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Ski Track Conditions

The Sierra Nevada ski resort is in South Spain and it is possible to check the snow conditions on our website apart from booking your skiing holidays.


This resort has 126 ski slopes. 20 of them are green, 42 are blue, 55 are red and 7 are black. In total, the ski resort has a total skiable domain of 106 kilometres. Check the slopes open, their difficulty and how many total kilometres are available.

 State of the ski resort opening
Resort Closed
 Ski Track Conditions
Green ski slopes
Blue ski slopes
Red ski slopes
Black ski slopes
Total Ski Slopes
Skiable Km
Snow Snow Report Sierra Nevada
Snow type
Type of access
Snow thickness
Minimum: 0 cm.
Maximum: 0 cm.

Updated on October 20, 2019 at 13:30.

Snow  Snowpack in recent WEEKS
  Max. thickness
  Min. thickness
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