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The Best Ski Resorts for beginners in Europe

Learning how to ski is a very fun experience that everyone, regardless of their age, can (and should) try out. Now, for this to be the case, it is very important to choose the right ski resort where you are going to start learning this sport, since it is not the same to start skiing in a beginner-friendly ski resort with many green slopes, than in a ski resort with only a few easy slopes and many red and black slopes, more suitable for advanced skiers.


While practically all ski resorts have areas and slopes for beginners, there is no doubt that there are some ski resorts that are more suitable for a ski holiday with children or beginners than others. Now, if you are a beginner, surely you do not know all the different details of each and every one, right? Don't worry, Esquiades.com to the rescue! We've prepared a super useful ski guide to learn to ski. But, first of all, let's see which are the key aspects to take into account:



What is essential in a ski resort suitable for beginners?


Wide and easy slopes (the green and blue ones are for beginners).

- Easy slopes at low levels and difficult slopes at higher levels.

- Children's park or snow garden, where there may be activities for kids, snow games, sledding...

- Ski schools, with instructors, where you can learn to ski in private or group lessons and improve your knowledge of skis.

- A large number of lifts in general, to be able to move around the ski resort.


Taking these key aspects into account, on Esquiades.com we have prepared this list with the best ski resorts for beginners throughout Europe so that your first ski break is a success.



The best ski resorts for beginners in Andorra


Andorra, the 'country of snow', is the ideal destination to learn to ski. In addition to having slopes for beginner skiers, you have the best schools and a wide range of family skiing activities, so that the little ones can also learn, as they have nurseries, snow gardens or a multitude of children's circuits.


Vallnord Pal-Arinsal


The second largest ski resort in Andorra ticks all the boxes to help beginner skiers take their first steps on the snow. It is one of our best-selling destinations on Esquiades.com, so you will find a wide variety of ski deals for Vallnord Pal-Arinsal that include the ski pass.


Vallnord Pal-Arinsal is made up of two different ski ski areas :


On one side we find the Pal ski area. It can be accessed through a cable-car located in the town of La Massana and the access is included in your ski pass. This cable-car will drop you off directly on the slopes of Pal and from here you can access the beginner-friendly slopes.


The other ski area that makes up the ski resort, as its name suggests, is Arinsal. You can get there on your skis, since both ski areas are connected to each other by a chairlift (included in the ski pass). In other words, you can start skiing in Pal, ski to Arinsal and ski back to Pal.


It is important to know that Arinsal has more red and black slopes than Pal, so if your intention is to learn to ski, we advise you to do it directly in Pal.




The Pal ski area is ideal for beginners, thanks to its smooth and wooded mountain. The tracks are very wide, which makes the descents more pleasant. It is also a good option for those who want to stay near the capital of the Principality, Andorra la Vella.


To learn to ski faster, we recommend taking ski or snowboard lessons, which you can include in your booking on Esquiades.com. The ski schools have professional instructors who will help you develop your technique correctly and will make it easy for you to improve.


Ski Deals in Vallnord Pal-Arinsal






Of course, a ski resort as large and varied as Grandvalira, the largest ski area in the Pyrenees, offers a multitude of suitable areas for beginners to learn to ski and where they can improve their skiing abilities.


To get an idea of how the Grandvalira ski resort is distributed, imagine a 25 km road that goes from the capital of the Principality to the border with France. Along this road are the different ski areas into which the Ski resort is divided: Encamp, Canillo, El Tarter, Soldeu, Peretol, Grau Roig and Pas de la Casa .


The difficulty of the Grandvalira ski areas increases as we move north, but the truth is that they all have easy slopes.


Having to choose between 7 ski areas can be quite overwhelming for a beginner. If you want to learn to ski, your priority is to maximize your time on the slopes, therefore we recommend heading straight to the Soldeu or El Tarter ski areas, which are interconnected and offer more options for beginners.


El Tarter is one of the Grandvalira ski areas with the largest number of green and blue slopes available. It has children's slopes and many beginner-friendly slopes to learn to ski progressively. For this reason, it is ideal for beginners in snow sports, especially if you are going to ski with children who are learning to ski.


El Tarter is connected by chairlifts to three of the seven areas that make up Grandvalira: Soldeu, Grau Roig and Canillo. In this way, when you have finished skiing on the beginner slopes of El Tarter, you can easily move to another ski area.




We have a large number of hotels and apartments ski deals in Grandvalira located very close to the slopes, so on many occasions you will be able to leave your room with your skis on. It should be noted that this ski area has a ski school, therefore, if you want to learn to ski by the hands of professionals, here you will have the opportunity to do so.


The Soldeu ski area is another recommended option for beginners, as it has several wide and easy slopes.. If you stay in the town of Soldeu, you can take either of the two cable cars that connect the town with Espiolets (elevation 2,500m). Here you will find a large area for beginners with several cable cars and a conveyor belt.


Soldeu also has a school to learn to ski, so if you want, you can book lessons and learn to ski or snowboard.


On Esquiades.com we have several hotels and apartments located directly on the slopes! In this way, you can ski down to the door of your accommodation at the end of the day  


Ski Deals in Grandvalira



The best ski resorts for beginners in France


France may be known as one of the best ski destinations in the world for its demanding slopes, but don't be intimidated by that, as there are also some beginner ski resorts.

We from Esquiades.com, will tell you which are the most suitable ski resorts for beginners, both in the French Pyrenees and in the French Alps.


Font Romeu


Font Romeu is a classic for skiing in the south of France. Located in the French Pyrenees, it has 58 skiable kilometers spread over 15 green, 10 blue, 9 red and 9 black slopes. As you can see, most of them are beginner-friendly !


All the tracks are located in the French Cerdanya, which is surrounded by great views and mountains and is ideal for families due to its pleasant atmosphere.


The facilities and services on the slopes are what really make Font Romeu stand out. The different areas of the ski resort are ideal for learning to ski with children, as it has a nursery for children of at least 18 months.




The slopes are easily accessible from the town of Font Romeu, where the Des Airelles cable car is located (the only one in the town), which will take you to the interactive area of the ski resort, connecting with most of the beginner slopes.


Have you never been to Font Romeu? Well this is your chance to book one of our ski deals in France.


Ski Deals in Font Romeu




Les Deux Alpes


The French Alps are often on the bucket list of intermediate and advanced skiers. But don't be scared by that, as there are also several beginner-friendly ski resorts. On Esquiades.com you will find many ski-in ski-out apartments, which are very convenient, especially when you have to take your equipment with you.


Located in the French Alps, it's one of the most popular ski resorts in France . The resort is located on the Lauce glacier, the only one with the largest ski area in France.



It has a total of 96 slopes, divided between 17 green, 45 blue, 22 red and 12 black, spread over 225 skiable kilometres. Furthermore, it is the second oldest ski resort in the country , after Chamonix.


In the village of Les Deux Alpes, you'll find a series of ski lifts that make up an excellent network of slopes for beginners. A series of lifts start from various points in the town and take you to the main area.


If you want to learn to ski or improve your technique, the ski resort has 6 ski schools, suitable for all levels. There you can take group or individual lessons. In addition, for the little ones, the French resort has magnificent snow gardens, ski lessons from 4 years old, children's club and picnic areas.


Doesn't that sound great? Check our offers of apartments in Les Deux Alps directly on the slopes that include the ski pass.


Ski Deals in Les Deux Alpes


Alpe d'Huez


This magnificent ski resort in the French Alps is located between the heights of 3,330 m 1,250 in the Grande Rousse massif, which culminates in the spectacular Pic Blanc. With 41 green and 34 blue slopes, it is an excellent option for beginners.


It offers options for all types of skiers, as it has slopes for all levels, which change according to altitude: at lower altitudes, easier slopes , ideal for learning to ski, and as we get closer to Pic Blanc, we find black slopes, like the legendary Sarenne piste, which at 16 km is the longest in Europe.



If your intention is to learn to ski or improve your technique, you can sign up for individual or group ski lessons offered by the resort's schools.


Fancy spending your ski holidays in Alpe d'Huez? We have excellent ski apartments so you can make the most of your time on the slopes.


Ski Deals in Alpe d'Huez



The best ski resorts for beginners in Spain


With more than 30 ski resorts spread throughout Spain, there are many options to find ski resorts for beginners with a large number of green and blue slopes, which offer little slope and are the most suitable for learning to ski and enjoying the snow.

Here are our favorite options to enjoy a ski holiday with beginners:


Boí Taüll


With a base elevation of 2,020 and a maximum of 2,751 metres, this ski resort offers the highest slopes in the Spanish Pyrenees. That altitude, added to its position facing north, guarantees high-quality snow.


This ski resort is ideal for beginners, or those who have already begun to ski, as it has a wide variety of slopes. It has a total of 45 skiable kilometers, divided into 43 slopes.


The 6 green and 3 blue ones are ideal for beginners, while its 20 red and 14 black ones await the more advanced skiers.




A great advantage of the Boí Taüll resort is that it is shaped like a funnel, so you will always end up at the same point. Perfect for beginners, with little guidance yet.


Do you see yourself in Boí Taüll on your next ski holiday? Discover Boí Taüll with our unbeatable ski holiday packages that include accommodation and ski pass.


Ski Deals in Boí Taüll


Baqueira Beret


Last but not least, the largest resort in Spain, located in the Catalan Pyrenees (more specifically in the Valle de Arán province of Lleida), has several green slopes and beginner areas.


It is made up of three large skiable areas: Baqueira, Beret and La Bonaigua, forming a 167-kilometre skiable domain, divided into 112 slopes (6 green, 43 blue, 46 red and 17 black), all of them connected by ski lifts and chairlifts, so getting from one ski area to another is practically effortless.

The areas most designed for beginners are in Beret and Bonaigua, while the Baqueira area is the furthest away and is mainly aimed at professional skiers. There, "off-piste" and areas for freeriders abound.



The Beret area, in addition to chairlifts, has conveyor belts, very comfortable for beginners or children. Speaking of children: the resort has no less than four snow playgrounds, all of them with qualified personnel.


One of the most remarkable aspects of the Baqueira Beret resort is undoubtedly the good weather and its privileged orientation. Its slopes, as well as the valley, receive the direct influence of the Atlantic Ocean, since they are oriented to the north, guaranteeing very good snow quality.


Don't think twice and take a look at our ski deals in Baqueira Beret to enjoy winter at the best price!


Ski Deals in Baqueira Beret

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