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Saint Lary starts to install the cabins of the new Espiaubé cable car

The Saint-Lary ski resort had probably the most ambitious modernization program in the Iberian Peninsula, perhaps even in Europe, ahead of it. The project for this summer included the construction of the new Espiaubé gondola and the Tourette chairlift, but also the dismantling of no less than five ski lifts, almost all of them large.


This huge coordination task has been in the works for almost a year, and its implementation started this summer. 36 bollards and 4 ski lift departure and arrival terminals have been removed. At the same time, all the construction works for the Espiaube gondola lift and the Tourette chair lift have been completed.


The works are very advanced, so much so that the Espiaubé booths are already being assembled. A few days ago, two units were placed to see how they work as they Ski Pass through the return from the departure and arrival terminal, and once they have seen that they work well, they are preparing these days to place the rest.


The works on the Espiaubé gondola and the Tourette chairlift are in a very advanced state



Technical data TC Espiaube gondola

  • Type: Detachable gondola
  • Length: 1,862 meters
  • Starting Level: 1600 meters
  • Arrival height: 2,325 meters
  • Elevation gain: 724 meters
  • Cabins: 60 of 10 people
  • Transport capacity: 2,800 people/h
  • Travel time: 6 minutes
  • Speed: 5m/s
  • Interior ski/snowboard rack
  • Manufacturer: MND Ropeways


Three of the retired ski lifts have been put up for sale. One of them has been relocated to the ski resort of Les Carroz, in the Alps. Another is being used in the Alta Patagonia Cathedral in Argentina. A third is still for sale. The company has not specified which lift has been acquired in each case.


The lifts withdrawn were the Portet gondola lift, assembled in 1978, and the Mouscadés and Tortes chairlifts that linked Pic de Tourette. On the Portet side of the valley, the four-people Tourette and the Merlans ski lift have also disappeared.


The Tourette is precisely the other new lift that we will see this year. Although the old one has already disappeared completely, it has been replaced by a totally new one. A disengageable six-people that will also reach the peak that gives it its name.


Technical data TSD6 Tourette

  • Type: Detachable chairlift
  • Length: 1290 meters
  • Starting level: 2,030 meters
  • Arrival height: 2,325 meters
  • Elevation gain: 292 meters
  • Transport capacity: 2,800 people/h.
  • Number of chairs: 65 of 6 people
  • Speed: 5m/s
  • Travel time: 4 minutes
  • Manufacturer: MND Ropeways


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