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Vicky, our expert in Baqueira Beret, tells you why you need to ski here.

Another week, another post from Our Experts Opinion. Here we aim to share some very exclusive information so you can get to know our ski resorts better before booking your next ski holiday! 


Today Vicky Solé is with us, a colleague from the Product Department and an expert in Baqueira Beret .


She is going to tell you why Baqueira Beret is her favourite ski resort and why you should definitely visit it at some point of the ski season.


Do you want to meet her? Here's a video of her (in Spanish):







Hi Vicky! You are our Snow Expert in Baqueira Beret … What news do you bring us to ski there this year?


Hello everyone! Today I want to tell you why Baqueira Beret is my favorite ski resort and also reveal the news of this season.. You are going to hallucinate with what I bring you!


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First of all, a great thing about this ski season is that you don't have to worry about getting up early and going to the ticket office to pick up your ski passes as we now have a delivery team that will make sure your ski passes are at your hotel/apartment reception before you check in!


All our ski deals in Baqueira Beret include this express delivery. Thus, when you arrive to you reception desk, the staff will give you the ski passes and all you'll need to do is head to the slopes! This is super convenient and crucial so you can maximise your time on the slopes!


How nice Vicky! Not all ski resorts offer this service. Is it true that Baqueira Beret is known for being suitable for advanced skiers?


Not at all! Baqueira Beret has a total of 115 ski slopes, so the are slopes that are perfectly suitable for different skills and levels. There's something for everyone!

If it's your fist time on the slopes, I recommend you to take lessons and on Esquiades.com we offer you some incredible deals that include ski & snowboarding lessons in the Isards Ski School. 



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A ski instructor from the Isards Ski School 



So, this is your chance to ski with professionals ... and they will also show you around the ski resort and get to see some incredible areas that you probably wouldn't see otherwise. 


Vicky, one last thing ... People say that Baqueira Beret is an expensive Ski Resort. Can you visit it on a budget?


If you book your ski holiday to Baqueira Beret with Esquiades.com you'll definitely find a package deal suitable to your budget. If you're looking for something cheap and cheerful, you need to check out our ski deals to the Hipic hotel.


This hotel is run by a family and offers great service. You will feel right at home!


It is also located in Viella, a 10-minute walk from the centre and just 14 km from the Baqueira Beret ski resort.


If you're thinking about booking a cheap ski holiday to Baqueira in the middle of February, you can stay in the Hotel Hipic, from 26-28 of February with Breakfast and a 2-day Ski Pass for Baqueira Beret for only € 155 / person. And with free cancellation!



Sounds incredible Vicky! I mean... who wouldn't want that?!


I know, right? So, I hope to see you all there very soon having a blast with your friends and family! We have loads of great ski deals! 


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