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This is the current situation of Esquiades.com

Dear customers, as many of you will know we are in a delicate situation. To date, the ski resorts have announced the immediate closure of their domains and therefore, Esquiades.com has had to take special measures.


Our way of working and communicating will change during these days. Everyone's health  and wellbeing is what is most important now. Most of us have also joined the #YoMeQuedoEnCasa movement ( a moverment in Spain where we commit to stay at home in these difficult times), although we still have some colleagues in the office. As we work in such a dynamic and changing industry, we are gradually sending all of our colleagues home to work from there. The colleagues that are currently at the office are also taking preventive measures to stay safe.


We do not want to encourage unnecessary travel at a crucial moment like this, in which stopping the spread of the virus is the most important thing. But do not worry, this is something temporary, very soon everything will go back to normal. We will be able to go back to our routine and start planning our next holidays.


With that said, we also want you to take into account the following points so that you know how we are dealing with all of your bookings, as well as what you will be able to see during these coming weeks on our website and networks:


1. Ski trips are cancelled


This point may seem more than obvious, but we want to make it totally clear.


From Esquiades.com we are cancelling all ski trips without any cost and refunding the full amount of the reservation. We will refund all the money from your trip. There are providers that are helping us a lot by not charging cancellation fees, although there are others that have not made it so easy for us. Be that as it may, you are not going to notice the difference.


We have decided that whatever your case, we will not charge you any expenses. We think it is the best measure we can take right now. You, our customers, are the MOST important thing.

2. We are currently not posting new offers


Unfortunately for everyone, the 2019/20 ski season is over. Yes, we know... especially when the ski resorts are full of fresh snow... It really is a shame. For this reason, we will no longer offer our trips for the period from now until Easter. But on the other hand, we have set to work to start getting the best deals for the 2020/21 ski season.


In addition, we will also add other adventure holidays so you get to enjoy the great utdoors once  we can go back to travelling. Remember that our website not only offers trips to the snow, we also help you get to know the mountain in the most fun way.


3. We will continue publishing content and are still working to offer new ski destinations for the next season


Many of you have told us on social media that you are looking forward to travelling with us to new ski destinations during the next season. Therefore, we will take advantage of this time to work on it.


Pay attention to our media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; you are going to be seeing different posts with new ski destinations that we hope will inspire you for future holidays.


We will try to tell you everything you need - season characteristics, advice, unpublished data and very interesting curiosities - to end the season by learning and thus discover new horizons. We think that given the situation, we also need some content that will entertain you and help you make the wait shorter.


We are also thinking of other content that will help you cope with your time at home. What do you think?


EXCLUSIVE: Do not think that few destinations await us, so that time passes faster and you can be excited about next season. We have many surprises in store.


4. We will be there at all times


After receiving all of your messages in the past few days (literally thousands), we are trying to get back to you as quick as possible and not forgetting to offer you the best service. As we have always done in the history of the company, we will help you with absolutely all the concerns you have. Whether it is concerning your past booking, future holidays or any other queries you may have.



We also would like to take this time to thank you for your support and messages you have sent us. These are trying times for everyone. 


Stay Safe,



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