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The Pal and Arinsal Ski Resorts will be connected by tracks

At the moment, these two Andorra ski resorts are only connected by a chairlift, but in the future it is also going to be possible to access the resorts skiing. A strategic plan has been initiated to physically unite both sectors through tracks and lifts.


The cost will be over 20 million euros, since the resort has planned to build 3 new chair lifts, snow cannons and at least one blue track. The final goal is to ski down from Alt del Port Negre, in Arinsal, to Setúria or Coll de la Botella.




In addition, this would be a major change for the ski resort in La Massana, as it would mean an increase of the skiing domain and tracks of this great skiing resort in Andorra. In addition, the possibility of being able to ski in both sectors would increase the volume of customers. The union of these two sectors represents between 20,000 and 25,000 more skiers per season.


As reported by the Andorran digital newspaper Bondia.ad, it is expected that this union can be carried out within a period of ten years ; since it supposes a strong investment. This is as long as there is not a private partner interested in entering EMAP , the company that Pal and Arinsal operates.


To summarise, all these actions will involve an investment of 25 million euros, but the EMAP does not have the financial power to face this type of investment on its own. On the other hand, the Pal-Arinsal ski resort is already preparing the ground to achieve their goals and every investment that is now carried is focused on this goal.