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The ski resort Tavascan, or also known as "Pleta Prat" is located in the Pyrenees of Lleida. Exactly, the nearby surroundings are inside the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees.

Since Esquiades.com want to know all the details about this ski resort. Here you can read about useful for your ski trip information. You can enter the tabs to read more.

Why go skiing in Tavascan?

If you are spending your holiday in Tavascan ready to breathe and enjoy the natural environment of the Valley. It is a resort that has not undergone many changes since 1991, the year it was built, and that keeps the spirit of nature and relaxation.

In fact, Tavascan is an ideal framework to feel in harmony in the center of the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees mountain. You'll have a great day while skiing or snow do. Of course, we recommend stopping a moment to admire the views from some of its viewpoints located at an altitude of 2,000 to 4,000.

What services Tavascan on the slopes?

Although the ski resort Tavascan is familiar and has a very large size you can find everything you need to spend a perfect day of skiing.

If you are a novice skier or beginner classes we recommend hire in Tavascan ski school. You can do classes both individually and in groups with peers of the same level. To offer a more personal and make your stay more satisfying treatment, the ski resort in the Catalan Pyrenees agree not offer classes for groups over 8 people.

In the ski resort Tavascan You can also rent the ski equipment you need to enjoy a day of skiing, snow or mountain equipment such as all the material for ski touring. At the shelter, in addition to nursing and rental shop, you can satisfy your appetite in the restaurant of Tavascan.

What clues are in Tavascan?

In Tavascan there are 7 ski slopes. 2 of them are aimed at beginners or skiers who have been rarely snow. These are green. For intermediate skiers have a blue track.

And if you have anything else you can dare level with one of the two red and two black tracks. And if you love the snow and freestyle, you can not miss modules Tavascan ski resort. To access them is a tape, chair lifts and one ski lift.

Ski inTavascan with Esquiades.com

If you want to enjoy this family ski resort and spend a break in the Tavascan snow from Esquiades.com, we offer several ski deals in Tavascan.

In conclusion, you'll find on this page all the data you need for your trip. Since the state of tracks to the weather forecast. If you've never been skiing in Tavascan this is a good opportunity. Choose the offer that best suits your taste of all that we offer and have fun in big!

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