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Top tips before your ski holiday in Andorra

It’s Snow Time!  You are finally going on your ski holiday to Andorra and have a few last minute questions? Sure you do! We have decided to put together your most popular questions and have answered to each and every one of them before you head off! 


Is it best to get Euros in Andorra? I don’t know what to do!


We always believe that you’ll get the best exchange rate from your own bank. So, it’s probably best to book your euros in advance. Another popular option is Monzo, an online bank which operates with a mobile app and prepaid debit cards. A lot of our customers recommend this option so, it’s definitely something to look into.  


Also, check with your bank as sometimes, charging everything to your credit card can be the best option. 


What about roaming? I believe Andorra doesn’t have free roaming.


No, roaming isn’t free in Andorra so your alternatives are:


If you don’t need to be online and connected 24 hours a day, you can always use the hotel wi-fi and hotspots in the ski resort. Are you skiing in Grandvalira? You will find the Wi-Fi code on your SkiPass and you’ll have to enter an email address to verify the account. Once the registration process is complete you’ll have 60 minutes to validate your email address and then you can begin using the Internet.


If you’re visiting Pal-Arinsal or Ordino-Arcalís, there are also hotspots located in different areas of the resort. The ticket office can give you more info. 

One last thing, you can also purchase a local SIM card in any phone store in Andorra La Vella ;) 



What is the transfer service like? Can I take my own equipment? 


The transfer company we work with is called Andbus and so, we can include in your ski holiday shared transfers from both Barcelona and Toulouse airport, as well as private transfers from Carcassone Airport. Each journey takes roughly around 3h-3h30 mins, depending where you are flying into.  It’s a direct service to Andorra which means that initially it does stop on the way unless you ask the driver to - in case you need to do a toilet run! (we know what it can be like when you are travelling kids especially after catching a flight) 


If you are travelling with your own ski or snowboard equipment, make sure to let us know in advance so we can inform the bus company as certain buses have a special area to store it in. 


We are staying for a full week and need to find the nearest launderettes. Can you help us?


First of all, check if your accommodation has a laundry service or also ask the reception desk where the nearest launderette is. Most receptions have brochures and flyers with useful information for you. You should also check sites online such as yelp.com ;) 



What about eating in the ski resort? Any recommendations?


As you know, we include everything you need to enjoy a much-deserved hassle-free ski holiday. So, you can add to your booking lunch tickets at a discounted price! We offer 2 types of menu: Express Menu (drink + sandwich) and Self-service Menu (starter + main course + dessert + drink). 


If you add this service to your booking, we'll deliver these tickets to your reception desk and, on the back of them, you'll find the names and location of the bars and restaurants you can visit in the ski resort. 



Where is there good après-ski?


If you are staying in Grandvalira, El Tarter has a great après-ski spot called l’Abarset. It’s located at the bottom of the chair-lift, near the car park. It’s a great place to listen to music whilst drinking an ice cold beer. 


Soldeu has loads of pubs where you can also go for drinks after skiing and so does Pas de La Casa. 


Arinsal is also known for its nightlife and Irish Pubs ;) And, if you had a different kind of après-ski in mind, Ordino offers loads of activities you can do such as snowshoeing, snowmobiles and more!



How do the group ski lessons work? How do I know when our lesson starts?


The group ski lessons are run by the ski resort, which means that they are the ones to set the groups and schedules. If you are skiing in Grandvalira or Ordino-Arcalís, what you’ll need to do is head to the ski school first thing in the morning and they will inform you on the time. So, we do not know in advance when the lesson starts. 


If you are skiing in Pal or Arinsal, all group lessons always start at noon. So, if you wish to book a morning lesson, we can check availability and rates for the private lesson. All you need to do is contact us via the following link


What will the weather be like during our Ski Holiday? 


We presume you have been checking the weather lately and have noticed that there’s been snowstorms and blizzards in different areas of Europe. We have access to the ski resorts’ webscams! Check them out here!


You can also have a look at the snow report and forecast here.



What if there's a blizzard during our ski break and the ski resort closes?


If that were to happen, our customer service will be the first to know and will send you an email with a protocol you need to follow in order the be reimbursed or compensated. Please note that the ski resort is the one to decide what to do (as they do not always authorise a reimbursement) and notifies us with the same information. So, we are the messengers in this situation and have to make sure our customers stick to the protocol ;) 


I have included equipment rental. Where are the shops? 


We work with different shops in the different areas of all 3 ski resorts in Andorra. So, if you add this service to your booking, you’ll find all the details of the local shops on your confirmation voucher so can choose the one that suits you best ;)

If you wish to insure your equipment rental, you will need to ask the shop assistant directly. 



Find all the shops we work with here

What if I need to rent ski gear? On my last ski trip, one of my kids lost their ski goggles… 


Most of you book a 6-day ski pass so we know that you may need to rent or purchase new gear during your ski trip. We can also provide this service as we work with different shops in the area. All you need to do is contact our customer service and we will provide all the information you need. 


Is there an Esquiades rep in the resort in case we need some assistance? 


We have the closest thing to an on location rep! We have an office in La Massana and our customer service in our head office is available from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 12 am (midnight)! So, if you need our assistance, send us a message via Manage My Booking and we will do all the arrangements for you to solve whatever it is you need solving ;) 



Last but not least! Join our Facebook (Esquiades.com) where you will find a Group we have created called "Your 2020 Skication" where you can exchange tips, useful information, photos, recommendations and more! 


We hope we’ve answered to all of your questions and, if there is anything else we can help you with, you know where to find us!



Happy skiing!