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This has been the Ordino Arcalís ski season

The Ordino Arcalís resort takes stock of a season with 119 days of opening, which ended on March 13 due to the covid-19 pandemic. A season that began on November 16, the earliest in recent years, which should have lasted until May 3, and which would have added 170 days of skiing (finally it was 51 days less). The data until March 14, the date on which the early closure caused by the covid-19 took place, indicate that the figures were positive both in reference to the number of skiers and in relation to billing. Thus, 161,522 days of skiing have been reached, which represents a slight increase over the previous year on the same dates, when it reached nearly 200,000 days of skiing, with 151 days.


The winter 2019-2020 in the Ordino resort has been scarce in terms of snowfall than usual, but instead, the mild temperatures and sunny days have made skiers enjoy long days of skiing. This meteorological bonanza has guaranteed the good maintenance of the open accesses, and that only one day of closure occurred. Snowfalls have been more limited, but at strategic times of the season they have ensured the 100% opening of the domain, offering the best conditions in peak periods.


However, the indicators have maintained a positive trend, with the strongest being those related to the sale of ski passes, school services and spending on restaurants. Thus, Ordino Arcalís has closed the winter season with figures slightly higher than those registered in the 2018-2019 season, if compared in percentages up to the same date. This shows a good performance of the markets, with a strong loyalty with respect to local skiers (Catalonia and southern France) and the internal public, which has grown this season, and which represent 76% of visitors. The rest of visitors come from Spain and Portugal (18%), the United Kingdom, Ireland, Russia and Ukraine (3%) and other places (3%).


The final figures confirm this trend of sustained and stable growth, with an average of 1,350 skiers per day of open installation, confirming that the season has been one of the best in recent years, in reference to influx and turnover. This growth is justified by the projection and joint commercial promotion with Grandvalira Resorts, and by the investments made in recent years. This year a new track, the Clot, has been opened in the Coma area. Parallel to the growth in employment, activity at the Ordino Arcalís Ski and Snowboard School has also grown, as well as income from restaurants.


Thanks to the snowfalls fallen since the end of October and the intense work of the exploitation teams, Ordino Arcalís opened on November 16, and faced the Puente de la Purísima in good condition. From the start of the Christmas holiday period until the closure caused by the coronavirus on March 14, the resort remained in full performance with the skiable domain operating with a percentage of between 85% and 100% of open slopes. The season has been marked by the anticyclonic days followed, with few snowfalls and very concentrated, which have consolidated the thickness of snow to add up to 464 cm accumulated, the most generous being that recorded at the end of January: Storm Gloria. These intermittent snowfalls during the winter months have been sufficient to guarantee the good quality and quantity of the snow. Thus, for yet another year, the sun and pleasant temperatures have been allies for the season.



Customer satisfaction


The overall balance in general terms is very satisfactory, the objective has always been to continue ensuring that Ordino Arcalís is one of the best destinations and snow and mountain products in the Pyrenees. This is demonstrated by the data derived from customer satisfaction surveys: 100% recommend the resort. In addition, the global satisfaction index stands at 8.61, and the score obtained by restoration is 8.28, as one of the best valued services.


Communication with customers has been key in a season where systems were integrated with Grandvalira Resorts. Thus, the website has registered nearly 700,000 visits, and the App 2,700 downloads. Social networks (Instagram + Facebook + Twitter), have close to 64,000 followers.



Sports events


Sports events have once again set the bar high. It is worth mentioning the organizational change that the XXVIII Borrufa Trophy has had, which has been partly assumed by members of Grandvalira Resorts, which has brought more quality to the event thanks to its experience in this type of competition.. As a novelty, this year there has been a new test: the Alpine Team Event, at the Parador Canaro. The success of this type of championship lies in the trust that the sponsors give to the organization, such as the case of Crèdit Andorrà, the Comú de Ordino and the Ministeri d'Esports del Govern d'Andorra. Its support has made it established itself as one of the most prestigious children's ski competitions.


Another of the unmissable events in the mountains of Arcalís has been the Freeride World Tour event, which once again catapulted Andorra as an essential destination for freeriders. The best off-piste skiers offered the best show live on the planet, showing that it is a destination capable of hosting high-level events and that the Principality has unique facilities and characteristics. Andorra Turisme has been the key piece, betting for this competition to continue unfolding its potential, and making Ordino Arcalís an emblem among snow destinations. Coinciding with the elite competition, a Freeride Junior Tour test took place.


Summer campaign


Given the exceptional situation, the resort works with the possibility of opening part of the activities during the summer season. All the circumstances are being studied, and the decision will be made according to sanitary criteria, always respecting the guidelines of the Andorran Government.