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The Vallnord Ski Resort gambles on Mountain Ski and Dynafit takes part in the SKIMO project

The mountain ski ever has more fans in the Iberian peninsula. It is very important to know the weather and snow conditions before heading out to practice this new alpine discipline. For this reason, this season Vallnord created the SKIMO project to power a responsible practice of this sport.

This project is supported by Dynafit. This brand of technical equipment for mountain skiing contribute their knowledge about the event.

Besides Dyanfit in Vallnord SKIMO project have collaborated technicians Andorran Federation of Montañimso, especially for those aspects of safety and circuit design.


Dynafit SKIMO Challenge

Vallnord mobile application provides a new feature, the Dynafit SKIMO Challange. This app marks the time the user takes to complete a circuit, and at the end generates a ranking of all users who have traveled during the season. Each ski resort offers a different route for participants to test their skills in different scenarios.