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Porté-Puymorens Expands to ski area Baldara

The ski resort of Cerdanya Porté-Puymorens to expand its ski area Baladrà. Extending out sellevará space between Mina and RN-320 road, beyond the port Puymorens, on the road to Pas de la Casa in Andorra. Altogether, they are almost 2.5 km long, with drop of about 600 meters.

The new section is clearly marked with buoys, marked on the plan of the railway tracks as a new red track in the service of skiers.

This new space Porté ski runs nearly parallel to the area where the first ski lift station was installed in the 50s, in the port of Puymorens. The track on weekends and holidays and vacation days will open. The track, which crosses an area of ​​great natural beauty where you can see the mountains of Andorra and the valley of the Ariege and Hospitalet, opens this Saturday.

The grounds of the new track Porté-Puymorens part of the municipalities of Latour de Carol and Porté. All road users Puymorens port which run these days between Andorra and Porté, or Cerdanya a l'Ariege, can see, walk NR-320 via a large sign marking the domain of ski resort.

With minibus, every quarter hour

To provide this new space, the station runs a minibus service (three minutes by bus) connecting the end of the track with Baladrà Puymorens harbor, where skiers can descend to Vignole space.

To find the new minibus service users / skiers will have to pay extra in the box office and so Vignole book one of the places in this minibus. Bus transportation will start at 10.45 am and end at 15:45 hours. In total, each day, the service will run about 20 times.