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Grandvalira remodels the end of the Àliga slope in El Tarter to make it more versatile.

Grandvalira has concluded the remodeling of the Àliga slope in El Tarter after three months of intense work.

Since the works began in August, and until November, the tasks have focused on leveling the part of the finish line of the track that hosts the Descent and the Super G.

The goal was to have a much more versatile arrival and thus be able to adapt the layout to the Parallel team event included in the 2023 Alpine Ski World Cup Finals.


In addition, these modifications will have a positive effect in terms of energy savings in relation to snow production, since cubic meters are significantly reduced, and consequently the expense allocated to starting the cannons.

According to Grandvalira, this remodeling will also be good for grassroots athletes, since the correction in the profile will favor an arrival adapted to all kinds of races, training sessions and competitions.

The Head of Race for the 2023 Alpine Ski World Cup Finals , Santi López, explains in a statement that "deficiencies that existed in the Àliga profile have been corrected, such as various undulations that gave us a lot of work when it came to be able to prepare it."

López adds that "now, we have a very homogeneous track, which will make it easier to improve the layout of the Paralelo by teams", which will be held on Friday, March 17, 2023.

In his opinion, "the result is magnificent, since the foot of the Àliga track will be able to be enjoyed both by the regular customers of our station and by the runners, because there will be a little more space available, as well as a much more level, which will mean being able to enjoy the show more intensely”.