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Covid-19 Health and Safety at the Ski Resorts

A few days ago we shared with you an advance on the Covid measures that we think the ski resorts are going to take so that we can all enjoy our favorite sport this 2020-2021 season .


And boy, it seems we were not very wrong! In this article we are going to share with you all the prevention measures that each of the ski resorts (available at Esquiades.com) will carry out.


Covid Health and Safety Measures in the French Alps resorts



We know that you are thinking of booking a ski holiday for the December since you love to start the ski season in the French Alps, which is not surprising to us since there are the ski resorts with the most guarantee of snow; )


Frances Montagnes has presented a Covid protocol so that all French resorts follow the same measures.


Where is the use of the mask mandatory?


 Access to ski resorts

❄ Platforms and public transport

 Ski lifts

 Rental stores

 Ski schools

 Accommodation and Tourist Offices

 Bars and Restaurants


* In French resorts the use of the mask is mandatory from 11 years old.


What other covid measures are being taken at French resorts?


As you already know, some ski resorts in the French Alps have already opened during the summer and are already taking the following measures:


Daily disinfection of contact areas on ski lifts.


The equipment rental shops liable to disinfect equipment after each use.


In ski schools , the use of the mask is mandatory for the teacher and students over 11 during the meetings at the beginning and end of the class as well as inside the building.


Accommodation and tourist offices will disinfect common areas frequently.


As for bars and restaurants , there will be a minimum distance of 1 meter between the tables or fixed display cabinets to guarantee minimal contact.. The mask can only be removed while sitting down and drinks and food should be consumed sitting down.


There will be hydroalcoholic gel in all restoration points, shops, hotels and places of contact.



Covid Health and Safety Measures in the ski resorts of Andorra



Regarding the ski resorts in Andorra, we know that the Grandvalira Resorts resorts have informed that they will follow the following protocol:


Where is the use of a mask mandatory at the Grandvalira and Ordino-Arcalís resorts?


 Waiting and boarding areas of mechanical facilities

 Buildings and enclosed spaces

 Bars and Restaurants

 Ski Schools

❄ Equipment rental stores



Where will there be limited capacity at the Grandvalira and Ordino-Arcalís resorts ?



 Ski Schools

❄ Equipment rental stores


A distance of at least 1.5 meters between people is also recommended.


The Grandvalira resort confirms that it will not be mandatory to cover the face during the descent and the use of an approved buff (with filter) is accepted instead of a mask.


No capacity limitation is contemplated in the resorts and the capacity in the ski lifts will not be limited either.


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The The Ski and Snowboard School will adapt the technical teaching protocols to guarantee the safety of the customers and the monitors. In addition, monitors will be tested for COVID-19 on a regular basis throughout the season to ensure their safety and that of customers.


* At Grandvalira Resorts resorts, the use of a mask is mandatory from 6 years of age.


There will be dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel in the boarding area of the cable cars and the buildings and restaurants of the resort as well as in the schools.



As we had already told you, the Grandvalira ski resort has confirmed that this 2020-2021 season there will be no après-ski .



Covid Health and Safety Measures in Spanish ski resorts



The ski resorts grouped into ATUDEM (Tourist Association of Mountain Ski Resorts) and ACEM (Catalan Association of Ski Resorts and Mountain Activities) have come together to create a unified protocol. This same protocol is added to the measures that each resort has decided to take on its own initiative (this includes improvements and investments for the benefit of lovers of mountain sports).


"The objective of creating a unified protocol is to ensure that ski resorts can be a safe and healthy place this 2020/2021 ski season"


The association has shared with us a health and safety guide in ski resorts and here is a short summary;)


Social Distance Between Skiers


Ski resorts will develop operational plans to maintain the greatest possible distance between people, even with the use of a mask.



Cleaning and disinfection


The ski resorts will adopt the cleaning and disinfection measures and routines legally established for each area, in all necessary areas and especially in those with high contact.


Ski lifts


Social distancing in the waiting areas for the ski lifts occurs naturally due to the length of the skis and snowboards.


The employees of the ski resort can ensure a constant and adequate flow of traffic.


On lifts with open chairlift-type vehicles, the use of a mask is always mandatory.


The lifts will be able to operate at their maximum transport capacity.


Standard ski resort safety regulations already require skiers to move quickly away from the ski lift landing area


The distance between vehicles and chairs is about 15 meters.


Action Plans in Spanish ski resorts


Ski resorts will inform all their users, specifically and clearly, about the measures and protocols adopted for the protection against COVID-19, with the available means.


The ski resorts will comply with all the measures approved by the competent authorities and will follow the existing protocols if they have to report a positive case of COVID-19 in their resort.


The workers of the ski resorts will be trained in COVID-19 safety and disinfection protocols, in accordance with the recommendations of the corresponding competent institutions.

It is confirmed that these ski resorts also accept the use of a filter buff instead of the mask.



Respect and Ski Safe


We would like to take this moment to remind everyone that ensuring that Covid-19 does not spread is everyone's responsibility . If we all respect the measures and protocols of the ski resorts, we can all enjoy our favorite sport this winter season.




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