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Andorran resorts waiting for the Anti-COVID protocol for the ski season

The summer season is undoubtedly being a good test bed for the ski resorts in the winter. In the case of ski tourism in Andorra , which with the last blows of the summer season, is already beginning to look to December, when the true bulk of tourists will arrive.


And it is that although now in summer it has been possible to put into practice, and improve in many cases, the protocols to try to contain coronavirus infections, these have been a few months in which the number of tourists is not even remotely what will arrive in when slopes and lifts begin to open up.


The exact protocols for the ski season have not yet been established, according to sources from the ski resorts al Diari d'Andorra . However, they assure the same media that they are preparing the winter season based on the protocols that together with the ministry were set to face the summer campaign in terms of distance , hygiene and cleaning , as well as maintenance of the facilities.


It will be a starting point, because the volume of people who will arrive is not the same, nor that of the activities or gastronomic offers, which will imply the hiring of much more staff.

A few months ago it was all speculation. Now with the ski season just over three months away, it is already known that there will be no vaccine that arrives on time, so at least the skiers will have to take the anti-covid protocol measures that they face in their day to day. There is the mask , it is not known at what times of the ski day it will be necessary to put it on. If only in the queues of ski lifts and traveling in these devices, or also while skiing. Nor is it known whether it will be forced to reduce the occupancy of booths and chairs. In Les 2 Alpes for example it was no longer necessary this summer.


Yes, the protocol to be followed in catering establishments is clearer since it is a widely tested sector throughout the country and in different locations, so it will be followed.


What is not so clear is what will happen this year with Apréski . An activity that does not fit much in the current pandemic situation and that this winter will probably have to be temporarily parked. In fact, one of the most important investments for this winter was the opening of the first phase of l'Abarset , the most emblematic party venue in Soldeu-el Tarter, which had to change its location after the tenant of the land where the gambling den was based, decided to terminate the contract to build a luxury apartment building at the foot of the track. At the moment Ensisa is continuing with the relocation and expansion works, although they will surely have to wait until next year to inaugurate it.