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Zermatt + Cervinia (International)

Today's Snow Report

Resort Open
Total Ski Slopes
42 / 52
Last snowfall
24 jan. 2023 (2cm.)
Snow depth
20 - 105 cm.

The highest ski resort in Europe , a unique destination in the Alps, cradle of mountaineering worldwide .


Zermatt is a beautiful ski and snowboard resort located 1,620 m in the Swiss Alps , at the foot of the Matterhorn or Matterhorn as it is known in German (4478 m), a mountain easily recognizable by its pyramidal shape that stands out among the 38 peaks of more than 4,000 m altitude in this area of the Alps.


The Matterhorn valley houses the town of Zermatt on its slopes, which together with its wooden houses darkened by the years and the sun, make up one of the most spectacular snow landscapes in the world. This Alpine town is located in the German-speaking region of the canton of Valais in southwestern Switzerland, the base of the huge ski resort of Zermatt and Breuil-Cervinia.


The entire town of Zermatt is pedestrian since the use of cars or vehicles that use fuels is prohibited and only the use of electric cars is allowed . Upon arrival at the resort, it is mandatory to park the car in a large car park lot in Täch, forget about it for a few days and take the train that departs every 20 minutes and after a short journey, arrive at Zermatt resort. In this winter resort, most hotels offer a free pick-up service from the resort.


The Matterhorn ski paradise offers you a total of 360 km of slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, 200 km on the Swiss slope and 160 km on the Italian side, belonging to the Cervinia / Valtourneche resorts. The complex that forms this resort is the ski area of Ski Paradise and can be accessed with the international ski pass. This extensive skiable domain has a total lift capacity of 91,907 people / hour, and it has endless slopes for all tastes; in addition to enjoying from gentle slopes to spectacular slopes .


Where can you ski?


As we have already explained a few lines above, Zermatt - Matterhorn offers an impressive ski area with 360 km of slopes suitable for all levels, connecting Switzerland with Italy and with the highest ski lifts in Europe, reaching 3,820m in winter and 3,899m in summer. For freeride enthusiasts, there are summits with virgin snow in Zermatt, accessible thanks to Air Zermatt helicopters.


The dream becomes reality when from more than 4,000m the skis make their way towards the valley, crossing glaciers, enjoying spectacular long-lasting descents .


Zermatt offers us the Skiline : the online platform for ski lovers around the world. This system records the days of stay on the Zermatt slopes in a diagram with the altitude and the data of all the descents made. It also allows you to download free footage and photos and share them with friends. What is a pass?


On the Theodul glacier , accessible through the Furggsattel chairlift, we find the Snowpark , with 1 half-pipe (from February, depending on snow conditions), 7 kickers, 9 jib elements (rails and boxes) ideal for those who want evolve with snowboarding .


Zermatt has 3 different skiable domains , relatively connected in altitude but accessed from three different points and widely separated from each other. Sunegga is accessed by a modern underground funicular about 5 min walk from the train resort. Ski between 2000 and 3100 m, on sunny slopes of all levels. From here you can access the second area, Gornergrat , through the Gant area, with medium and high level tracks between 2200 and 3400 meters of altitude. This area is also accessible from the center of Zermatt (next to the resort) with a cogwheel, which although slow (takes about 40 min). It is famous throughout the world for the extraordinary alpine panoramas that can be seen along the way. From Gornegrat it is possible to go with a “remadita” to the third zone, Klein Matterhorn (but not in reverse). Access from Zermatt to Klein Matterhorn is the most uncomfortable since the cable car leaves from one end of the town (15 min walk from the center, there is a ski-bus). Klein Matterhorn is the largest of the Zermatt areas , with the most attractive and difficult slopes and with the connection to the Italian resort of Cervinia. The tracks here range from 1600 to 3800 m altitude. At the top there is a glacier where you ski all year round. Throughout the year thousands of tourists take these cable cars to enjoy incredible views of the Matterhorn (Matterhorn) and the glacier and the rest of the peaks, which is why going up in Zermatt is almost (but only almost) as exciting as going down.


The snow conditions are excellent since most of the slopes are above 2000 m and many of them are even above 2500 m.


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