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Thicknesses of new snow near highs last season in Grandvalira

Rainfall in the last days now total 573 inches, which are close to the fallen during last season highs. In addition, as a key factor, good weather will chair the next weekend in the Andorran resort.

Snow returns to star in Grandvalira, where this weekend will approach the maximum thickness achieved during last season.

Specifically, in so far this season and day until Monday March 3, 2014, precipitation as snow in Grandvalira have been 573 centimeters. In late February, the figure was 532 cm, only 54 less than the 2012-2013 season, when accumulated 586 cm. Thus, the data from this year are located very close to the records set last season, when rainfall totals reached 842 inches between late November 2012 and late April 2013.

If analyzed by month, the greater thickness of snow has fallen this season before opening the season as only during the second half of November 2013, Grandvalira received 237 cm. Then in December (74 cm), January (140 cm) and February (81 cm), has continued snowing but more gently, so that the quality and quantity of snow has been increasing while the weather has allowed skiers to enjoy the season.

As the forecast for this weekend 8 and 9 March is concerned, after snowfall in recent days, good weather is expected and all indications are that the sun will shine in the sky. Temperatures will be low but moderate. In the overall season, natural snow thicknesses ranging between 140 and 250 centimeters, so no plans to produce artificial snow.
Grandvalira users also able to enjoy the 210 kilometers of pistes and its 118 tracks, will be available also all adventure activities, restaurants, ski schools, snow parks and other amenities of the resort, which will be fully operation.

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