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Ski guide for families in Grandvalira

Ski guide for families in Grandvalira


Welcome to our Ski Guide with children in Grandvalira!



A family ski holiday is so much fun! You and the kids get to have a blast together and make some unforgettable memories. The Grandvalira ski resort makes sure you all have a great time and offers so much for the family. 


If you want to ski in Grandvalira with children, this Andorran ski resort has facilities aimed exclusively at children. All of them are adapted so that they have a great time and always in the safest way. Specifically, it has 6 snow gardens distributed in the different ski areas of the resort (except in the Peretol), 4 nurseries, 4 themed circuits and a large number of activities specially designed for the youngest skiers.



The Encamp ski area is a good place to start skiing with the little ones


Also, remember that, in the Grandvalira ski area, kids under the age of 6 can ski for free! And if you book your holiday on special dates, you can even have great discounts. There some special dates when kids aged between 6 to 11 can also ski for free


Nurseries in Grandvalira


The ski resort has a total of 4 nurseries located in the ski areas of Grau Roig, Soldeu, Canillo and El Tarter. All of them accept children from 24 months to 5 years, except the nursery in the Grau Roig ski area, which accepts babies from 12 months.


Grandvalira's children's centres have certified caregivers, who will be with the little ones at all times so that they can play and have fun safely , sheltered from the cold. In this way, while you enjoy the snow in Grandvalira, they also have fun.



Snow gardens in Grandvalira


If you are going to spend your holidays in the snow with children from 3 to 6 years old, you can make use of the snow gardens offered by the Grandvalira ski resort in each of its ski areas (except in Peretol).


The snow gardens are spaces located on the ski slopes, specially enabled for children. They are equipped with games for children that facilitate learning to ski and where they can receive ski lessons to get started in winter sports in a fun and safe way. The instructors alternate skiing with rest periods and other leisure activities , in addition to ensuring your safety and well-being.


Snow gardens are the best way to learn and enjoy skiing


At the end of their apprenticeship in the Grandvalira snow gardens, the 3-year-olds will know better the ski equipment , they will know how to stand upright and will be able to go down small slopes.


Children of 4, 5 and 6 years old who finish the learning program in the snow garden, will be able to slide without difficulty and will have a diploma. They will have such a good time they won't want to leave!



What are the best slopes to ski with children in Grandvalira?


On Esquiades.com we know how important it is to prepare well when traveling with children, so we are going to explain in detail the different options offered by the ski areas of Grandvalira to enjoy skiing with the family. On the ski slopes you will see them enjoy, laugh and above all, have a lot of fun skiing.

In the Grandvalira ski resort you will find areas specially prepared for them in most ski areas, although in some there is more variety than in others. We explain it to you below.



3.1 Slopes for skiing with children in Encamp


If we start our journey from Andorra la Vella, as we go up the road, the first ski area we come across is Encamp . From this quiet town you can access the ski slopes of the Encamp ski area by means of the Funicamp (it is a funicular and it is free with the Grandvalira ski pass). Its 6 km long have made it one of the longest funiculars in Europe. It is an experience in itself for young and old, since during the 15 minutes that the journey lasts you can contemplate the impressive Andorran landscapes . Being the closest ski area to Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany, it is a good option to stay close to the gastronomic and shopping offer that the Andorran capital offers us.


In Encamp you will find the first of the Kids Forest circuits that Grandvalira has. It is a 10 meter long tunnel, where several animated characters will accompany the children while they ski. This small circuit, called Supertunnel, is located in the Cortals area and it will surely please the little ones.


3.2 Slopes for skiing with children in Canillo


After Encamp, we will meet the town of Canillo. Access to the ski slopes in the Canillo ski area can be done via the cable car located in the town with the same name.


This is one of the ski areas of Grandvalira with the greatest leisure offer for skiing with children . Here, in addition to a good number of easy-level slopes, you will find the Mon (t) Màgic children's ski circuit, which is set with characters from the legends of the Principality of Andorra. The Mon (t) Màgic circuit is a fantastic world where the little ones can have fun skiing in its 3 areas divided by levels: initiation area, progression area and high level area.


Several children in one of the courses taught in Canillo.


It should be noted that the Canillo ski school offers special initiation courses for children from 3 to 5 years old within the circuit, which combine ski lessons, adventure activities and games so that the little ones can have fun in the snow.


3.3 Slopes for skiing with children in El Tarter


The El Tarter ski area is one of the most dynamic ski areas of Grandvalira in the resort. It has ski slopes for all levels, both for skiing with children and for enjoying the most extreme skiing. If you are staying in this ski area, you can access comfortably with your Ski Pass through the cable car.


In addition, it is important that you know that it is one of the few ski areas in which car park is free and you can ski down to it. In this way, if you forget a product for the little one, you can look for it again in a moment.



This ski area has all the facilities for skiing with children.


In the El Tarter ski area, families can also find a corner especially dedicated to skiing with children. It's about the Bababoom Circus. This space of more than 500 meters long has been designed by experts from the El Tarter ski school and has different elements from the enchanting world of the circus.


It can be accessed by children up to 12 years old, accompanied by the resort instructors. If your children have a certain level of skiing, we definitely recommend this service. They will spend a fun and unforgettable ski day, in addition to learning the secrets of white sport.


3.4 Slopes for skiing with children in Soldeu


Continuing along the Andorran road towards France, the next ski area that we will find is that of Soldeu. It is one of the best known in Grandvalira, since there have been several cups of the alpine ski world championship. Despite having a multitude of red and black slopes, there are also green and blue slopes for the little ones to learn to ski progressively.


In this ski area, you can find accommodation directly on the slopes. So you only have to worry about the weather that day will be at the ski resort. The hotels directly on the slopes are very comfortable , since, in the event that any of the little ones need something, you can ski to your own accommodation in a matter of a few minutes.


In the Soldeu ski area you will find the Yokai circuit, inspired by a very special bird for the inhabitants of the place, the grouse, which lives in the forests of the high mountain areas. This circuit has a total length of almost 700 meters.


Like the rest of the circuits, it is free and it can be enjoyed by the smallest skiers and snowboarders, up to 12 years old.



3.5 Slopes for skiing with children in Grau Roig


The Grau Roig ski area is located at an elevation of 2,120 meters and it is the only ski area of Grandvalira that does not have a residential nucleus , so it is necessary to use your own transport or bus to get there. Despite this, this ski area has all the necessary services to ski with children in Grandvalira and enjoy the snow with the family.


At the foot of the slopes of Grau Roig there are several green slopes for the little ones to start with the skis


In Grau Roig you will find the Kids Forest, which, as in Encamp, is characterized by having figures of friendly animals as characters to entertain the little ones. This park, full of snow games, has a snowmobile circuit, a circuit with different jumps so that they can have fun skiing, tubbing lanes and other activities for children.


Thanks to this wide range of fun, Grau Roig is one of the most complete ski areas for kids.


3.6 Slopes for skiing with children in Pas de la Casa


Pas de la Casa is one of the most comfortable ski areas for skiing with children, since it has hotels on the slopes . The comfort of being able to leave the accommodation with your ski boots on and walk to the access to the slopes makes Pas de la Casa one of the most sought-after ski areas of Grandvalira, especially by families who ski with children.


Pas de la Casa, being one of the highest areas of Grandvalira, offers excellent snow quality


In terms of activities for children, this area of Grandvalira has nothing to envy the other ski areas . In Pas de la Casa, as in the Grau Roig ski area and in the Encamp ski area, there is another of the circuits called Kids Forest. In this case, it is a special track that goes through a small forest . The track is set in a magical world, in which children will enjoy a descent through the snow surrounded by mushbedrooms, trees and magical characters.


In short, if you want to enjoy an unforgettable getaway with children, in Pas de la Casa you will find everything you need to have fun skiing as a family.



Ski lessons for children in Grandvalira


Enjoying a holiday with children to practice winter sports is a unique experience that will remain forever engraved in your memory.


And what better way to take your first steps in the snow than with Grandvalira's expert instructors?


Private teachers are the most demanded professionals during the snow holidays


In this way, the little ones will learn skiing technique correctly from the beginning, and best of all, they will ski 100% safe. This first contact with the snow is really important for the little ones, because if they have a negative experience, they may not want to ski again.


On our website you can book the ski lessons service in Grandvalira , and also, you will not have to go through the ticket offices of the ski resort, since you will find the tickets for the lessons together with the Ski Passes at the reception of your accommodation. Please note that you will have to send us the documentation of children under 6 years of age in order to verify their age beforehand.


Each ski area of Grandvalira has its own ski school and all of them guarantee personalized attention to the little ones , so that the groups are not more than 8 children. In addition, they are divided according to their level of skiing to make the most of the lessons . Of course: remember that the little ones must bring their own skis, boots and helmets or rented through our website.


The best hotels and apartments for families in Grandvalira


Our customer service experts bring you the best hotels and apartments so you can enjoy your holiday to the snow in Grandvalira with the family. When you are looking for accommodation in Andorra to ski in this resort, you will be looking for a hotel or apartment that is close to the slopes and, if you are not traveling with your own equipment, near the ski equipment rental shops and snowboard.



Hotels perfect for families in Grandvalira:


Hotel Soldeu Maistre *** : This hotel is located a few meters from the Soldeu slopes, ideal to stay with the family. It has been one of the last additions on our website and has a rating of 8.4. Rooms and cleanliness are rated impeccably.


Hotel Vall Ski *** : It is located in incles that is right between El Tarter and Soldeu but do not worry about how to get to the slopes as the hotel offers a free transfer service to the slopes in El Tarter. Quadruple bedrooms have 1 double or 2 single beds and a double sofa bed. We usually have discounts at this hotel so you can book your family ski holiday at an incredible price ;)


Hotel Catalunya Ski *** : The quality-price ratio of this hotel is very good, in fact, our customers have given it an 8.4. It has a free ski locker room. The triple bedrooms have 3 single beds and the quadruple bedrooms have 1 double bed and 2 single beds. It is only 50 meters from the slopes of Pas de la Casa!


Hotel Selgle XX *** : This little family hotel is located in Ransol, from where you have great views of the El Tarter ski area. The reception can inform you of their free shuttle service to the slopes of El Tarter (free). The quadruple bedrooms have 4 single beds and the bathroom has a bathtub.


Hotel Himalaia Soldeu **** : It is only 50 meters from the Soldeu cable car, super convenient when you're skiing with children. The bedrooms are modern in style and can have 4 single beds or 1 double and 2 single beds.


Hotel Soldeu Piolets Center **** : This hotel looks onto the Soldeu ski area. You can't get any close to the ski slopes than this! Quadruple bedrooms are spacious and have 2 single beds and 2 single sofa beds. There's also an indoor pool that you can enjoy with your family after skiing.



Apartments perfect for families in Grandvalira:


Prat de les Molleres Apartment: These modern-style apartments are about 500 meters from Soldeu. There are also duplex apartments (for 6 people) in case you plan to take your children's friends skiing;) The kitchen has a cookers, fridge and microwave (it does not have an oven).


El Tarter Park Mountain Resort Apartments : They are in the town of El Tarter, 400 meters from the slopes. If you prefer to get to the slopes by car, the car park in this area is free ;) These apartments are one of our most requested apartments so, don't miss the chance to stay here! The apartment's kitchen is fully equipped (there's even an oven, something you wouldn't find in tourist apartments). If you book an apartment for 4 people, you will have 1 bedroom with a double bed and a double sofa-bed in the living room.


Caribou Apartments : They are new and super modern apartments in Pas de la Casa (they are about 200 meters from the slopes). If you book an apartment for 4 people, you will have an open space with 2 single beds and 1 double sofa bed. The kitchen has basic kitchenware, fridge, microwave, ceramic hob and Italian coffee maker.


La Solana de Ransol Apartments : If you are looking for something rustic and family-oriented, these are your apartments! They are in Ransol and offer a free shuttle service to the slopes of El Tarter. You can book studios and apartments. They also have a restaurant, in case one day you don't feel like cooking ;)


You already have everything you need to know to have a great time with your family at the Grandvalira ski resort. All you need to do now is book your ski holiday! Have a look at our fantastic ski deals (some with special discounts) and let the children know that you are taking them skiing.