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Ski for beginners

I do not know how to ski and I want to go to the snow

You are in front of the screen of your computer in winter and do not stop seeing photos of your friends on social networks about their spectacular weekend in the snow . Many times you have thought about going skiing but because of your inexperience, laziness floods you and you stay at home.

Now it is OK! Give yourself the opportunity and try what it is to make a descent on the snow. You will feel that unique feeling of flying and you will become fond of as many others have done before.

In addition, in Esquiades.com we make it easy by offering hotels near the resorts and ski pass to them. Nothing to look for information, just enjoy the snow and get carried away as a good debutante. You know, there is always a first time for everything.

I have rarely gone skiing

If you have ever gone skiing yet but you don't have much experience in descents, you can proudly say that you are a beginner skier . Don't worry, we've all been through it sometime.

Skiing, like many sports, is perfected from falls and many hours of training. So be patient that it won't take you long to get hooked on this sport.

What do you need to know about the ski resorts?

Surely many concepts sound new to you and you do not know how to move around, the entry or other concepts. If so, you will be interested in the following information.

In our packs you will find tickets that include hotels + ski passes. This way you will not have to queue at the ticket office to be able to enter the tracks. Many hotels are at the foot of the track and next to the facilities that will take you to the ski resort or track you want.

We recommend you to take a map of the ski resort at the information points to know the routes and the level of the slopes. The green ones are the ones for the debutantes since they are the ones of less difficulty. These areas are characterized by its quiet route and small slopes where you can learn ski techniques aimed at beginners and beginner skiers.

If the day progresses correctly and you feel that you have evolved a lot, you can dare with the blue ones . These have some slightly steeper descents. The red level tracks are those of medium-high difficulty and have some risk areas. Finally, the slopes for advanced skiers are black .

Depending on the season or sector, the descents are connected by tracks of different levels. Make sure you travel before riding on the chairlifts or drag to avoid ending up on a track with more risk.

In addition, at the resorts you can rent the ski and snow equipment you need. In fact, in the booking process you can choose the option to hire this service.

Ski lessons at ski resorts

If it is the first time you are going to ski, we recommend you to book the professional ski school services.

You can book group lessons, where you will be able to learn to ski with people that have the same level as you. Groups are no bigger than 10 skiers per group, but if you want a teacher just for you, you can also book private lessons and receive the advice of professional skiers.

Just like the equipment, you can also book lessons during the booking process at a unique price.

What are the best resorts for beginners?

In all the resorts you will find green tracks and schools to learn how to ski. For example, the Formigal school is recognised by the Spanish Skiing School Committee and the Spanish Federation of Winter Sports.

The Candanchú resort is one of the most recommended for beginners. It has 8 green tracks that progressively increase in difficulty. The tracks are also very wide and long. As long as the day goes by, you can try and carry out the techniques you learn.

Another of the resorts that is recommended for beginners in the world of skiing is Pal-Arinsal. There are tracks for all preferences and difficulties. You can try what it is like to ski in one of its many green tracks.

On the other hand, other recommended tracks for beginners are in GrandValira, especially in Soldeu. On what track have you learnt?