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Book with confidence and travel safely with Esquiades.com

We’ve been taking people to the mountains for over 17 years and so, we have a very strong business relationship with our service providers. We also have exclusivity with many hotels in different ski resorts in Spain and Andorra which allows us to offer you a ski holiday at an incredible price. 


We have worked very hard to become the best online ski travel agency in Spain and our aim is to do the same in the rest of Europe. 


Every season is better than the last one, which is a result of our determination and full commitment to you. Have a look at what season 2019-2020 has been for Esquiades.com here


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Here's what you need to know about us


Our booking process is straightforward


Our IT experts have made sure to offer you a simple and hassle-free booking process. You can confirm your booking with 3 clicks so you don’t need to invest too much of your time confirming your booking.


Comfortable payments


On Esquiades.com you can pay your booking in as many installments as you wish. All we require is the following:


Pay a deposit of 20% to confirm your booking


Pay your balance 15 days before your booking date (this may vary depending on the hotel cancellation policy which you will find during the booking process)


If you wish to pay your booking in 2 installments and not have to worry about your deadline, we provide an express payment option. This means that you will pay a deposit of 20% and we will proceed to charge the other 80% automatically. 

*the info above is not applicable for non-refundable rates

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What you see is what you get 


We have a team that cross-checks all the information we post about the hotels and apartments we offer on our site. We even take the time to visit them and take our own pictures. 



Honesty is the best policy 


We post every single review we receive, the good and the bad so you have as much information. You can also call our customer service and they can share their first-hand experience with you ;) 


We’ve recently also started working with Verified Reviews to really show you our transparency when it comes to posting every single review we receive, no filters. 


You can also check comments on Google Reviews and Facebook. 




We’ve got you covered 


We have all the permits and licenses to act as a travel agency. Our company is registered in the Catalonian Registry of Tourism with license number GC 169 MD and so, we can guarantee that our agency is legally liable to you and therefore is responsible both financially and legally to cope with the responsibilities caused by any of our holidays.


What is more, you can also add a free cancellation service to your booking. This service is totally optional and what it does is ensure a total refund if you have to cancel your booking due to some specific circumstances. Find the info on Step 2 of the booking process.


One other service you can also book with Esquiades.com is the ski and travel insurance. We always recommend our customers to travel with an appropriate medical insurance in case of accident or injury. 

The insurance we offer you not only covers snow-related accidents in the ski resort but also any accident that may occur during the dates you are insured. For example, if you have a 3-day ski pass and have added this insurance, you are covered in and out of the ski resort those 3 days. (off-piste accidents are not covered). Find out more about this insurance policy here


If all this wasn’t enough, we also offer a snow guarantee. We recently posted a detailed-explanation on our site. Here is a direct link


One last thing you may all be thinking about… What about COVID-19? 


We know this is on everyone’s mind when thinking about booking a holiday. We are still living in a very uncertain period and have to wait and see how everything evolves. As a travel agency, we have to be informed about the different protocols and policies of the countries where we offer our services and consequently, adapt our terms and conditions to whatever comes our way. This is why it is highly recommendable to stay informed via our terms and conditions. On section 9, you will find “COVID-19: Special information”


We cannot foresee what the future may bring but we can talk from past experience and tell you that we always find the best solution for you. How did we manage the situation back in March? 


All of our customers received a total refund for the cancellation of their booking. No holiday vouchers, no change of dates but a TOTAL refund. As for the customers that were on location when the lockdown occurred, we made sure they returned to their homes safely and proceeded to refund any unconsumed services (for example, the unused nights of a hotel stay, ski pass, etc)


You are our priority and your welfare is what really matters. 


So, we’ve given you plenty of reasons to book your next ski holiday with Esquiades.com. Is there anything else you need to know about us? We are at your service 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you have any queries, you know where to find us ;)

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