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We're now on TikTok!

KNOCK, KNOCK - Our skis are knocking on your door to give you some great NEWS! We are very excited to announce that we have just launched a TIKTOK account. Yes, that's right! 

Follow our account and always have the latest info on skiing and snowboarding. You will discover new videos, challenges, giveaways and lots of exclusive entertainment!

Here's our first video:

With this opening we want to take a step towards virality and focus on Generation Z who follows all the news and videos related to the world of snow first hand.

We love TikTok because it is a unique creative platform and totally different from what we all know. We want to be there, with our community, creating honest , unfiltered videos and content. And above all, have some fun while doing it!


What are you waiting for? Join us and be part of an incredible adventure @esquiades_com


The #Esquiades team