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Vallnord seeks Volunteers for the Mountain Bike World Cup  2013

The deadline for registration of volunteers for UCI MTB World Cup 2013 in Vallnord is still open. The Andorran resort is getting prepared for what will be one of the most important events of the summer season and requires the collaboration of all who want to be part of the event. The UCI MTB World Cup takes place from 24 to 28 July, and they are seeking about 200 volunteers for the technical, logistical and administrative areas.

There are only 3 months left for the celebration of the UCI MTB World Cup 2013 in Vallnord and this Andorran ski resort is immersed in preparing the event. The competition, which will be held in Vallnord from the 24 to 28 July, promises to be one of the most important events of the summer season and the organisation are looking for volunteers to get involved in the event. 

It takes about 200 volunteers, distinguishing three different areas. On one hand, the technical area, which will work within the circuits and will handle tasks such as timing and control testing. The logistics area, in turn, results in the assembly of circuits and control access to different areas. And finally, you can choose to be a member of the administrative area, being in the press room and accreditations, welcoming the different teams in the competition.

All those interested in volunteering have to fill the application form which you shall find in Vallnord website.

The UCI MTB World Cup in Vallnord 2013 expects to attract over 700 bikers in all three disciplines (downhill, cross country and cross country eliminator), with over 50 countries represented and an influx of public over 20,000 people. In short, this is a date marked in red on the calendars of all the followers of the mountain bike.
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