcalís we will send you a small survey to your email so that you can give us your opinion about the accommodation and the ski resort. In this way you will help other users to choose their hotel to ski.

2. Book your ski equipment comfortably

If you do not bring your own ski equipment, we suggest you add it to your booking and pick it up comfortably on the ski slopes. On Esquiades.com we work with a wide range of ski equipment rental shops located at the entrances to the resorts and at strategic points, so that you can pick it up at the place that best suits you. And best of all, it will be cheaper to rent it through us than directly in the store!

3. Sign up for ski lessons with one click

If you are starting to ski, or you are going to ski with your family , we recommend that you add ski or snowboard lessons as a complement to your booking.. The Ordino Arcalís school has more than 50 professionals specialized in teaching white sports. In addition, if you book the lessons through our website, you will be able to have special prices and thus save on your next ski holiday to Ordino Arcalís.

In short, on Esquiades.com you can find everything you need to book your ski holidays in Ordino Arcalís. And if you have any questions, you can contact us through our contact section , or by calling our customer service phone number. We are available!

How to get to Ordino Arcalís?

If you enter through the border between Spain and France , you must follow the General Highway 1 (CG1) to Escaldes - Engordany. From there you must follow the indications that lead to the town of La Massana through the Highway (CG3). Once you are in La Massana, you must continue along the same road, now heading towards Ordino Arcalís. At the end of Carretera General 3 you will find the Arcalís ski slopes.

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