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France Montagne answers your questions about the situation in the French Ski Resorts

Is it dangerous to go skiing in the mountains?
Answer: False


Going skiing is no more dangerous than doing any other physical activity outdoors. The authorities have prohibited the opening of ski resorts in order to avoid crowds. However, the State has worked with the representatives of the resorts and has validated a national protocol that guarantees the safety of the users of the facilities . Masks on the lifts, regular disinfection and distance in the queues are the main measures related to downhill skiing. Collared filter masks allow skiers to combine a face mask on the way up and ski calmly on the way down.


Are all services closed at the resorts?

Answer: False


As in the rest of the country, several places are closed at the resorts. The restaurants and bars have been adapted and some offer take away meals, soups, desserts and drinks. The open-air skating rinks, Nordic areas, snowshoe trails and ski slopes are open. The same applies to sports stores, souvenir shops, pharmacies, grocery stores, bakeries, medical centres ...


Ski resorts are closed due to national sanitary measures
Answer: False


This statement is, in fact, doubly false:

• The ski resorts are not closed, but the main activity, downhill skiing, is made almost impossible by a decree that prohibits the operation of the lifts. This administrative ban can be lifted in early February. The State must make a decision in this regard on January 20 , that is, two weeks before the start of school holidays in zone A.


• Ski centres are subject to a national exception : in fact, alpine skiing is the only individual outdoor activity that is currently impossible to practice and non-urban ski lifts (gondola lifts and cable cars can operate in the city ) are the only means of transportation that is currently prohibited. The government took the decision in mid-December to limit the concentration of population in the resorts to reduce their attractiveness and limit accidents.

Also note that snow gardens and some rug-equipped beginner play areas are open in some seasons . Therefore, ski lessons for the little ones are quite possible.


The ski areas will open for the February Half-Term holidays.
Answer: that's what we expect


At the moment, the government wants to work towards an opening of the alpine ski areas for the February Half-Term holidays . The opening scheduled for early February, if possible, should be announced on January 20 , a review date set by the government. In any case, unless new restrictions are imposed, the ski resorts are open and are wonderful places to recharge your batteries in these difficult times.


There will be a lot of snow in the French mountains in February.
Answer: true


To be modest, we will say "there is enough for everyone." Last January 8, all the massifs were well covered with snow. According to Météo France, on the north side of the mountain, there are:


❄ Between 30 and 75 cm of snow at 1500 m in the Northern Alps

❄ Between 40 and 80 cm of snow at 1500 meters in the Southern Alps

❄ 55 cm to 70 cm of snow at 1500 m in the Pyrenees, except in the OP (5 cm at 1500 m but 50 cm at 2000 m)


❄ Between 1m and 1m40 of snow at 1300 m in the Massif Central.


❄ 45 to 50 cm of snow in the Jura at 1100 m


❄ 65 cm of snow at 1,000 meters in the Vosges (40 cm to 60 cm at 800 meters altitude.



In the mountains, there are many other activities besides skiing
Answer: true


There are more than 50… Ice skating, hiking, snowshoeing (or without snowshoes), ice climbing, paragliding, cross-country skiing, mountaineering, sledding ... 7 days will not be enough to try it all during the day! and night! Not to mention the discovery of local specialties, good food to go and visits to farms. For the youngest, some snow gardens are also open to introduce them to skiing.


If I book my stay, I risk losing money.
Answer: false


Most accommodation companies and service providers have cancellation insurance or cancellation guarantees adapted to this exceptional situation.

As you already know, if you book with Esquiades.com, we guarantee a full refund of your booking in the event of lockdown both in your place of residence and in the ski resort you are going to visit.



There is a higher risk of getting COVID while skiing than anywhere else.
Answer: false


We are in open spaces and outdoors. Therefore, you are in control of your health security through the application of barrier gestures (wearing a mask, distancing and regular cleaning of the hands) and national and local protocols.


The health protocol of the resorts has been validated by the State.
Answer: true

A protocol of almost 60 pages was worked on with the services of the State , coordinated by the prefecture of Savoy. This protocol takes into account all possible crossing points for skiers, from ferries to ski lifts, restaurants and accommodation.


There will be no restaurants in the resorts this winter.
Answer: true and false

As in all of France, restaurants and bars will not be able to receive customers inside or outside until at least mid-February. However, they are organizing to make little wonders to take to your apartment or on the slopes!


Cheese and genepi promote immunity against COVID
Answer: Not proven, but that's not a reason


No serious study has been able to test the qualities of genepi and cheese to fight the COVID 19 virus. This does not prevent you from consuming them, in moderation, of course.




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