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Austria is preparing winter ski season 2021/2022 under the 2G rule

Austria is one of many European countries that is currently experiencing an increase in the number of cases. The Austrian Federal Government already launched a plan a few weeks ago.


As of Monday, November 8 , the rule of rule 2-G ("Complete vaccination or recovered") will be applied in hotels, night-time restaurants, cultural events, leisure and sports facilities, as well as in the cable cars. These measures are necessary to contain the number of infections. At the same time, they will help winter tourism to run smoothly in Austria.


Austria already proved this summer that responsible tourism is possible during the pandemic. As a responsible host country, Austria also takes all necessary measures in winter to protect its guests and hosts. " With strict, clear and planning regulations, we enter the winter season with a great sense of responsibility. The tourism ski area is very well prepared. Those who have are vaccinated will hardly see any restrictions. Of course, this also applies to tourism and our winter guests from abroad , "says Lisa Weddig, General Manager of the Austrian National Tourist Office.


Therefore, on Monday, November 8, 2021, the following regulations will come into force:


- Rule 2-G will apply from Monday on:


  • Accommodation establishments
  • Gastronomic establishments
  • Leisure and sports facilities
  • Cultural facilities
  • Cable cars
  • In the use of proximity services to the customer (for example, hairdresser)
  • In events with 25 or more people


To keep in mind


- Corona tests of any kind (both PCR and antigen tests) are generally no longer allowed as an access test.


- A transitional period of four weeks is applied to the 2-G test. During this period, the first vaccination in combination with a PCR test is considered an access test, so full immunization is not yet necessary during the transition period.


- The use of an FFP-2 mask is mandatory in shops, museums and libraries.


- The validity of vaccination certificates is reduced to nine months after complete immunization (before 12 months). Then another dose (usually the third) is needed to have a valid certificate. A three week transition period applies.


- Currently, children are exempt from the obligation to present an entrance test up to the age of twelve . This regulation will also apply in the future. Work is being done on a practicable regulation for minors from the age of twelve.


Austria está preparando la temporada de invierno bajo la regla



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