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I want to learn to ski, where do I start?


Surely for this 2021, a New Year's resolution has been to learn to ski. And although the restrictions are not allowing us to enjoy the snow as much as we would like, we want to be optimistic and that is why we think that some of us may be lucky enough to hit the slopes before Spring arrives. Fingers crossed!



Montañas de Candanchú repletas de nieve.

After the passage of several storms, snow predominates in all Spanish ski resorts.


In today's post we are going to tell you the basic tips that any beginner has to take into account when starting to ski.


1. Look for a ski resort with lots of green and blue runs


You want your first day of skiing to be fantastic.


Therefore, don't look for ski resorts with many skiable kilometers, instead, look for a ski resort that has many green and blue runs.



Pistas de esquí de Vallnord Pal-Arinsal, perfectas para aprender a esquiar.
The Vallnord Pal-Arinsal resort is one of the best for learning to ski.


This way, you will not get bored and you can change tracks whenever you want and even increase the level of difficulty as you improve your technique.


Tip from Esquiades.com:  There are ski resorts such as Vallnord Pal-Arinsal where you will find a great selection of green and blue runs, which are very long and wide, so you can start skiing safely.




2. Work out before your ski holiday


Skiing is a sport that tends to be quite tiring at first, and requires a certain level of fitness. It is not necessary to be an elite athlete at all, but it is recommended to be in shape, your legs need to be strong enough to hit the slopes all day long. 



Of course, you can ski whatever your physical form, but given that the first steps in the snow are usually somewhat "exhausting" as you spend more time in tension, we recommend that you go a little prepared to avoid stiffness for a whole week, and we know what we're talking about.



Chica fortaleciendo sus piernas haciendo sentadillas.
Squatting is a great way to keep your legs strong and stay fit.


✔ Tip from Esquiades.com: If you haven't exercised for months (or years), you can start strengthening your legs by doing squats and push-ups. You don't have to hit 1,000 at a time, but a little bit each afternoon will give you better control over your skis.



3. The "pizza slice", your best ally in the beginning


Even if you've never skied, you probably have heard of "doing the pizza slice."


That's because this curious position is the first thing you learn when you go skiing for the first time, even children are sometimes taught as a “slice of pizza” because of the way they have to position the skis.


This position will allow you to brake progressively, lower your speed and thus control your skis on the descent.



Niño haciendo cuña, uno de los elementos imprescindibles para aprender a esquiar.

The wedge will help you control your speed and take your first turns.


Doing the "pizza slice" well is something basic and essential, so you have to practice it as much as you need on the green slopes until you get to master it completely.


✔ Tip from Esquiades.com: A very common mistake is to wedge and throw all our weight back, which will cause our skis not to brake properly. Therefore, for the wedge to work, the position of the legs and feet must be symmetrical and supported by the inner edges of the skis.




4. Yes, get used to the idea that you will fall many times


You probably won't learn to ski on your first day, not even on your first weekend, but we guarantee you'll have a great time.


The first days, you will almost be more on the ground than on the skis, but calm down, it is totally normal.

Also, if you lose control on the descent, the best option is to drop to the ground and try to minimize the damage.



Caída en nieve polvo.
If you are lucky enough to fall on powder snow, it will be like falling on a pillow.


In fact, the worst thing about falling is not the fall itself, but the fact of having to get up afterwards with your skis on. Once you have it mastered, you won't mind falling so much.


✔ Tip from Esquiades.com:Don't be afraid to fall. You have to get used to the idea that the ground is your friend and that you will spend a lot of time on it before you know how to ski. Keep in mind that even the experts fall for it!




5. To learn to ski, posture is essential


To learn to ski in a correct way it is very important to take posture into account. Basically, it is about skiing with the knees bent and with the body leaning slightly forward


In addition, both the head and the arms have to be relaxed and in this way we will ski more comfortable and without tension.


Esquiador bajando por las pistas con las rodillas flexionadas y mirando al frente.
The bent knees and the view to the front are the key points to ski correctly.


✔ Tip from Esquiades.com: Always remember to look where you are going and not focus on your skis or your legs, since in this case we can crash into anything that crosses our path. Always look where you want to go.



6. Dress appropriately for skiing


In the same way that you are not going to run in flip flops, you should not go skiing in any type of clothing either.


Before going to the snow, you must make sure that you have everything you need in your luggage (and yes, we know that you will surely forget something, that's why we leave you this checklist and help you put everything you need in your suitcase).



Esquiadora con ropa impermeable.
Helmets and goggles are essential elements to guarantee your safety on the slopes.


✔ Tip from Esquiades.com: In addition to your clothes, don't forget to bring other items such as face cream and lip balm. Even if you think that they are items with little value, they can save you from a good burn, since the sun reflects twice as much on the snow.



7. Hire a teacher whenever you can


If there is someone who can help you take your first steps on skis, it is a certified ski or snow teacher.

Even though your first time you go skiing with friends or family who have a very advanced level of skiing, the best option is to hire an instructor for a few hours a day. He will have a lot of patience with you and you can lean on him and ask him all the doubts that arise.


Profesor enseñando a hacer la cuña a su alumna.
A teacher will help you practice the wedge correctly.


✔ Tip from Esquiades.com: If you book through our website, during the booking process you can hire private or group lessons at resorts such as Vallnord Pal-Arinsal, Grandvalira or Baqueira Beret… And with amazing prices!

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