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Young and old will enjoy the new Snowpark in Aramon Subscribe

Subscribe Aramon Station was the last to incorporate a snowpark to their facilities. From the weekend of January 24, the ski resort and has led to a new area that smaller start in the world of freestyle.

The snowpark which is situated in the Petrosos, including Debutantes, and ribbon Petrosos vulture tracks. It consists of five modules between boxes, ramps and special modules.

Now jumps and tricks will delight young but also older who want to test their skills with the board and skis.

From now on, every season of Aramon Group have a snowpark in their facilities: Cerler Rincon del Cielo, where are underway this week from level three lines (green, blue, red) with eight modules, plus two jumps 7 and 12 meters.

The Terrain Park is found in Formigal Izas-Sarrios. There, will soon have available two lines, with four jumps blue and red snow for most experts, with three jumps. Plus there's a line of twelve modules on the track El Nido, consisting of drawers in different ways, tubes and rails.

The Teruel stations, known for their commitment to freestyle and have snowpark In Valdelinares is located at elevation 1,900 and has three lines:.'s Advanced eight modules, the central three modules and three jumps snow and initiation with four modules and a jump.

In Javalambre in Sabina industry, there are three lines (beginners, intermediate and advanced), with seventeen modules between drawers, special modules, pipes and rails and three jumps of 3, 5 and 10 meters.

In all, some 60 modules and 12 jumps of snow between the five stations for freestyle lovers Cerler, Formigal, Subscribe, and Valdelinares Javalambre enjoy the jumps and tricks on snow.

It's time to try new things, and with this new snow park, there is no excuse for not putting on skis and demonstrate your skills!