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France and Austria are shared podiums SBX second Europa Cup in Vallnord-Arcalís

"We were able to make the two European Cups despite the weather conditions these days and that's doas satisfaction" explained Jean Claude Montane, director SECNOA once closed the day of competition. Again, the wind has done to modify the program but ultimately the test is successfully closed.

Elisa Ravel, which took gold in the day Friday, Saturday climbed back to the top of the podium accompanied, again, by Debbie Swiss Pleisch. The third place was for the French Juliette Lefevre. In men, the podium has been formed by Julian Luefner Austrian, Swiss Jerome Lymann and also Austrian, Christopher Fischer.

As the runners of the FAE respect, Maeva Estevez improved positions on Friday and was ranked in 9th position. Babi Alvit bajço to 32 th position. Estevez has fallen into quarterfinals and Babi, in eighths. Guillem Marc Ramirez and Fernandez have been placed in 35th and 36th place, respectively.

SBX World Cup 2014
"It was a good test for the 2014 World Cup. Precisely we have done very well these weather incidents where we fail to see the future and fix" explained Carles Visa, technical director of the FAE. For its part, the FIS technical delegate, Pierre Garnier, added that "do not have to change many things for the World Cup, if the conditions are good you can make a very good World Cup next season"

As for the circuit, Jean Claude Montane explained that in the face of the event next year, this will be "more air, higher and faster." Montané also took the opportunity to highlight the work of volunteers, clubs, stations and the federation, which also highlighted Garnier: "It was very impressive the work that has been done on the track these days. Has been much involvement and much working people. Among all together, I'd say more than 60 people "