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The Vertical Race of CronoNúria ends with the participation of 100 skiers

It ends with the Catalan Cup CronoNúria Carreres Verticals Mountain Series 6.0 FGC Group. Winners of the circuit have been Clàudia Galícia and Marc Pinsach. Comet Pinsach and get them wins in a time trial in which 100 skiers participated.

The past weekend was held in the Vall de Núria the final round of the Catalan Cup Racing Series Verticals 6.0 FGC Mountain Group: 1st CronoNúria "Memorial Ramon Casadevall." During the weekend passed by Vall de Núria skiers four categories according to age: cadet, junior, senior and veterans, and two courses were made ​​available. The event organized by the EU Vic, was the last of the calendar following those held in Molina, Vallter and SkiPallars (Espot and Port Aine).

In the women Anna Comet, Rookie of the Unio Vic and FEEC selection, was the winner of the CronoNúria with a time of 59m 10s. Isabel Bertran, the Matxacuca and FEEC selection, was second with a time of 1h 14m.

In the men Marc Pinsach after winning the Crononiu and CronoVallter, he again won the CronoNúria. Pinsach was the first to complete the 4.5 km long and 840 meters uphill in a time of 39m 54s. The Young and Colla cassanenc Rookie selection FEEC also play in the World Cup Ski Mountaineering. They completed the podium Robert Miguélez, the FEEC with a time of 45m 20s and promising young Rookie Union of Catalonia Cornella: Sergi Artís, with a time of 45m 25s.

Catalan FGC Champions Cup

Marc and Claudia Pinsach Galicia were the winners of the Catalan Cup Series Racing Vertical Mountain 6.0 FGC group. Claudia Galicia, who did not compete in the CronoNúria assured victory in SkiPallars. Pinsach thanks to 3 wins in 3 races he has played, won the Cup in front of FGC promising young ski Catalan.

Enric Ticó, President of Ferrocarriles Catalanes, says the balance of evidence is very positive and shows a good level of Catalan mountain slopes. Having good acceptance of this first edition of the FGC Cup Ticó says that "the bet has been good and I think in the future. Going next winter we go further to boost these activities on FGC stations."