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The Voltz Freeride Open will be held on Friday 22 February in Arcalís

Ten lucky the Freeride Open Voltz participate in El Dorado Freeride in Vallnord-Arcalís

El Dorado Freeride (EDF) and revving up and collect from 21 to 24 February, the top international freeride expert speakers. But this season, the organization of this tournament has received good news is that the Open phase, open to all riders looking for an opportunity in the Freeride World Tour, won 1 star Freeride World Tour. Thus, El Dorado Freeride gathers under one concept, two-level competitions, in anticipation of the Freeride World Qualifier.

Only 10 of the riders participating in snow skiing and Voltz's Open, to be held during the day on Friday 22 February, get a passport to participate in the semifinals of El Dorado Freeride in Vallnord-Arcalis. New generations make their way in the world circuit of the specialty and are offered the opportunity to compete against the best exponents of the international freeride.

This season, the previous Open Voltz has received 1 star Freeride World Tour and the scoring system is the same as that applied in El Dorado Freeride. Participants will have to risk the most in its descent by one of the off-piste slopes Arcalis sector of Vallnord. Only the best will be able to prove themselves in the semifinals of EDF.

Boost for Juniors
El Dorado is the referent of the Pyrenees and freeride season also organizes a clinician for adolescents 14 to 17 years to be held on 16 and 17 February. In order to raise awareness about the practice of high mountains, the EDF is involved in this project to raise awareness of their security features required when use drops off piste areas.

Expero Accompanied by a guide, these youth have the opportunity to enter without treading snow areas, so that esquivaran natural elements and learn to use vital elements such as shovel or probe so that they can be found immediately in case avalanche and to know the protocol in case of fire or avalanche, while practicing freeride.