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How has the 2018-19 ski season been at Pal Arinsal? We tell you!

The Pal Arinsal ski resort leaves behind a winter season in which the number of ski days has reached 488,858 and confirms the positive trend of benefits of the last 6 years. EMAP increases its winter turnover by 1.5% compared to the previous year , thanks to a spectacular increase in average customer spending of 11%, as well as an increase in ski pass sales by 3.7% . Despite noticing a decrease in occupancy of -8.4% compared to last season , only -5% is perceived in respect to the average of the last 5 years, which shows that the strategy of constant improvement in services and commercialization it has allowed to obtain a very positive balance.

Compared with the average of the last 5 years, the growth of sales by concepts, of the 2018-2019 season have been the following: the passes have grown by 44.4%, the restoration has increased by 31.5% and the sales of schools have grown 8.6%.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED: from 01/12 to 04/22

This season , very long, with a total of 143 days , has been brave because of the weather: a season with few snowfalls where the work of the snow of cultivation and machines treads snow has been vital to be able to guarantee good conditions of clues Thanks to the effort of the entire team, the resort has been able to open with an average of 93% of the tracks and facilities throughout the season .

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Investments that translate into service guarantee and customer satisfaction

The investments and improvements made this winter have allowed to perform a good track maintenance work and comply with the season's opening and closing calendar. The creation of the Arinsal water raft and the new cultivation snow cannons, have allowed to maintain the season and guarantee good conditions of the slopes. The lack of rainfall during this season has made it necessary 379,580 m3 of water for the production of snow distributed in 2,071 hours while last year, in 1,801 hours there were already 229,202 m3. These investments have helped optimize the snow production task and work performance.

Record Restoration and Services

The total opening of the activities throughout the season, have improved the service offered to families. Activities such as those carried out at Christmas with the visit of Santa Claus is already a classic that this year has received more than 1000 visits.

As for children's and family activities, Vallnord - PalArinsal continues to make improvements that allow a better reception for children and families. The alternative activities offered have been a good option for customers who do not ski but, at the same time, want to enjoy the snow. Likewise, Snowplus is the big bet that this season has received about 1000 children, an increase of 10.8% compared to 2017-2018. As for the ski school, snowboard and snow gardens, the resort has worked throughout the season to offer the best services.

In restoration, the investments have also allowed us to improve the services offered to the customers, both for the experience of the local and the gastronomic quality. Life at the resort ceases to be only daytime, since the night experience becomes essential for Vallnord - PalArinsal. For the first time, the resort breaks a record in the number of dinners: 6,000 in total and continues to position itself as the reference for families and the night experiences that are added to the traditional ones.

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SKI & BIKE the consolidated season pass and the extra-school pass valid during the summer

The first edition of Ski & Bike has exceeded the objectives set by obtaining the sale of more than 2,500 forfets, still valid until October 13, 2019. About two months ago, the resort made a strong commitment to launch the pre-sale second edition of the Ski & Bike season ski pass for 2019-2020 with more advantageous conditions. This pass allows the customer to take advantage of all the facilities of the resort for 10 months of the year, and it will be valid from November 30, 2019 until October 12, 2020.

At the same time, the resort is betting that the little ones can continue to take advantage of the facilities and does so while maintaining the validity of the school ski pass for the summer 2019. All children resident in the country (up to 15 years old) and holders of the 2018/2019 season pass issued by the Government, by Vallnord and by Vallnord - PalArinsal, will be able to access the ski lifts of the Arinsal and Pal resort this summer 2019 free

More than 650 workers in the winter season

Vallnord - Pal Arinsalacoge every winter season more than 650 workers who are trained throughout the season in order to improve their skills in order to welcome customers. The resort bets to carry out continuous training with different organizations and companies such as the Andorra Red Cross, Ski Andorra, Gamma Management, CCIS, Seirel Andorra, among others, to enhance the knowledge of workers. In this season, the number of formations has increased 50% compared to 2017-2018. In addition, the trend of repeaters remains: 76% of seasonal workers repeat each year in the massanenca resort and at the same time, it is the one that employs the most workers annually with the opening of the summer season.

All these internal promotions help improve the service and this is demonstrated by the surveys carried out by Mutuand that show that more than 80% of customers would recommend Vallnord - PalArinsal for the different services offered and for the value for money.

A commitment to social responsibility

Collaborations with NGOs and solidarity institutions with the objective of being able to carry out joint actions to improve society. This season, there have been different events such as the Skimo Femení that has donated all the benefits to AUTEA or WintCycling that has also allocated all the benefits to ASSANDCA and finally, actions such as “Hi arribarem” that approximates the mountain and the natural environment of the Massana to people with functional disabilities. The team is also always available for guided tours at the specialized school of Our Lady of Meritxell, schools in the country and associations for labor insertion. The resort is committed to continue increasing these actions that allow improving society, as well as the environment. Efforts to improve quality within the organization have also allowed EMAP to have today the GIS (Integral Management System) certificate in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.

Pal Arinsal returns in 33 days with the opening of the summer season 2019

The resort is preparing another year for the opening of the summer season with VallnordBike Park la Massana. This year, the season will open on May 25 and where the MTB World Cup will take place one more year from July 2 to 7. The summer season is already consolidated and work is already underway to launch all the news in services and facilities. This year, Redbull magazine has positioned VallnordBike Park la Massana as the fifth best Bike Park in the world.

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