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Sierra Nevada, first station nationwide that have a dog trained in avalanche rescue

Thor, Belgian shepherd malonois, today completed its first training in the snow. The department tracks from Sierra Nevada will be the first of the Spanish stations have a dog among its staff to locate people buried by an avalanche.

Since December Thor is in the station, acclimatizing to the conditions of snow and cold and being trained in search of people in snow, and today he has finished his training period.

This is a slow and laborious process. This week has been moved to Sierra Nevada expert trainer Ivan Muñoz, canine guide firefighters Ribagorza community in Huesca, ordering along with Ricardo Bonal, owner of Thor, instruction dog in snow. This morning has concluded this period with the simulated rescue of a person buried in the snow.

"The results have been more than satisfactory, the next step will be finding several people buried by an avalanche." Ivan Muñoz has highlighted the capabilities of Thor, a Belgian Malinois sheepdog, "by energy, strength and resilience to the cold and snow having this breed, able to withstand extreme conditions and long hours of search terms."

The complete dog training will last two years and will guide a program of visits to Sierra Nevada for Huesca and move up goals. Ricardo Bonal, believes that at the end of next season, and if the training goes as planned, the dog will be prepared with the best guarantees. Thor will be the first dog in a Spanish ski station that meets this goal.

Bonal, track team member and owner of Thor, has since May 2013 working with her belgian shepherd malinois to be part of the actual rescue. Ricardo forged this idea after visiting some French stations to see how they worked the dogs in these circumstances.

After contacted the canine unit of the Civil Guard and they advised him to acquire a dog to be enabled to act in rescue of surviving features. Ricardo took Tor, a sheepdog Belgian malinois, that six months began the process of socialization and adaptation to the environment-the snow, rose mechanically, strolled among skiers and adapted to travel in snow grooming machines and snowmobiles .

Meanwhile, the team of Sierra Nevada ski is preparing to be more efficient in case of danger of avalanches. This season several trackers have completed a course of avalanche bomb to provoke if excessive snow in parts of tracks so you can avoid them.
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