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Skiing in February and March is becoming more and more popular!

It seems that December and January are the star months to go skiing: the first snow falls, the ski resorts open and it is the time chosen by many to take advantage of long weekends and festivities and start the ski season. But is THAT the best time to go skiing?

We anticipate you since we think that there is still a better time of year for it, and that is that after having already lived 18 ski seasons, we can tell you that February  and March are the best months to go skiing!


If you are also a new season as soon as the resorts open, we do not judge you. We have to admit it, we too have sinned being anxious and we have run to the resorts as soon as they have opened the season. We find it hard to resist when we see the first snowfalls!


But the truth is that although we all like to go skiing early in the ski season, most of the time, doing so translates into not being able to have all the slopes open, as well as snow conditions, depending on the season, fair enough. The fact is that as the season progresses, these conditions improve.

The seasons expand the number of open slopes, and the accumulation of snow is increasing. And how we like to be able to ski on a good blanket of snow!


In general, both in February and in March there is already more than enough snow, the days are getting longer and the sun makes us no longer have that feeling of constant cold. And yes, more and more skiers choose these months to enjoy a fantastic ski holiday. And we already said it, skiing in February Half-Term and March is becoming very fashionable. We are not surprised! Surely after reading us, you too will end up convincing yourself that this time of year is the best to enjoy skiing.






Why February is one of the best months to go skiing.


As we have already told you, booking your ski holiday for the month of February implies a substantial improvement in ski conditions. In addition, in this month the precipitations are usually lower than in the previous months. And what does that mean? Well, you're going to have less chance of encountering snow while skiing, which can end in a blizzard, and one day, ultimately, complicated. If you've ever come across it, you know that skiing like this is not very pleasant!


That it does not snow so much this month is not a cause for alarm, do not worry! As we mentioned before, the thickness of snow accumulated in February is usually more than enough for skiing or snowboarding.


The weather in the month of February not only improves with the fall of rainfall, but the days also begin to be longer. And although the temperatures are not much higher, the feeling is less cold as the sun begins to have more force!



Yes, in February there is VERY good Snow.


If we have to stick with a month where there is the best snow for skiing, that is February without a doubt!


The accumulation of snow already has a significant volume. It has been snowing for several months now, and thanks to the cold of December and January this snow has been perfectly preserved, so that together with the work of the machines on the slopes, more and more cm have been added.


In addition, although the sun is already shining a little more, it still does not give off enough heat to transform the snow, so that it is possible to ski optimally throughout the day.




Weekends in February are the most popular.


Such is the influx to the ski resorts during February that their weekends are considered high season on all calendars.

And what does this "high season" mean?

Well, in general, the price on those dates set by the hotels and the ski resorts is going to be higher than on other dates that are not so popular, and that the availability of some hotels may even run out.


During those days the resorts will also be more crowded, although that does not have to worry you because they have very well calculated their capacities and this year also, they have taken a series of measures and protocols in relation to COVID-19 to ensure a safe skiing experience.


If you want to avoid crowds, we recommend you to book a ski holiday during the week and avoid skiing at the weekends when there are more skiers in the resort. Check out our short ski breaks.



Skiing in March is also another GREAT option, and may even be the best.


If in Februarywe already said that the temperature rises, in March this change is even more remarkable. The weather is starting to get a little warmer, and it is no longer necessary that we dress in several layers of clothing to be able to endure so many hours outside.



If you are someone who likes to sit and relax at the bar while having a good beer after doing a few runs, you will love skiing in March! The little sun already allows you to stay a long time on the terrace enjoying the views, either having a drink or enjoying lunch.


On the other hand, the influx of skiers is less than the previous month, so you will find fewer queues at ski lifts and restaurants!


Here is a summary of all the advantages of skiing in March .



The days are longer in March so you can maximise your time on the slopes.

Another point in favor of skiing in March is that the days are already much longer . Sunrise earlier and dusk later, which means that day by day we gain hours of light. For example, if in mid-January we have just over 9 hours of sun, in mid-March it reaches almost 12 hours. It's too much difference!


And how does this affect when skiing? Thanks to this, the chairlifts work approximately one hour longer than the rest of the months, thus lengthening the ski day.


In addition, après-ski in the sun also feels better. When possible, of course! We know that this season we will not be able to enjoy it, but when we recover our long-awaited normality, we assure you that the après-ski in the afternoon while it is still daytime, we love them!




March, the month with the most accumulated snow.


Another factor to take into account is the accumulation of snow that we find on the slopes. If in February Half-Term we said that the volume reached is already important, in March it is even higher! Apart from the snowfalls that have fallen during February, March also usually brings the odd heavy snowfall that completely covers the seasons.


Of course, we must not forget that due to the somewhat higher temperatures, from the middle of the month the state of the snow usually changes throughout the day, reaching what is known as "spring snow". That is, in areas facing south or where the sun touches the most, towards the afternoon the snow becomes somewhat more humid and pasty.

Take this into account to find the corners of the resort where the snow is best preserved, and thus make the most of the day.



In general, skiing in March is cheaper.


If we said that to ski in February Half-Term you have to face higher prices than usual because it is the high season for hotels and ski resorts, in March the opposite happens. We can find the cheapest deals!


This price change is due to the fact that March is considered medium or even low season. The season is determined by the number of people who want to enjoy its services, and since in March there are fewer skiers who dare to practice this sport, the prices are lower.


This makes it one of the best months in relation to quality / price to go skiing.



Yes, more and more people ski in March.


Given all this, it is normal that more and more people are encouraged to ski in March , right? Until recently, most of the skiers you could find on the slopes were people who live in the vicinity and have the season pass. But this is no longer the case at all, as there are more and more sales of accommodation packages and Ski Passes in March!


There is so much influx of skiers that we find now that the first weekend of March has already been considered high season in the calendar of hotels and ski slopes, by many suppliers.

That is why we recommend that you always reserve your places as far in advance as possible, since each time the months of February Half-Term and March will tend to have more and more demand to go skiing.





February and March are the best months to ski.


Now that you know all the advantages for booking your holiday in February Half-Term and March, don't you think they are definitely the best months to put on your skis or board?


The decision between choosing one month or another is up to you! You just have to decide if you choose to take advantage of the super snow conditions in February, or if you prefer to take advantage of the offers and the higher temperatures in March.

And if you can't decide, you can always go skiing both months!



Here are the main points of why you should consider booking a ski holiday for February or March. 


Haven't had time to read the entire article? No problem!

We have briefly summarized why you should book your ski holiday for the months of February Half-Term and March.


❄ Advantages of skiing in February:


✔ It reduces the possibility of skiing in a blizzard.

✔ There are significant thicknesses of accumulated snow.

✔ Optimal ski conditions throughout the day.

✔ Great atmosphere on slopes (but also more queues, in general)


❄ Advantages of skiing in March:


✔ Longer days to extend the ski day.

✔ Softer temperatures in general (you can take more advantage of the terraces and even sunbathe.

✔ Accumulated snow reaches its maximum.

✔ Mid-low season with lower prices than in February Half-Term (which is high season)



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