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This is what you need to do if you have to cancel due to lockdown.

What if you book a ski holiday and you find yourself in lockdown in your ...


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If you find yourself in this situation, don't worry, Esquiades.com will offer you the following options:



 100% Refund


If changing the dates or leaving your ski holiday on "standby" is not an option for you, we will refund you the money in the same way that you paid for the booking.


 Change of dates


We will amend your booking for free! You just have to keep in mind that the final price of the booking may vary, depending on the dates you've chosen.


 Save the amount of your booking and cash it in on another occasion


We all like to travel and we know how important it is to save and plan ahead. Therefore, we can be your piggy bank and save that money for your future ski holiday;)


What if the the ski destination is in lockdown?


If you are going to a ski destination that is in lockdown and you cannot access it, we will offer you the same solutions. All you need to do is contact our customer service and send the documentation to check where you come from and thus see that the situation makes it impossible for you to make it to your ski destination. In this case, we could also offer you to:


 Change ski destination


Just because they have isolated your ski destination doesn't mean that you can't ski at all!. We can check which ski resorts you can visit so you can go skiing!



What if the lockdown affects only some travelers on your booking?


On Esquiades.com we are totally flexible so, if one or more travelers cannot travel due to lockdown restrictions, we know exactly what you can do! We can amend your booking to suit the travelers that can make the ski holiday ;)


We also understand the case in which you travel with a friend and that person is in an area that is in lockdown. If that's the case, we totally understand that you wish to cancel the booking. So, we will offer you the same options as mentioned above ;) What if it is your annual ski holiday with friends / family and some of you can make it but feel bad about going on a ski holiday without the rest of the group? Don't worry! The options above also apply to you and the group!


Another situation that may arise is, for example, that you are from an area or country that is in lockdown but are skiing in that same area. Then you can head to your ski destination and enjoy your holiday!



What do you need to do with our customer service?


In order for you to enjoy these alternatives, we need you to contact our customer service as soon as it's been made official that you are in lockdown (please take no longer than 24 hours from the moment you receive the news). This way, our customer service team will be able to attend your case quickly and you will also have time to consider your options ;)



How can you prove that you are in lockdown?


When you contact the customer service department, you must attach a copy of the booking holder's ID / Passport so that we can verify your place of residence.



What if your current place of residence does not match the address that appears on your ID/Passport?


In this case, you can send us a copy of a document where your current address appears. Here are some examples:


⚡ Last Gas Bill


⚡ Last electricity bill


 ⚡ Rental contract



Whatever your situation is, always know that Esquiades.com will find the best solution for you. 


Your well-being is and will always be our priority