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Wine & Meat Bar by Jean Leon, innovation and tradition at the service of the palate

A new concept of restoration has reached Grandvalira. The resort, always faithful to its commitment of evolution season after season, has reinvented itself and has gone further with a new establishment located in the Soldeu sector: the Wine & Meat Bar by Jean Leon .


It is not a gastronomic proposal anymore. Wine & Meat Bar by Jean Leon is a must visit for those of you that enjoy good food and drinks, a firm commitment to gastronomy with reference brands.


And all this in a unique, modern, cozy and elegant space, with its own personality marked by the story of the founder of the Jean Leon brand, the wines of the Penedés with French grapes, and adapted to a ski resort of the 21st century.


The restaurant is more than 2,000 meters high, in the Pla d'Espiolets, and can be reached with the cable car that leaves the town of Soldeu. Álex Orue, director of restoration of Grandvalira - Ensisa, defines it as “a unique and different concept, with a design that seeks balance between the historical connotations of the Jean Leon brand and a comfortable, warm, functional and modern space” . Orqué affirms that the key to the birth of this new concept is “the union with a prestigious brand in the world of oenology such as Jean Leon, which gives it a distinctive of the highest quality” that connects with the personality of Grandvalira.
With this perfect pairing that unites tradition with the latest trends in modern gastronomy, the Wine & Meat Bar by Jean Leon is based on a new concept of restoration centered on three axes. On the one hand, El Colmado , with cuts and placed at the moment to offer a top product in the best conditions: from premium sausages with signatures like Joselito, to quality and canned products from the Cathedral of Navarra, Espinaler or Don Bocarte , going through a selection of cheeses from 'Meilleur ouvrier de France', Xavier de Toulouse, or from the Raubert house in Andorra.
On the other hand is the Josper Area , where the grill is the common thread of cooking with vegetables and seasonal suggestions, as well as noble cuts of meat in Basque or coal. According to Orue, the preparation of the letter has been carefully studied to offer the highest quality: “We have selected the best meat ambassadors, such as Txogitxu, Cal Tomàs or Joselito, and also the best selection of meats, such as beef Galician blonde, the prestigious noble cut of wagyu, the Black Angus of Nebraska, the organic veal and that of Andorra, which cannot be missing ” .
Finally, the third space, the Wine Bar , allows visitors to enter wine territory thanks to a wide range of Penedès wines from the Jean Leon house, in which the experiential and special vintages stand out.
Under this new concept that fuses gastronomy, oenology, tradition and innovation, the Wine & Meat Bar by Jean Leon is enjoyed not only by day. In addition to the midday meals for Grandvalira skiers who want to take a break and live a unique and different experience, the restaurant also offers the possibility of visiting it at night, under a sea of stars that multiplies the sensations of an unrepeatable gastronomic experience to more than 2,000 meters high.

Jean Leon: the story of a gourmet visionary

Jean Leon (1928-1996) is one of the most prestigious names in the world of wines. Entrepreneur, visionary and fighter, during the Spanish Civil War he fled to the United States, where he triumphed as a gastronomic businessman thanks to his friendship with some of the reference actors of the Hollywood of the 50s. Upon his return to Barcelona, after 12 years missing, Jean Leon bought land in the Penedès to make wine and be able to serve it to the select customerele of his prestigious Los Angeles restaurant La Scala. Leon was a pioneer in replacing local strains with grafts of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay vines from prestigious French wineries. An unusual decision that led to the elaboration of the first Cabernet Sauvignon wines of Spain and the beginning of a character that is the history of oenology.
Today, those wines that were beginning to gain fame are now highly regarded pieces that are made in a small winery with a team of 15 people that maintains the spirit of its founder and the essence of the first wines. According to Mireia Torres, director of the Jean Leon wineries and a reference for wines today, this new project in a leading ski resort such as Grandvalira is a real challenge for the brand: “Jean Leon would have loved this new concept , since it reflects your spirit. We are in a wonderful environment, with an incredible landscape, mountain decoration that makes you feel at home and the excellent accompaniment of good meat and good wine ... We have everything to succeed ” .