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Covid-19 Protocols in Ski Resorts

UPDATED INFO - 02/02/2021




What steps are ski resorts taking to ensure safe skiing experience? 


We've been asking ourselves this question for a looooong time and we've been gathering information from all the ski resorts we work with in order to bring you everything you need to know here.


Before continuing, we would like to take this moment to recommend you to check official sources to find out what the mobility restrictions are. If you plan to ski abroad, make sure you know if you have to fill out documentation and waht tests you need to take before entering the country or if you have to quarantine at some point during your holiday.




Covid Protocols in the French Alps resorts



Frances Montagnes has launched a Covid protocol so that all French resorts follow the same measures.


Where is it mandatory to wear a mask?


 Access to ski resorts

❄ Platforms and public transport

 Ski lifts

 Rental stores

 Ski schools

 Accommodation and Tourist Offices

 Bars and Restaurants


* In French resorts the use of the mask is mandatory from 11 years old.



What other covid measures are being taken in the French ski resorts?


As you already know, some ski resorts in the French Alps have already opened during the summer and are already taking the following measures:


Daily disinfection of contact areas on ski lifts.


The equipment rental shops liable to disinfect equipment after each use.


In ski schools , the use of the mask is mandatory for the teacher and students over 11 during the meetings at the beginning and end of the class as well as inside the building.


Accommodation and tourist offices will disinfect common areas frequently.


As for bars and restaurants , there will be a minimum distance of 1 meter between the tables or fixed display cabinets to guarantee minimal contact.. The mask can only be removed while sitting down and drinks and food should be consumed sitting down.


There will be hydroalcoholic gel in all restoration points, shops, hotels and places of contact.


La imatge té un atribut ALT buit; el seu nom de fitxer és covid19-stations-planche-mini-1024x526.jpg



Covid measurement protocol at N'PY resorts (French Pyrenees)



The French ski resorts corresponding to the N'PY group have also provided us exclusively for Esquiades.com with privileged information about the Covid protocol and we would like to share it with all of you :)


Please note that that the N'PY group resorts are: Peyragudes, Piau Engaly, Pic du Midi, Grand Tourmalet, Luz Ardiden, Cauterets, Gourette and La Pierre Saint-Martin . Almost the entire French Pyrenees!


They have told us that they will not limit access to the chair lifts, lifts and cable cars , that is, they will not reduce the capacity of their ski lifts. However, and as in most cases, the use of the mask will be mandatory in common areas, lifts, chair lifts, restaurants, bars and rental shops.


In addition, in each of the resorts, there will be several disinfection points with hydroalcoholic gels and, of course, the common areas of the resorts will be cleaned and disinfected regularly, as well as rental shops, lockers and access to ski lifts.



Finally, also inform you that N'PY also manages the SkyLodge Hostel , located at the foot of the slopes of Piau Engaly. Regarding this accommodation, although it has standard double rooms, it also has shared rooms and shared bathrooms, so we have been told that this year this type of rooms can only be used by family units and will not be they can share with other people outside the reservation, at least for now.


Covid Protocols in Austria 




❄ It is compulsory to wear an FFP2 mask from the age of 14 (or a standard face mask for children aged 6-13) in gondolas, on chairlifts fitted with a bubble and in any associated covered waiting areas.

❄ Face masks are compulsory in outdoor areas and on ski buses.

❄ Gondolas and chairlifts with a people from the same bubble can be filled to 50% capacity.

❄ A minimum distance of 1 m must be maintained between people from different visitor groups in customer areas (e.g. when queueing).

❄ Takeaway food and drink is not available from ski huts. Restaurants and other food and drink establishments in the valley, which can be reached by car, are allowed to offer take-away service. 


** Currently the tourist accommodation will remain closed until the end of February as skiing is now only possible for residents .




Covid Protocols in the Swiss ski resorts


The Swiss ski resorts of Grindelwald, Mürren and Davos Klostes opened have already opened!


At the end of the 2019/2020 season, we launched the Swiss Alps as a novelty on our web portal. Well, for the last few months we have been working hard to offer you a variety of ski deals in the Swiss Alps .


The protocols they are establishing have been approved by the Federal Office of Public Health in Switzerland (OFSP) and the Swiss Confederation .


From February 1, anyone travelling into Switzerland will have register digitally in advance to to obtain a "pre-travel clearance" as well as quarantine for 10 days upon arrival. 




The Verbier - Les 4 Vallées ski resort was one of the first to open its facilities in Switzerland. It is a destination that complies with all anti-Covid measures so that all skiers and snowboarders have a safe, comfortable and fun-filled stay.


However, they also insist that it is not only up to them , but that tourists also need to do their part to ensure that rules and protocols are followed .


Some of the measures they have taken are:


 The ski lifts, chair lifts and funiculars will be open and will not reduce the capacity , but the mask will be mandatory during the journey. It will not be mandatory during the descent.


❄ You have to maintain social distance whenever necessary, such as in the lines of the ski lifts, public places, etc.


❄ You should wash your hands regularly and avoid shaking hands and physical contact in general.


 As for catering, only 4 people will be allowed per table and all restaurants and cafes will close at 10pm. By contrast, pubs and discos will remain closed .


 Leisure areas, recreational places and parks will be limited to a maximum of 10 people , with the exception of skateparks, libraries, toy libraries, museums and cinemas that will be closed.


❄ In the Verbier sports centre, a mask will be mandatory and only 10 people can be in each room , although contact sports will also be prohibited (football, basketball, hockey, fitness lessons , swimming pools, showers and changing rooms).


 Any sporting event, demonstrations and animations organized by the Tourist Office will be prohibited.


❄ Whenever possible, follow-up data must be provided to the authorities , in order to control the contacts you have had and thus facilitate the search for positive cases of Covid-19.



La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es verbier.jpg





Zermatt, with its mythical Matterhorn mountain , is another of the Swiss ski resorts that already has part of its ski areaopen and has already established an anti-Covid protocol so that all skiers and snowboarders can ski quietly and do not have to worry about the virus .
From the resort they have confirmed to us that the cable cars and the rack railway will continue to be open but complying with all the measures that the authorities deem appropriate.
Where will the mask be mandatory in Zermatt?

It will be mandatory only for tourists who are over 12 years old and must be worn in the following places:


 By public transport (trains, buses, train resorts, bus stops).


 On all cable cars (gondolas, ski lifts and chair lifts).


 In waiting rooms and in the lines that give access to the gondolas, ski lifts and chair lifts.


 In interior spaces with public access.


 In indoor workplaces.


❄ Outdoor establishments and facilities (for example, outdoor areas of shops, events, terraces of restaurants and markets).


 In busy pedestrian areas and where the required distance (1.5 m) cannot be maintained.


Did you know that with Esquiades.com you can ski in the Jugfrau region in the Swiss Alps?


And what establishments are going to be closed?


As in other Swiss resorts, neither discotheques, nor nightclubs, nor leisure and entertainment facilities (such as cinemas, museums, libraries, gyms, public swimming pools, etc.) will be open.


Likewise, restaurants will have to follow a series of rules such as closing at 10 p.m., consuming food and beverages sitting both indoors and outdoors, no more than 4 people are allowed at a table and a minimum distance of 1.5 meters is required. between the tables. In addition, the data of the contacts you have must be collected through an APP .


On the other hand, from Zermatt they inform us that meetings of more than 10 people will be prohibited , both in private and public environments, as well as visits to hospitals.


Finally, and as in most ski resorts, they recommend maintaining a social distance of 1.5 meters, wearing masks as long as the safety distance cannot be maintained, washing hands, and avoiding physical contact.




Covid Protocols in the ski resorts in Andorra




Regarding the ski resorts in Andorra, the Vallnord Pal-Arinsal ski resort has made the following measures official on 11/11/2020:




 Access to the resort is prohibited if the person has obvious symptoms of having been infected by COVID19: fever, dry cough, tiredness and a feeling of suffocation.


 Placing Hexis Pure Zone anti-microbial vinyls on contact surfaces such as tables, chairs, windows, doorknobs, booths, etc. that do not allow the appearance and development of bacteria and viruses.


 The use of the approved mask or neck tube in common spaces will be mandatory. Age will be governed by the current decree established by the Government of Andorra. Currently (according to decree 10-28-2020) the mandatory age of use is from 8 years. Removing the mask will only be allowed in catering spaces once seated at the table.


 Recommendation of the use of the approved mask or neck tube when practicing snowboarding, snowshoeing or mountain skiing.


 Use of gloves and goggles mandatory in the snow field (ski areas and widgets).


 Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, mouth, and nose.


 Provision of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in all spaces and mandatory use to enter closed spaces.


 Maintaining a safety distance of 1.5 meters at all times.


 Continuous ventilation of closed environments.


 Smoking ban throughout the premises, with the exception of the cases contemplated by current regulations.


 Continuous disinfectant cleaning service at all points of the resort.


 Limited capacity to closed spaces to guarantee the minimum interpersonal safety distance.


 Special measures in the resort car parks : battery car park (except staff instructions) and a minimum space of 1.5 m between vehicles.


 Signage of safety distances in spaces where waiting queues are generated (Cashiers, restaurants, ..)


 Seal of certification of COVID-19 measures or any type of virus by rating agencies from OCA Global.


 Carrying out antigen tests on all resort workers.



You can check the detailed protocol where you can check the measures that will be taken in ski schools and restaurants in our last post, the Covid protocols of Vallnord Pal-Arinsal .


Our colleague Adri interviewed the staff from the Vallnord Pal-Arinsal ski resort. 


Regarding the ski resorts in Andorra, we know that the Grandvalira Resorts resorts have informed that they will follow the following protocol:


Where is it mandatory to wear a mask in the Grandvalira and Ordino-Arcalís ski resorts?


 Waiting and boarding areas of mechanical facilities

 Buildings and enclosed spaces

 Bars and Restaurants

 Ski Schools

❄ Equipment rental stores



Where will there be limited capacity in the Grandvalira and Ordino-Arcalís resorts?



 Ski Schools

❄ Equipment rental stores


A distance of at least 1.5 meters between people is also recommended.


The Grandvalira resort confirms that it will not be mandatory to cover the face during the descent and the use of an approved buff (with filter) is accepted instead of a mask.


There will not be a limitation of capacity in the ski resorts and the capacity in the ski lifts will not be limited either.



You can check more detailed information on the Covid-19 protocols in the Grandvalira Resorts has made official for both the Grandvalira and Ordino-Arcalís ski resorts.
On the other hand, on October 20, Ordino has announced that it will be the first town in Europe to certify the preventive measures applied in the ski resort and in tourist establishments with the Global Safe Site (GSS) quality seal of Bureau Veritas.


The The Ski and Snowboard School will adapt the technical teaching protocols to guarantee the safety of the customers and the monitors. In addition, monitors will be tested for COVID-19 on a regular basis throughout the season to ensure their safety and that of customers.


* At Grandvalira Resorts resorts, the use of a mask is mandatory from 6 years of age.


There will be dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel in the boarding area of the cable cars and the buildings and restaurants of the resort as well as in the schools.



As we had already told you, the Grandvalira ski resort has confirmed that this 2020-2021 season there will be no après-ski .



Covid Protocols in Spanish ski resorts



The ski resorts grouped into ATUDEM (Tourist Association of Mountain Ski Resorts) and ACEM (Catalan Association of Ski Resorts and Mountain Activities) have come together to create a unified protocol. This same protocol is added to the measures that each resort has decided to take on its own initiative (this includes improvements and investments for the benefit of lovers of mountain sports).


"The objective of creating a unified protocol is to ensure that ski resorts can be a safe and healthy place this 2020/2021 ski season"


The association has shared with us a health and safety guide in ski resorts and here is a short summary ;)


Social Distance Between Skiers


Ski resorts will develop operational plans to maintain the greatest possible distance between people, even with the use of a mask.



Cleaning and disinfection


The ski resorts will adopt the cleaning and disinfection measures and routines legally established for each area, in all necessary areas and especially in those with high contact.


Ski lifts


Social distancing in the waiting areas for the ski lifts occurs naturally due to the length of the skis and snowboards.


The employees of the ski resort can ensure a constant and adequate flow of traffic.


On lifts with open chairlift-type vehicles, the use of a mask is always mandatory.


The lifts will be able to operate at their maximum transport capacity.


Standard ski resort safety regulations already require skiers to move quickly away from the ski lift landing area


The distance between vehicles and chairs is about 15 meters.


Action Plans in Spanish ski resorts


Ski resorts will inform all their users, specifically and clearly, about the measures and protocols adopted for the protection against COVID-19, with the available means.


The ski resorts will comply with all the measures approved by the competent authorities and will follow the existing protocols if they have to report a positive case of COVID-19 in their resort.


The workers of the ski resorts will be trained in COVID-19 safety and disinfection protocols, in accordance with the recommendations of the corresponding competent institutions.

It is confirmed that these ski resorts also accept the use of a filter buff instead of the mask.






The Sierra Nevada ski resort confirms that the use of a mask is mandatory for people over 6 years of age (depending on the country where the ski resort is located, the age may vary).

In addition, they confirm that the cable car that connects Pradollano with Borreguiles will open at 8:30 am (30 minutes earlier than usual) to avoid crowds and thus speed up access to the slopes area.

Beyond what is recommended by the health authorities, for greater user safety, limitations are established on the number of users per cabin of the two major ski lifts of the station.



Borreguiles cable car: 6 people per cabin. (on a total capacity of 8 people).

Al-Ándalus cable car: 8 people per cabin. (on a total capacity of 14 people).



Please note that these limitations may be overcome as long as it is a family unit living in the same address.

The rental shops and restaurants managed by Cetursa Sierra Nevada set a maximum capacity of people and establish with sufficiently visible signage the interior and exterior areas that can be occupied.


Apart from following the good practice guide that ATUDEM has prepared, Sierra Nevada confirms that it will only accept a facial covering that complies with the instructions of the Ministry of Health, so that all skiers and snowboarders must wear a mask.



Skiers in Sierra Nevada during Christmas Break




For its part, FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya) has drawn up a joint protocol for the 6 ski resorts that they manage: La Molina, Vall de Núria, Espot Esquí, Port Ainé, Vallter 2000 and Boí Taüll.


They indicate that access to the ski lifts, chair lifts or funiculars will not be restricted or limited, but a mask will be mandatory while they are used. In addition, they will also sign and inform through posters, marks and stickers on the protocols for action and disinfection, since the cleaning of the facilities, as well as the rental material, will be intensified after each use.

On the other hand, with regard to restoration, the capacity of the different spaces will be controlled and hygiene and safety measures will be applied.With regard to skiers and snowboarders , the mask will be mandatory at all times and they recommend frequent hand washing and use of hydroalcoholic gels distributed throughout many points of the resorts. 


With regard to skiers and snowboarders, the mask will be mandatory at all times and they recommend frequent hand washing and use of hydroalcoholic gels distributed throughout many points of the ski resorts. If you're planning on visiting one of these resorts, you can check the Covid protocol at the FGC resorts .


Apart from all these measures and to guarantee their quality, work is being done to certify the processes in the stations with the entity AENOR as well as to obtain the seal of the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE), "Safe Tourism Certified ".






The Baqueira Beret ski resort has also made public the protocol that they will follow to deal with Covid-19 and open it as a " Safe Destination ", as they themselves promulgate.


The Valle de Arán resort places special emphasis on the fact that winter sports are outdoors, in nature and in large spaces, so they are already safe activities.


However, and as is logical, they have also imposed a general regulation that will apply to the entire ski resort and which consists of the following points:


 Mandatory use of the mask at all times.


 Maintain a safe distance.


 There will be several hydroalcoholic gel points.


 The resort will perform constant cleaning and disinfection tasks.


❄ Capacity in closed spaces will be limited.




On the other hand, in the event that you have to go to the Viajes Baqueira offices for any reason, they have also taken certain measures that you must respect.


❄ Capacity will be limited and an entry and exit route will be marked. In addition, the counters will have protective screens and hydroalcoholic gels.


 In the event that queues form, the safety distance between customers will be maintained and also, for those who have to wait outside, there will be screens outside that will regulate access to the interior.




Please note that this year you will not have to go to the Baqueira Travel Offices to collect your passes, since if you book with Esquiades.com you will havethe ski passes directly at the reception of your accommodation .


Video taken in the Baqueira Beret ski resort where you can see all the anti-covid measures.



Regarding the organization of the ski lifts , from Baqueira Beret they indicate that they will not limit their access since:


 Most ski lifts and lifts are outdoors, so skiers and snowboarders will have a clean and fresh airflow, hence they do not limit occupancy.


 In addition, the length of the skis and snowboards themselves facilitate a certain distance between people, but even so the waiting space will be dimensioned and queues will be organized so that the safety distance is maintained.



For the use of the ski lifts , Baqueira has established the following points:


 The use of the mask in queues and during the journey of the ski lifts will be mandatory.


 Skiers and snowboarders, once they reach the landing area of the chairlift or ski lift, will have to leave said area quickly to avoid crowds.


❄ In addition, the daily cleaning of lift vehicles will be reinforced with disinfection and hygiene products.




Another point to take into account and that is of special importance for users is restoration . The resort has confirmed that it will open its establishments with exceptional measures that we tell you below:


 In bars and restaurants, QR codes will be used on tables to read letters on mobile phones.


 An online ordering and payment service will also be implemented, thus avoiding the need to queue. It will be served directly at the table.


 In this way, the self-service service will be suppressed and all orders and payments will be made from the table with the QR code.


 The gastronomic offer will be reduced to optimize waiting time and capacity.


 There will be strict capacity controls in the premises and the capacity of the cafeterias will correspond to the number of places available to sit.


 And, as always, there will be more revised and reinforced cleaning plans using specific chemicals for Covid-19.



As for the resort rental shops , capacity will be limited, there will be social distancing and the equipment will be disinfected after each use, as well as disinfection of the ski storage and repairs of private equipment s.

Finally, Baqueira Beret has announced that as a preventive measure and following current regulations, during the 2020/2021 season no sports events and competitions will be held at the resort.


Respect and Ski Safe


We would like to take this moment to remind everyone that ensuring that Covid-19 does not spread is everyone's responsibility . If we all respect the measures and protocols of the ski resorts, we can all enjoy our favorite sport this winter season.