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Dolomiti Superski expects to have 1,300 km of connected tracks in 2026

Can you imagine becoming 1,300 kilometers of the Dolomiti Superski on skis and lifts, without having to take the car or the bus? This is the dream of the tourism sector in that part of Italy that has become a nightmare for environmentalists. The goal is to ensure that the 2026 Olympics in Cortina d'Ampezzo , organized alongside Milan, take place in the heart of the largest ski area in the world.

In total, with the new slopes and ski lifts, it is estimated that you can ski on over 1,300 kilometers, accessible through around 500 ski lifts. The problem is that many of these structures will be located between the peaks and valleys declared Unesco heritage.

This project has been in the drawer for decades, but it seems that with the Olympic Games it would be closer to becoming a reality. The new "Carosello delle Dolomiti" would connect three of the most spectacular ski areas in Italy, such as the Sellaronda , which connects the Ladin valleys between South Tyrol, Veneto and Trentino: the seven ski areas of Cortina d'Ampezzo and the Great War Tour , which runs between the peaks of Civetta, Pelmo and Tofana.

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To all this is added the region of Venice , which does not want to miss the opportunity of the Alpine Ski World Championships to be held in Cortina d'Ampezzo in February 2021 and the Winter Games. The Venetians want to connect to the 'Carousel of the Dolomites' from Comelico to Alta Pusteria and to the Sesto Dolomites through the Monte Croce Pass, a project also on the table years ago, but stopped by the environmental restrictions imposed by the Ministry.

However, part of all this huge project is already underway . This weekend the President of Venetto Luca Zaia and the Mayor of Cortina d'Ampezzo Gian Pietro Ghedina inaugurated the new Freccia nel Cielo gondola, an entire jewel of technology while they were exhibiting, which allows you to climb from the city to Col Druscié (1,778 meters ), from where it is possible to continue with another ski lift to Ra Valles (2,470 meters) and then to the Cima della Tofana di Mezzo (3,244 meters). This new ski lift replaces a previous one and was driven with the excuse of the Alpine Ski World Cups of 2021. In total, 47 new cabins capable of carrying 1,800 people per hour.

Politicians then said that no other ski area on the planet can offer anything like this, like two days of skiing without repetition, in a circuit between Cadore and Agordino, Val Badia and Val Pusteria, Val Gardena and Val di Fassa, access to Dolomites and reach 3,343 meters from the Marmolada. The investment for the entire project is between 80 and 100 million . An amount less than what a cable car costs, such as Montebianco. and which also ensure that it will be supported equally by private capital. The rest will come from public funds dedicated to improving tourist infrastructure and the 2026 Olympic Games.

Today all this can already be done with a single ski pass, but to go for example from Cortina to the Sella Ronda and then to the Giro della Grande Guerra, you have to get on a bus or travel by private car for a journey that lasts about an hour. Replace the asphalt with the lifts that would continue to be a large-scale public transport but eliminating automobile pollution . These cable cars and cable cars would also be available for tourists and cyclists in the summer.

In this way, the Dolomites want to return to the international skiing epicenter, now surpassed by the resorts of South Tyrol in Italy itself, and by others in Austria, Switzerland and France, where they also bet on the extension of the area based on the connection between resorts ski

An investment of 13 million euros has already been approved for the next season to connect the city center of Cortina with Socrepes. From there to Pocol on a chair lift. Another cable car with a cost of 18 million euros will allow you to reach the Cinque Torri.

On the other hand, the technicians and mayors of Veneto work in phase II of the project: the connection to the west, from the Cinque Torri to Arabba through the Falzarego pass and the Col di Lana, something that will allow you to join the Campolongo pass and finally to Alta Badia That is, without separating yourself from the skis, you can move from Cortina to Corvara and from there to Val Gardena.

The lifts to the south, and in the Veneto region, will take skiers from the Cinque Torri (located under Cortina d'Ampezzo) to the Fedare refuge, and from there to Selva di Cadore, and will continue to Col dei Baldi. Cortina and Sellaronda thus connect with the Giro della Grande Guerra and Alleghe, completing the longest ski slope in the world .

His drivers want to have everything ready for the 2026 Olympic Games. Luca Zaia says that it is the only alternative to avoid the depopulation of the mountains, since for the moment only tourism has shown that it can repair the inhabitants of these areas. It also ensures that in this way it is possible to limit the passage of cars and buses on high mountain roads avoiding both pollution and environmental impact.

Against them there are environmentalists, who without a better alternative to avoid depopulation and the movement of vehicles at those altitudes, announce that they will launch protests and accusations against the project. According to them, cable cars and chair lifts are not believed to replace cars.

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