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Skiing with children in Grandvalira
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  • Ski schools:  7
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What does snow have that makes it so special for children? Enjoying a ski holiday with children can become fun and unforgettable memories for kids. The Grandvalira ski resort takes details into account, which is why it has a wide variety of areas and activities for children, ideal for skiing with them.

This Andorran ski resort has facilities aimed exclusively for children. All of them are adapted so that the smallest of the familhy have a great time and always in the safest way. Specifically, it has 6 snow gardens distributed in the different ski sectors of the resort, 4 nurseries, 5 themed circuits and a large number of activities especially designed for children.

Also, remember that in the Grandvalira ski domain, you can get the free children's pass up to 5 years (included). And if you book your trip to the snow on our website in advance, you can also get special rates and ski deals in Grandvalira, even for those over 5 years old.

Grandvalira Nursery

The ski resort has a total of 4 nurseries located in the ski sectors of Grau Roig, Soldeu, Canillo and El Tarter. All of them accept children from 24 months to 4 years old, except the Grau Roig ski resort nursery, which accepts babies from 12 months.

The Grandvalira children centres have qualified caretakers, who will be with the children at all times so they can play and have fun safely, protected from the cold. In this way, while you enjoy the snow in Andorra, they also have a great time.

Snow gardens in Grandvalira

If you are going to spend the holidays in the snow with children from 3 to 5 years of age, you can use the snow gardens offered by the Grandvalira ski resort in each of its sectors.

The snow gardens are spaces located on the ski slopes, especially enabled for children. They are equipped with games for children that make learning to ski easier for children. In the snow gardens, children can receive ski lessons to get started in winter sports in a fun and safe way. The monitors alternate skiing with rest periods and other leisure activities, as well as ensuring their safety and well-being.

At the end of their lessons in the Grandvalira snow gardens, the 3-year-olds will get to know the ski equipment better, they will know how to stand on flat terrain and they will be able to descend short slopes.

4 and 5 years old children who complete the apprenticeship programme in the snow garden, will be able to slide down without difficulty and will obtain a diploma and a gift on the last day of the course. They will have such a good time that they will not want to leave!

What is the best ski sector for skiing with children in Grandvalira?

At Esquiades.com we know how important it is to prepare well when travelling with children, so we will explain in detail the different options offered by the Grandvalira ski sectors to enjoy skiing as a family. On the ski slopes you will see them enjoy, laugh and above all, have a lot of fun skiing.

In the Grandvalira ski resort you will find adapted areas for them in all sectors, although in some there are more variety than in others. We explain it to you with the following information:

Skiing with children in Grau Roig

The Grau Roig sector is located at an elevation of 2,120 metres and is the only sector inside Grandvalira that does not have a residential nucleus, so it is necessary to use your own transport or bus to get there. In spite of this, this ski resort has all the necessary services to ski with children in Grandvalira and enjoy the snow in family.

In Grau Roig you will find the 'Imaginarium Park', a playground themed by the toy brand 'Imaginarium' located in the area of ​​Coma III and Piolet. This park, full of snow games, has a snowmobile circuit, a circuit with different jumps to have fun skiing, tubbing lanes and other activities for children.

Thanks to this wide range of fun, Grau Roig is one of the most complete sectors for kids. And to put the icing on the cake, the little ones of the family can receive the visit of KicoNico, the mascot of the ski resort and take photos with him.

Skiing with children in El Tarter

El Tarter is one of the most dynamic Grandvalira sectors. It has ski slopes for all levels, both for skiing with children, and to enjoy the most extreme skiing. If you are staying in Espiolets, you can comfortably access with your ski pass using the cable car.

In El Tarter families can also find a corner especially dedicated to skiing with children. it's called 'Bababoom Circus'. This space is over 500 metres long and has been designed by experts from the ski school in El Tarter and has different elements of the charming world of the circus.

It can be accessed by children up to 12 years old, accompanied by the monitors of the resort. If your children have a good skiing level, we definitely recommend this service. You will spend a fun and unforgettable ski day.

Skiing with children in Canillo

Accessing the Canillo ski slopes can be done using the cable car located in the town that has the same name.

This is one of the sectors in Grandvalira with the biggest leisure offer for skiing with children. Here, in addition to a good number of easy level tracks, you will find the children's ski circuit 'Mon Màgic', which is decorated with characters from the legends of the Principality of Andorra. The 'Mon Màgic' circuit is a fantastic world where children can have fun skiing in its 3 zones divided by levels: initiation zone, progression zone and high level zone.

It should be noted that the Canillo ski school offers special introductory courses for children from 3 to 5 years old within the circuit, which combine ski lessons, adventure activities and games for the little ones to have fun in the snow.

Ski with children in Pas de la Casa

Pas de la Casa is one of the most comfortable areas for skiing with children, since it has hotels at the foot of the slopes. The comfort of being able to leave the accommodation with your ski boots on and walk to the resort's access makes Pas de la Casa become one of the most demanded ski resorts in Grandvalira, especially by families who ski with children.

Regarding the activity offer for children, this area of ​​Grandvalira has nothing to envy to the rest of the sectors. In Pas de la Casa, Encamp and Grau Roig, you can find the circuits decorated by 'Imaginarium' called 'Enchanted Forest'. In this case it is a special track that crosses a small forest. The track is set by a magical world, in which children will enjoy a descent through the snow surrounded by mushrooms, trees and magical characters.

Ultimately, if you want to enjoy an unforgettable getaway with children, in Pas de la Casa you will find everything you need to have fun skiing with your family.

Skiing with children in Encamp

Finally, we find Encamp. From this quiet town you can access the ski slopes to the Encamp sectors through the Funicamp. Its 6km long route has turned it into one of the longest cable cars in Europe. The Funicamp is included in the price of the Grandvalira ski pass and is an experience itself for young and old people, because during the 15 minutes of the journey you can see the stunning Andorran landscapes. Note that this sector in Grandvalira is the closest to the capital of the Principality, Andorra la Vella.

In Encamp you can find the third of the Imaginarium circuits that Grandvalira has. It is a 10 metre long tunnel, where the Imaginarium characters will accompany the children while they ski. This small circuit, called 'the Supertúnel' is in the area of ​​Cortals and will surely make the little ones of the family have a great time.

Ski lessons for children in Grandvalira

Enjoy a holiday with children to practice winter sports, it is a unique experience that will forever be recorded in your memory. And what better way to take your first steps in the snow than from the hand of Grandvalira's expert monitors? In this way, the kids will learn the correct skiing technique right from the start, and best of all, they will ski 100% safe. This first contact with the snow is really important for the little ones, because if they have a negative experience, they may not want to go back skiing.

On our website you can book ski lessons in Grandvalira, and you will not have to go to the ski resort's box office, because you will find tickets for the lessons with the ski passes at the reception of your accommodation. Remember that you will have to send us the documentation of children under 6 in order to check their age before.

Each Grandvalira sector has its own ski school and all of them guarantee personalised attention for children, so the groups are no bigger than 8 children. In addition, they are divided according to their ski level in order to make the most of the classes. Yes! Remember that the children must wear their own skis, boots and helmet or they can be booked on our website.