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Top ski resorts in Switzerland to reach by train or car

Are you planning on skiing in the Swiss Alps this 2021/2022 ski season? If so, on Esquiades.com you’ll find incredible ski deals at an excellent price! If you’re not sure of where to go skiing, check out our post where we list the top 5 ski resorts in Switzerland. 



The Best Swiss Ski Resorts for 2022


Where should you fly if you’re skiing in Switzerland this Winter? 


Switzerland has two of Europe’s best international airports: Geneva (GVA) & Zurich (ZRH), both of which have excellent access to the Swiss ski resorts by road or by rail. 


If you’re skiing in Switzerland, it would be a crime not to use the best railway system in the world to get around! Not only will you get to witness the most impressive scenery from the train, but you’ll get to travel in a super easy and convenient way as most Swiss ski resorts are reachable directly by train from the airport. Besides, this is also a great way to be environmentally friendly to help protect our Winters



All of the airports have train stations that make connections into the countryside. All of the trains from Geneva airport pass through Brig and most trains from Zurich airport to the ski resorts require a change at Zurich central station. If you were to fly into Milan Malpensa airport, you can take the Malpensa Express train. 




Ski Resort

By Rail


From Zurich Airport: 2hr 45mins


Head to Zurich central station where you should find a connecting train to Grindelwald via Bern or Interlaken. 


From Zurich Airport: 2hr 50mins


Head to Zurich central station where you should find a connecting train to Wengen via Bern or Interlaken. 


From Zurich Airport: 3hr 45mins


They depart from Zurich Flughafen at 23 mins passed each hour and have a 20min connection in Chur into trains on to Arosa.


From Zurich Airport: 2hr 35mins


Take the trains which depart from Zurich Airport at 15 mins passed each hour (the trains heading to Luzern) and you can get to Davos an hour faster, if you're willing to make two connections instead of one.


From Zurich Central station: 1hr 50 mins


Davos and Klosters are located along the same railway line, which is operated by RhB, the journey to Davos is 30 mins longer.

St. Moritz

From Zurich Central station:  3hr 20 mins


Take the trains which depart from Zurich Airport, at 15 mins passed the hour to Zurich HB - the main station in Zurich

Then from Zurich HB station you will have a second, very straightforward connection between trains in Chur.


If you’d rather travel by bus instead of by train and need information regarding ski transfers, contact our ski and snowboard experts and they’ll provide you with all the information you need to help you plan your ski holiday and how to get by in Switzerland. 


Are you driving to the Swiss Alps? 


If you’re travelling as a family or with a group of friends, driving to the ski resort is also a very good option as you’ll be able to travel at your own pace. 


What you need to consider if you’re driving to the Swiss Alps is that you may find some challenging roads, so make sure your car has been fully serviced before travelling and although snow tyres are not mandatory in Switzerland, we highly recommend you travel with them. Snow chains may be required in certain locations. 


You may find the fuel price more expensive but, on the plus side, tolls don’t exist in Switzerland. However, to drive along the motorway you do need what they call a Swiss motorway vignette that costs around 37€ and lasts a calendar year. If you’re travelling with a rental car, you will already have this but, if you’re travelling with your own car, you need to bare in mind that any car entering the country needs to have one and you can buy it at any border crossing, petrol station, post office and even by phone or online. 


Will Swiss ski resorts be open to tourists this Winter? 


Of course they will! In fact, we’ve recently posted the official opening dates of the swiss ski resorts, so you can start planning your next ski holiday with plenty of time! We’ll soon post all the information regarding the covid protocols and any other details regarding travel requirements so you can book your ski holiday with confidence and travel safely with Esquiades.com


So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your ski holiday to the Swiss Alps with Esquiades.com and benefit from our exclusive prices and free cancellation policies! 



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