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Ski at Christmas Tavascan, Catalan Pyrenees

Looking for a good plan for December 25, but without giving up the company of yours? If so, how about booking a ski getaway at Christmas to Tavascan? With our hotel and ski pass packs , you have no excuse to stay at home.


The Tavascan ski resort, also called Tavascan-Pleta del Prat , puts in your hands a new way to enjoy winter sports, without crowds and in one of the most beautiful corners of the Catalan Pyrenees. You will find it about 10 km from the town of Tavascan, in the municipality of Lladorre and in the region of Pallars Sobirà. Specifically, it is located around the refuge of the Pleta del Prat, in the bucollicovalle de Mascarida.


Inaugurated in 1991, it is a mixed resort that combines an alpine ski area with a cross-country ski area. There you will find seven tracks, with a 500 m two-seater ski lift, a ski lift and a tape for debuting skiers, between 1,750 m and 2,100 m.


The resort has 14 km of skiing, with 6 km dedicated to alpine skiing and 8 km for the practice of Nordic skiing . In addition, a 17km long cross-country skiing circuit has been marked. Thanks to its exceptional location, the resort can open every winter without installing snow cannons.


Now, Tavascan-Pleta del Prat is not just limited to skiing. In fact, this resort is the best base camp to start mountaineering, as well as a good starting point for snowshoeing or freeride routes . You can also enjoy other activities in the snow, such as building igloos or orientation outings.


The service area is located in the Pleta del Prat, at 1,725 m. The highest point is elColl de la Cima, at 2,250 m above sea level. The place is surrounded by imposing Pyrenean peaks, such as Mont-Roig, Certascan or Ventolau, as well as some lakes of glacial origin such as Nahorte, Certascan or Mariola. Likewise, the Alto Pirineo Natural Park is displayed nearby .


Looking for activities for your après-ski time ? If so, do not hesitate to visit the town of Tavascan, located high in the Cardós Valley. In addition to a beautiful typical architecture, you will see an attractive medieval bridge.


Do not think about it: check our ski offers in the Catalan Pyrenees and take a ski break at Christmas to Tavascan.