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Why do cows like ski slopes?

Cows like to go to ski resorts, don't they? Ask Juan Manuel Lamora, a shepherd from Ribagorza known as "Manolet" from Sesué, who has just come down from Cerler to his flock. Not only him, but 7 other pastors have been to the same area. And the fact is that their animals love the grass that grows on the slopes, as "Manolet" himself tells the Diario del Alto Aragón .


"When they move the slopes, they replant them and the pastures are of higher quality. You just have to see that the first area that the cows go to is the overgrown area. Evidence of the improvement of the pastures thanks to the ski slopes it is in the Ampriu area. Before the Ampriu was replanted, there were many fewer cows. Now the pasture is abundant and good, and now they eat 200 more cows. The bollards? occupy a very small area. "

Not surprisingly, "Manolet" wished there was a ski resort in every valley. This man, who lives in the mountains and in the mountains, strongly supports the expansion of Castanesa. He affirms that not only will it help to bring wealth to the valley, but it will also help the pastoral work,


The other day I was in the Castanesa area and I thought I wish there was a ski resort in all the mountains. The start-up of the resorts does not harm either the livestock or the mountains. We would have access to go up with off-road, restricted of course, and in 2 or 3 hours, we could attend to a sick animal, deliveries or raise the salt. These same paths would be the ones indicated for mountain biking, because now they make channels everywhere "
Consider that despite some exceptions, in general people are quite aware of the environment. Criticize that if, to those who lead the dog loose when they pass by a group of cows, "you have to have common sense" he says. Another problem that has been occasionally encountered is that of a group of paragliders. There were 20 people and they landed on a field, "I had to call their attention, although fortunately, they are not the norm."

"Manolet 'knows what he is talking about. He is one of the members of the Monte de Estós administrative board and collaborates very actively with his colleagues by profession. In addition, his restless and generous nature led him in recent years to undertake an adventure solidarity aid to Benin (Africa), displaying the same spirit of harmony and collaboration to which it appeals to live the mountains wisely. For this reason, it also claims that thanks to the facilities of the ski resorts, livestock work is facilitated and in return it helps to maintain a profession whose cattle carry out a cleaning that also reduces the risk of fires. The communication of the roads and accesses would facilitate access in case of emergencies of any kind.
Juan Manuel Lamora,
This is Juan Manuel Lamora, "Manolet" from Sesué.