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Grandvalira, a resort that is increasingly committed to female talent

From customer service managers to restaurant chefs through snowmobile machines or one of the figures responsible for the proper functioning of the ski slopes, the pisters. These are just some of the positions held by the almost 650 women currently working in Grandvalira. This figure represents more than a third of the total workforce of the largest resort in southern Europe, made up of 1,840 workers.



Maussi Arancet has been working as a pister-lifeguard in Grandvalira for 11 years. At this time he has seen how the female quota has gone from two people in 2009 to the current 8. Also Beatriz Calamita, one of the resort's machinists, has seen the number of companions grow over the years. “Until recently [those who were driving snow machines] were mostly men,” says Beatriz. "I hope it is becoming a less rare thing," he adds.


Maussi says that "we who have this profession know that we must work alongside men," confirming that it does not matter to be a man or a woman to perform this task. As Amélie Sala, Deputy Director of the Technical Director of the resort, points out, “I do not contribute because I am a woman, but because I am who I am”.