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Josef Ajram travels 48 km on snow in the 7 mountains of Grandvalira

Josef Ajram travels 48 km on snow in the 7 mountains of Grandvalira

Goal achieved. The professional athlete and trader Josef Ajram has successfully overcome the 7 mountains, a challenge posed by Grandvalira to test his body once again. In total, the man who claims not to know yet where his limits are, has crossed this morning, in little more than 5 hours, 7 mountains and the 7 sectors of the largest ski area in the Pyrenees in a very technical route of 48 km and 4,400 m of accumulated elevation gain. All high-level training in order to safely face his great goal of the season, which involves performing 7 ironmans for 7 consecutive days in the 7 Canary Islands.

Ajram, who accepted the challenge of Grandvalira, considering that it was a "good way to start to intensify the preparation for the Canary appointment of the month of May after weeks of aerobic-based training", did not hide his emotion before start, for the unusual characteristics of the test. With the help of only professional snowshoes, the ultraman has had to face a combination of height, subzero temperatures and powder snow thicknesses of between 90 and 150 cm which these days has the largest ski area in the world. the Pyrenees.

Accustomed to very different conditions of road training, Grandvalira's snowy surface has not prevented the Barcelona athlete from completing the distance in a shorter time than expected. After leaving El Forn de Grandvalira-Canillo around 9:30 am, the first Spanish winner of the Ultraman of Canada and Hawaii has reached its final point, marked in the Pla d'Espiolets, Grandvalira-Soldeu, before 15 hours The route included the passage through 7 peaks and the 7 ski areas of the station, alluding to the 7 ironmans that will face in a few weeks.

Ajram, who already knew Grandvalira as a skier, has been able to see again how there is no physical challenge to resist him and to evaluate the ability to overcome his body under any circumstance. With 205 km of trails and a wide range of adventure and fun beyond skiing 365 days a year, the athlete has found in Grandvalira a training camp tailored to those who consider themselves unable to find their limits.