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Vallnord closes the first week of the year with 8,500 skiers per day

Vallnord closes the Christmas holidays with a positive result, recording during this first week of the year an average of 8,500 skiers per day and 10,000 points. Remember that during the first period of the Christmas holidays, the turnout was higher, reaching 9,000 skiers per day. 

In this second part of the holiday, the average daily skiers was reaching the 10,000 skiers the busiest days. These were the days 2, 3 and 4 January, as planned. In general, the first period of the holiday season closes with a positive balance that has been marked by good weather and good snow conditions.

This beginning of the year, families have returned to the big players in Vallnord. They emphasized, above all, skiers from nearby regions such as Catalonia, Valencia and Madrid. Still, this week's Reyes has noticed an increase in international skier come from France, the UK and Russia, among other nationalities.

During this holiday period, there has been an increase in the hiring of additional activities to skiing, such as snowmobile tours or mushing. Also note the large participation of smaller workshops, courses and animations organized in three sectors of Vallnord, during the Christmas dw.

This January start testing Arcalís sports. From 21 to 24 February, the Dorado Freeride, the test most prominent backcountry Peninsula. From 28 to 2 March will be held the Vallnord Speed ​​Contest. In March, the sporting calendar will be marked by the World Cup ski mountain, the Font Blanca and Vertical Race, and the European Cup SBX.