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Need help packing your bags? We've prepared a checklist for you!

Whether it is the first time you are going on a ski holiday or you go every year, there's always something you seem to leave behind byt accident, right? This is why we have prepared a checklist to help you with packing your ski essentials. 


Download our checklist and we guarantee that you won't forget anything! If it's your first time, this list will come in very handy as we are sure there are things on it that haven't even crossed your mind! 



Find out exactly what you need to pack and make the most of your holiday in the snow. You'll also find tips on how to keep things under budget ;) 


The Essentials



Apart from the basics, there are also some items that aren't the first things to spring to your mind when you are packing. For example, we all know that we need snow gear, ski goggles or a beanie hat. But what about sunscreen? We always relate this item with a beach holiday and never think to take it with us when we are going to the mountain. You'd be surprised on how many skiers get burnt whilst skiing/boarding. 


Here is a list of all the essentials you need to make sure you take with you. If you aren't travelling with your own equipment, then here is a list of everything you need to rent before heading up the mountain. 



This section is for the PROS ...



Do you ski or snowboard often? The most daring ski and snow lovers know that you always have to be very well prepared to avoid an unfortunate situation. So, if you're an adrenaline junkie and are thinking of going down off-piste tracks, do not forget to carry:



And let's not forget the Snow Safety Pack (Avalanche transceiver, Shovel and Probe). If you are skiing off-piste or thinking of going snowshoeing or trekking, then you must carry these items with you and know how to use them. 


Are you driving? Make sure you read this ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇



If you've decided to take your car, then make sure you take to a mechanic and have it checked. We also recommend you to check the route before leaving so you know where you're going and have enough petrol for the journey. Did you know that petrol freezes? When you have your car serviced, make sure to tell them where you are headed so they can add product to your motor. 


One other thing, check the weather forecast and, always, always, ALWAYS have snow chains or snow socks for your tyres. In some areas it is mandatory to have them and you can even get fined for not having them. 


Some of us seem to forget where we are when we're on holiday (which is a good sign). Don't forget that you are going to be surrounded by snow and the temperature is going to be very low. You might wake up to find your car covered in snow or worse, ice! So make sure you have a snow scraper with you as well as other items listed below: 



If you can't take your own car, on our site you can add car rental to your booking. Sounds great, right? If you want more information about this service, click here.


What documents do you need to take?



Always carry with you your Passport/ID, especially if you are crossing a boarder and check if you need a tourist visa. If you have private insurance or have added travel and ski insurance to your booking, check what they cover in case of accident or sickness. 



The essentials to a great après-ski


Find out what the local après-ski activities are so you don't miss out on the fun! The ski resorts have a lot to offer such as snowshoeing, games for adults and kids, concerts and live music, winning and dinning, etc. We suggest you to do some research before travelling or even have a look at the extras we can offer you on our site ;) 


Bonus Track: Save some money


  • Pre-book your lunch: you can add lunch tickets to your booking and avoid having to carry money with you. Also, we have special discounts if you add this extra to your booking AND we'll deliver the ticket to your hotel reception. 


  • Group ski/snowboard lessons: they are much cheaper than the private lessons and we also have special discounts if you pre-book them on our site ;)


  • Accommodation: you will find different types of hotels and apartments. You can use different filters (category, price, distance) on our site to help you find something within your budget. 


  • Book with Esquiades.com: we are the leader ski travel agency in Spain and we are also in the top of the charts in other European countries. We know how important it is to keep things under budget and we also take care of every traveller individually which is why we can offer tailor-made ski holidays to suit everyone! 



Don't forget to print our checklist before you pack your bags!