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Will it be safe to go skiing next year?

We can all agree that this 2020/2021 ski season has been a huge let down for many of us as we haven't had the chance to ski at all! So, we're all quite anxious about being able to go skiing next Winter, especially when it's looking like we'll be going on staycations during the Summer…


So, if we do get to travel during Winter 2021/2022, are we going to need to get tested to be able to go skiing?


This Winter 2020/2021 ski season European ski destinations such as Switzerland have requested a negative PCR test to be able to enter the country and depending on your home country, you also needed to get tested to be able to return to your home country.


What about the vaccine passport?


What we know so far is that anyone who has had a Covid jab receives a vaccination card and, of course, the details also go on their medical records.


Governments in many countries are also discussing the possibility of vaccine passports to be able to travel abroad. So, it's looking very likely that the country of your ski destination will only allow you to enter the country if you have the jab.


European officials have also announced a plan for a so-called EU-wide Green Digital Certificate , which allows anyone that has been vaccinated or tested negative for Covid to travel within the EU.



Corona Protocols in the Ski Resorts


The European ski resorts that have been able to open during the 2020/2021 have made sure that skiing in a safe environment was possible by implementing corona protocols. On Esquiades.com we made sure to share with all of you all the covid-19 protocols in the ski resorts in a single post to make things easier for you. But they main measures have been:


Face masks are compulsory (in most ski resorts they have to be FFP2 masks)

Click & Go service in the Bars and Restaurants on the slopes.

Hydroalcoholic gel available in all touch points.

Gondolas and chairlifts with a people from the same bubble can be filled to 50% capacity.

Limited capacity to closed spaces to guarantee the minimum interpersonal safety distance.



What we know for sure is that after this winter, the ski resorts are now experienced enough to make sure they offer the best safe skiing experience for winter season 2021/2022 .


A Bar in Arosa Ski Resort built these people out of snow to guarantee a safe distance during your lunch break!



Is it a good idea to book a ski holiday for 2021/2022 now?


Booking a ski holiday in advance always has its benefits! We can give you at least 6 reasons why you should book your ski holiday NOW:


You'll have something to look forward to (it's about time we all have some exciting plans for the future!)

Secure your room on peak dates. You can risk losing your favorite ski holiday if you leave it too late!

Get first dibs on your favorite hotel . The sooner you book, the more availability the hotel has;)

Early Booking Discounts. We have some real cheap ski deals if you book in advance.

Pay your booking in installments. On Esquiades.com you can confirm your booking by paying only the first 10%.

Flexible cancellation policies. The sooner you book, the more flexible ski holidays can be. We have a lot of them that are currently including a free cancellation service .


What happens if I book a ski holiday and can't travel due to lockdown?


A lot of you may be feeling hesitant about booking a ski holiday so soon when we don't really know what the future may bring . We have had more than one lockdown and our government has forbidden travelling on more than one occasion, so we're all thinking that it's quite likely that it will happen again.


Here at Esquiades.com we've got you covered! For those of you who did book a ski holiday for season 2020/2021 and were not able to make it, we proceeded to cancel your booking for free thanks to our Lockdown Refund Promise . So, if this were to happen again, we'd do exactly the same! And there 's more! You decide what you wish to do with the money.


Tips and advice about staying safe during the skiing season.


- Avoid popular dates to go skiing such as Christmas and Half-Term (besides, the ski holidays are much cheaper if you travel off-peak).


- Go on a self-driving ski holiday so you can avoid crowds in closed spaces. On Esquiades.com all of our ski holidays are self-driving ski deals.


- Choose a ski resort that has plenty of snack bars and restaurants with large terraces so you feel safe during your lunch break.


- Book private ski and snowboard lessons to avoid being with a group of people.


What are the best skiing deals for next winter?


Our product department has been working super hard over the 2020/2021 ski season which has led us to add new ski destinations as well as post our ski deals for next winter earlier than ever!


Head to our ski deals for Winter 2021/2022 and have a look at our top holidays in your favorite ski resorts in Europe.