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9 reasons to go skiing in the French Alps this summer

Have you not been able to ski at all this 2020/2021 Ski Season? Why not consider hitting the slopes during your summer holiday? We know exactly where we'll be going this Summer! 


Skiing in summer has become super popular over the past few years. 


Today we are going to tell you 9 reasons why you should go skiing in the French Alps this summer.




Let's face it, the main reason why you are going to travel to these French glaciers is to practice your favourite sport  ... 

The Les 2 Alpes glacier is one of the glaciers that accumulates the most snow in winter.


❄ Thanks to the altitude of both the Tignes and Les 2 Alpes glaciers (both exceeding 3,000 meters in height), the snow is guaranteed for much of the summer season and with surprising thicknesses, even to exceed 2 metres of accumulation in some points



Who likes being home while a heat wave is sweeping across your country? And if you don't have air conditioning, it's even worse ... Surely you feel like a baked chicken!


Well, here you have the solution!


In Tignes and in Les 2 Alpes the temperatures during the month of July oscillate between 15Cº and 20Cº ... And this is only in the towns where your hotel or self-catered apartment is. Once you take the cable-cars to reach the glaciers, the temperature drops sharply and is between 0 Cº and 10 Cº ☃

Skiing in a swimsuit in the Alps is a myth!

On cloudy days the temperature is usually around 13Cº.


In fact, there are specific days that it even snows. Wouldn't you like to go downhill through powder snow in the middle of July?



We live in complicated and very uncertain times, however, the future is starting to look brighter and we can start making holiday plans for this Summer. 


Views of Tignes from La Grande Motte


After being in lockdown for so long, it seems that we are soon going to be able to travel to different countries again. And what better way to do it than by going skiing in the Alps?


In addition, once you have made the booking, you will once again have something to look forward to! At long last!




❄ When we think of the Alps, we are talking about a paradise for skiers and snowboarders where you can enjoy hundreds of skiable kilometres in winter.


So much so, that they even have snow left to ski in summer.


Image of our colleague Javi, skiing in Les 2 Alpes


In the case of Tignes, it is one of the most important ski resorts in France where a multitude of international events take place, both sporting and musical, as it hosts several festivals with top-level artists.



On the other hand, Les 2 Alpes is known worldwide for having the highest skiable glacier in Europe (you will ski at no less than 3,600 meters high) and this makes it an experience that is difficult to forget.


In addition, Les 2 Alpes is the residence of Arthur Longo, a professional snowboarder who has won several medals at the X Games and has also participated in the Winter Olympics. If Arthur Longo resides here ... for a reason.


Arthur Longo enjoying the powder in Les 2 Alpes.



Skiing or snowboarding is surely the main reason why you travel to the Alps in summer, but this resorts have so much more to offer.


In Tignes, there are several hotels and apartments that include the My Tignes Open card, and with which you can practice activities such as:


Access to the heated swimming pool of Tignes (which includes water slides).



Activities at the nautical base of the lake.


Mini Golf

Various activities in the multiarea area

Ping pong

Clay pigeon shooting

Bike park


Pedestrian pass


As you can see, you may have to book more days without a ski pass to be able to do everything that the My Tignes Open card includes.


Activities on Lake Tignes are the most popular in summer.


On Esquiades.com you'll see all the hotels and apartments that include the My Tignes Open card in the package deal ;)

But don't worry if your accommodation doesn't include it! You can also buy it directly at the Tourist Office for only € 50 (6 days of activities).


With regards to Les 2 Alpes, get ready to have an absolute blast! Just by booking your Ski Pass you will have several activities you can do besides skiing. 


If your ski pass is from 2 to 5 days, they will include 3 rides in total on the Luge slide.


On the other hand, if your Ski Pass is for 6 days, you get to have 6 rides on the Luge slide + a Golf session + a day of mountain biking in Les 2 Alpes or in Alpe d'Huez (the bike rental isn't included).


6. You will enjoy French food. Yum yum!


Another reason to go to France is to enjoy its delicious cuisine.


The tartiflette is original from Savoy and its star ingredient is reblochon cheese


If you love cheese and traditional cuisine, you cannot miss the typical meals such as tartiflette, fondue or raclette, all of them made with cheese!


In addition, given the proximity to Italy, Italian restaurants are also abundant. You sure can't turn down a good homemade pizza after a long day of skiing


In any case, both in Tignes and Les 2 Alpes you will find bars and restaurants for all tastes and if things get better, they may even open the Après-Ski. 

Get ready to have a great time with your friends!



If you love posting pics of landscapes on your social media, you need to head to the glaciers in Tignes or Les 2 Alpes.


In Tignes, you will get to go up to 3,600 metres and you will do it in an incredible way, on a convertible cable-car!


You can see all the way to Mont Blanc from this cable-car.


A few years ago they changed the old cable-car that went up to the glacier for a more modern one, with more capacity and where you can choose between going inside it, or in the upper part totally outdoors. Imagine the photos or videos that you can make from here!


In fact, when this cable-car drops you off at the glacier you can see all the way to the famous peak of Mont Blanc (the highest mountain in western Europe)


In the case of Les 2 Alpes, the cable-car is not so exclusive, but you can see the views on the highest skiable glacier in all of Europe, at 3,600 metres.

It's like you are skiing on top of the world! And of course, the views are spectacular.



We know that most of your time will be spent skiing and in the villages where you are staying, whether in Tignes or Les 2 Alpes.


However, we want to recommend some towns that are right next door that you cannot miss ... They are truly amazing!


Val d'Isère, known for hosting the famous Alpine Skiing World Cup


In the case of Tignes, you can take a full day excursion to Val d'Isère. You will pass through emblematic places such as the Lac du Chevril where you can go on an excursion and discover amazing hidden areas. 


Val d'Isère is a small medieval town where you can stroll through its streets and see buildings dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. It is as if you are moving back to medieval times!


In addition, you can go shopping in the many ski shops here.


On the other hand, if you travel to Les 2 Alpes, you can take an excursion to Grenoble, which is only an hour away and you can walk through its historic centre, or go up on its famous funicular (it was inaugurated in the 30s ) to Bastille, where the views are impressive.



If there is something that we all know the Alps for, it is for its exclusive resorts and its prices.


Lake of Tignes in summer


But in summer that all changes. It is no longer high season and prices drop considerably. It is more expensive to go to the beach for a week in July than to go skiing in the Alps for a week ... 


Feeling inspired to book a summer ski holiday to the French Alps?