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Le Grand Massif (Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoens, Sixt)

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06 feb. 2023 (2cm.)
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Do you want to ski in one of the largest French ski resorts? Then Grand Massif is what you are looking for.


This ski area is located in France and is very close to Chamonix and Geneva. It has 265 km of slopes and this makes it the 4th largest ski area in France.


It has tracks for all levels: 20 green tracks, 64 blue, 50 red and 14 black. In addition, thanks to its geographical location and high altitude, it allows the snow to last throughout the winter season, which runs from late November to late April.


Another important fact about Grand Massif is that 80% of its slopes are oriented to the North, which causes very abundant snow depths and exceptional quality.


Thanks to the wide ski areait covers, you can ski through hundreds of hectares and in a very varied area, through forests and unspoiled nature.



In which ski resorts can you ski with Esquiades.com?


Grand Massif is made up of 5 ski resorts and with your ski pass you can ski through all of them: Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoëns and Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval (which is the set of towns most little ones).


In addition, the lowest point of the resort is 700 meters, while the highest point is 2,500 meters, so it is impossible for you to get bored in this domain.


  • Flaine : This is the highest resort in the ski area and all accommodations are directly on the slopes. In fact, it is forbidden to drive a car or motorcycle in this town. Skiers and snowboarders have preference over any motor vehicle.


  • Les Carroz : It is located very close to the town of Flaine and at an altitude of 1,140 meters. This picturesque village is characterized by its architecture typical of the Alpine landscapes and, thanks to its tranquility, it is ideal for a family ski holiday. Before tourism was the engine of this place, its inhabitants were dedicated to the manufacture of watch parts.


  • Morillon: It is located at a lower altitude than the two previous resorts, between 700 meters and 1,100 meters. In this town you can enjoy the characteristic architecture of the region such as its chapels and church. In addition, it offers activities with music, theater or folkloric evenings that make up a luxury après-ski.


  • Samoëns: It is the only area that is designated as a World Heritage Site since it has numerous historical buildings. It is characterized by its union with ancient tradition and care for the environment, which makes this ski resort one of the most attractive in the domain.



Would you like to speak with our ski and snowboard experts?


We are always here to help! Our ski and snowboard experts have visited most of the ski resorts we offer on our website so, we can definitely provide you with some first-hand information. All you need to do is send us a message via our Contact hub and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 


On your holiday to Le Grand Massif, you will surely be looking for several activities to do after skiing, or even if there's a day you don't want to hit the slopes.


Check out our recommendations of things to do besides skiing: 


Snooc : Experience what it feels like to slide down a slope sitting on a craft ski. It is lightweight and extremely easy to use. In fact, children from 9 years old can ride on it.

Speed Dragoz: This is the famous sled located in Les Carroz. Those who have tried it say that it is an unforgettable activity. It is a guided sled on a track with rails in the heart of the forest and which is accessed from the Kédeuze cable car. Even if you are a lover of Virtual Reality, you can try the glasses that take you into a fantastic universe while you are making the descent.

Animation Nature: If you are a nature and animal lover, don't miss out on the wildlife at Le Grand Massif. It is a free activity in which you only have to have a ski pass to access the Désert Blanc chairlifts, or the Marmotte chairlift. In Désert Blanc, the excursion is carried out with a guide on Sundays, Monday and Thursday from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., while in Marmotte the departures are made on Tuesdays from 11:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Le Marvel in Luge: If you never tire of sledding, this activity is for you. Discover several ski slopes but instead of skiing down, you will do it sitting on your sled. And also the climb will be done by chair lift!




In Grand Massif there are many restaurants for all tastes and for all budgets. In this section we are going to share our favourites spots to stop for lunch, as well as their location. Don't forget to try the delicious Tartiflette that they prepare in this region. It's delicious!


Ski resort Name Type of food that is served
Samoens 8 M des Monts Typical French cuisine, with traditional dishes but elaborated in a very avant-garde way. It is considered one of the best restaurants in the region.
Sallanches Ciné Pizzas If you like pizzas and are looking for a cheap place, this mini bar is your place. The best pizzas in Grand Massif!
Flaine Monster burger Looking for a quick bite to eat and keep skiing? In this picturesque bar they have hamburgers, fisch & fries and all kinds of fast food.
Morillon The Puzze French cuisine par excellence in a typical log cabin. You cannot miss their spectacular Fondue and Tartiflette.
Samoens Le Serac If you've never tried Raclette, this is the place. Typical French cuisine at very affordable prices.
Les Carroz Aux Petit Oignons If you are traveling as a couple, this restaurant is perfect for a romantic evening. Top quality dishes and an atmosphere that makes it unique.
Les Carroz Le Tire Fesses One of the best fast food pubs in the resort. Economic prices and also in the afternoon it becomes an authentic Aprés-ski.




On your holiday to Le Grand Massif, you may want to perfect your skiing or snowboarding technique, so it is always advisable to have the best professionals located so that they can teach you during this process.

Here are the best ski and snowboard schools in Le Grand Massif:


✔ ESF Samoëns: It is the official French ski and snowboard school. This one in particular is located in one of the ski resorts belonging to the domain, in the town of Samoëns.


✔ ESF Flaine: As in the previous case, this official French school is located in the Flaine resort, very close to the foot of the slopes. In addition, it always has professionals willing to teach you how to improve your technique.


✔ Zigzag Ski School Samoëns: One of the best rated schools in Le Grand Massif, not only for its excellent quality of care and its teachers, but also because they also have various activities to offer users such as heliskiing, telemark lessons , ski touring or ice skating.


✔ ESF Morillon: Another of the official schools in France, but in this case in the Morillon ski resort. As you can see, practically in all ski resorts in France there is the Official French Ski School, where you can learn with the best teachers in the country.



Now that you know which are the best ski and snowboard schools in Le Grand Massif, you just need to choose your favourite resort, book your accommodation and book the lessons with the school that best suits you.


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